Up, up and away… (5)

Yesterday I spoke about Ben Affleck leaving the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman from the DCEU franchise. While he played the role three times in Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League, he has now departed the role making way for a younger Dark Knight to take over. And while this hasn’t officially been confirmed, Ben Affleck did retweet something which all but confirmed it.

I’m not complaining about this recasting, but it has only occurred to me since uploading yesterday, that with Ben Affleck out, how does this affect Henry Cavill’s role as Superman?

We’ve all heard the rumours by now, WB is looking to cast another actor as Superman. Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther and Creed fame) is top choice and negotiations are apparently breaking down between Henry Cavill and Warner Bros only furthering the rumours.

As I said, these are all rumours, but rumours always start from somewhere. It was announced in late 2018 that Cavill was gone from the role and the internet went into meltdown. Some people praised the news upon hearing Michael B. Jordan was being looked at to replace Cavill, while others like myself, were upset Henry wouldn’t get the chance to play Superman one more time.

Look, Justice League doesn’t count. He had a mostly CGI face to remove the moustache (Mission Impossible Fallout required it, and frankly if you haven’t seen that film yet, you are really missing out on one of the best action films in recent memory) and the rewrites and reshoots were an utter joke. That movie honestly doesn’t count for me, and feels like one massive course correction by WB and DC and with Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon having two completely different styles, the film is a mess. Also, music is terrible.

However Henry Cavill posted on Instagram are very criptic message to his fans. Since the rumours, everyone has denied the firing and recasting of Superman and even while promoting Aquaman, Jason Mamoa has spoken out in his support of Cavill as Superman.

Knowing how the media and PR works, this could all just be a smoothing over until the public forgets the rumours and then springs it on us. By which point we’ve all gotten use to the idea of a recasting and then it just makes sense. But I’m hoping Cavill sticks around. He makes for a wonderful Clark Kent/Superman. And while he hasn’t had the best chances to show that, give him a good script and film and he would easily pull it off. And bring back Hans Zimmer for the music.

But with Ben Affleck out as Batman, and the recent news that WB is refocusing the DCEU, it does make me wonder if Superman will appear on screen with a new face in the near future. I can only hope that the success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman at the box office convinces WB to give us a Man of Steel sequel and continuing on with the hopeful ending the first film gave us. But I do have doubt considering the rumours which come up over the filming of Shazam! Take this with a grain of salt, but apparently Henry Cavill was asked to film a cameo in Shazam! (The film has the ! in the title, so I will add the ! after the title at all points) as Superman, but negotiations broke down and Cavill pulled out. And frankly, I’m onboard with him backing out.

Let’s look at it this way. Man of Steel is released kicking off the DCEU. Doesn’t preform as well as DC wants, so they scrap the sequel and instead give us the Batman centric, Batman v Superman. Superman is the ‘bad’ one in it. Justice League comes out and he has CGI face and hardly in it. Why would you in your right mind want to pop up in a cameo in a film about another hero, when WB and DC have no plans to give you another solo film? In saying that, if Superman did cameo in Shazam! and at the end of the credits it said something like, Superman will return in Man of Steel 2..I would lose my mind.

Look, I love Henry Cavill as Superman, and while he was playing the character darker for 99% of the runtime in Man of Steel, just watch the ending again. Apart from the Hans Zimmer score (What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?), The film actually ends on a brighter note. Clark is working at the Daily Planet, he finally ‘meets’ Lois Lane and everything is on the up and up. The sequel should’ve continued on that hopeful ending we got. Superman would’ve been happy and smiling and all would’ve been well…except we got Batman v Superman.

At the end of the day, whether Henry Cavill leaves the role of Superman or not, I’ll always have Man of Steel (and my Superman in Hot Toys form) and that’s good enough for me. Or, you could please this nerd and cast Henry as James Bond. Just saying.

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