Blog Update 005 – Life and all the other stuff

Blog Update 005

The title is misleading suggesting I’m going to talk about my life and other interesting things, but that’s completely wrong. No, this is just a small update to let you know what’s coming up for the blog.

As you may already know, I’m currently covering the entire James Bond 007 film franchise, bringing reviews and Ultimate lists monthly. Each review goes up toward the end of the month and the Ultimate list follows soon after, and all are my thoughts. Although I’m only three films in, with Goldfinger having just gone live this week, I’m actually hoping to crank them out faster to coincide with the release of Bond 24 next December (2015). I doubt I’ll make that deadline, but I’d like too. I’m at least aiming for it.

Also coming up soon with be more LEGO reviews. Just recently, I purchased new LEGO Star Wars sets and intend to begin building them soon. Some great ones that I’m really looking forward too. I have to admit, this year may be the best Star Wars sets in a while. Or at least these ‘summer’ ones. I’d also like to do a LEGO list later this year of my favourites so look forward to that, I guess.

Plus video games reviews and lists in the coming months. Trust me, I have a few lists this year as I’ve played more games. 2013 was a little bland for me, and even 2014 has been a little dry considering we have the ‘next gen’ consoles here. Oh well, I’ll save them for a list.

Either way, more content is coming. So be sure to check out the blog or follow me here or on Twitter for updates.

Bye for now, and talk soon.

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