Ultimate James Bond List – Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

The Ultimate James Bond List – Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

The final Ultimate James Bond List for Sean Connery has arrived. With this list, you will finally be able to compare all the stats creating the “Super Mega Ultimate” Ultimate List. What a mouth full. I’m sure you know the drill by now, so grab those Martini’s, and slip on your tuxedo because here is the final list for Sean Connery’s run on James Bond. Like always, let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed anything at all.

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007 – Each time the Bond theme song is heard.
1. Opening gun barrel sequence
2. Interrogating Marie
3. Driving off in Peter Franks car
4. Speaking with Blofeld on the phone and meeting Bambi and Thumper
5. Arriving at the oil platform

You Know My Name – Bond, James Bond count. When it is said by Bond himself.
1. When introducing himself to Marie

Felix Leiter – If James Bond smokes on screen.

Nobody Does It Better – Whenever Bond beds a woman, implied of course.
1. Tiffany Case in his hotel room
2. Tiffany in the Whyte house hotel

Shaken, Not Stirred – All alcoholic beverages Bond consumes.
1. Sherry with M and Sir Donald
2. Unknown beverage at Tiffany’s apartment
3. Mounton Rothschild ‘55

Licence To Kill – Every kill caused by Bond himself directly.
1. Blofeld agent in mud pool
2. Blofeld double in boiling liquid
3. Blofeld’s thug with throwing knives
4. Peter Franks after elevator fight
5. Blofeld double by shooting a hook shot into his head
6. Mr. Kidd burnt alive and left at sea
7. Mr. Wint thrown overboard and blown up with a bomb

Aston Martin DB5 – Any and all modes of transport Bond travels by.
1. Peter Franks car
2. Hovercraft to Amsterdam
3. Peter Franks car to meet Tiffany
4. Aeroplane from Germany airport to California
5. Funeral Hearse to Slumber Inc. Mortuary
6. Ford Mustang Mach 1 from airport to petrol station
7. Van to Tectronics in Las Vegas desert
8. Moon buggy into the desert
9. Dirt motorbikes (3 wheels) out of the restricted area
10. Ford Mustang back to Las Vegas
11. Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd’s car to desert
12. Felix’s car to save Mr. Whyte
13. Plane to oil platform
14. Silver inflatable ball on the water
15. Cruise ship back to England

I Never Joke About My Work – Any gadget Bond uses in the field provided by Q branch.
1. False finger prints
2. Voice changing machine

I Have A Dinner Jacket – Whenever Bond wears a tuxedo.
1. Cairo Casino (off screen)???
2. At the Los Vegas Casino
3. When meeting with Mr. Whyte/Blofeld
4. On the cruise ship having dinner with Tiffany

For Queen and Country – All locations visited by 007.
1. Japan
2. Cairo
3. France(?) Marie’s and Blofeld’s double location
4. England
5. Germany
6. California

Yes, I Know, Don’t Tell Me – Any chase 007 finds himself involved in.
1. Tectronics guards chasing Bond in the restricted area
2. Police chasing Bond in Las Vegas

Ninja Training – Any team vs team shoot out with each team being greater than 10 members.
1. CIA helicopters vs Blofeld’s men on the oil platform


James Bond will return in Live And Let Die

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