Blog Update 010 – Dreams and Nightmares

Why do we dream? And when does a dream become a nightmare?

I’m seriously asking that question because for the past few nights, all my dreams have turned into nightmares with ridicules plots that makes no sense. However the dream I’ll detail below, well that seems to be the only one lately that hasn’t been crazy.

The Dream/Nightmare
The other night I had this nightmare. I was at the docks where all the big ships come in. Harrison Ford was there and I was talking to him about something that made no sense, yet for some reason I pulled out a lighter and set his hair and shirt on fire because clearly in my dream that was normal behaviour by me.

As I backed away from a now engulfed Harrison Ford, he started laughing saying I couldn’t prevent it. And then grabbed a large anchor chain from the ship beside us and pulled on it until the entire side of the ship broke open and fell flat on the floor where I was. Then these aliens started pouring out of the ship and they were reddish and black and as people were screaming and running they were attacking people.

I hid behind a large glass window (I know) and as people ran past me, the aliens would shoot whip type of tendrils out of their hands at people. The people would be quickly enveloped in the same reddish/black vineish type of skin and would soon encase them in a hard shell. The aliens would then drag the people behind them until the people broke out of the shells as aliens.

Hidden behind the glass, I had a small girl beside me and she was scared. Then an old couple walked over to us. They looked they really old, like in their 89’s and hunched over. The old man dropped his walking stick, and tried to attack us, but the glass prevented him. The old lady then punched her hands into the glass and broke it open a bit, enough to squeeze through while ripping the flesh from her as she grabbed the little girl. The old lady now had that reddish/black flesh where it was exposed from all the ripping. They dragged the girl through to them, cutting her up and eventually encasing her in the shell.

I soon woke up and yes. I was questioning my dream quality pretty harshly afterward. I kept asking myself, why was Harrison Ford there?

So now I ask, what dream or nightmare have you had that is just so damn crazy?

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