Bond, James Bond…

Bond, James Bond


You probably don’t know this about me, actually I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t because I’ve never mention it before now. I’m a big fan of the James Bond films and consider them my number one film franchise. I know there is Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Marvel Cinematic Universe and so many more, but James Bond is where my heart is.

Every few years I love to watch the James Bond films from beginning (Dr. No) to end (Skyfall) and live tweet. I find it allows me to share my thoughts on the movies and also let others join in on the fun. Previously I watched and live tweeted my thoughts leading up to the release of Skyfall, and that was back in 2012, but this year it just felt right.

So I decided the time was right. All my James Bond films on blu ray needed to be viewed again in order. This time, not only would I live tweet my thoughts on each film, but I’d go that little bit further and make a few lists.

Previously I watched the movies over the period of a month, but this time I’m breaking them up monthly. That means each month I’ll be watching, reviewing, tweeting and making lists on each and every James Bond movie. Now this may be boring to some of you, so don’t worry about that, I’ve got you covered. I’ll still be bring my usual reviews and thoughts, but for those caring I’ll also have my James Bond posts.

I intend to make the lists a major part of my James Bond coverage. The best part about making the lists, is that I’ll need to watch each film multiple times…not that I’m worried about that. I thought it was only fair the list I create be something I can easily pull up at any time and recall when needed. So as I watch the films I’ll be forming this list. I’ll give a rundown below of what the list contains, just be warned, its very nerdy but I’m sure you’ll pick up on what I mean.


007: whenever the familiar James Bond theme kicks in, whether it be a few seconds or full length, it counts.

You Know My Name: Bond, James Bond count. When its said by James Bond himself, and in that order.

Felix Leiter: If James Bond smokes on screen it hits the list.

Nobody Does It Better: oh this is a fun one. Whenever Bond beds a woman, implied of course.

Shaken, Not Stirred: originally limited to Vodka Martini’s, I decided to open it up to all alcoholic beverages Bond consumes.

Licence to Kill: every kill caused by James Bond himself, directly.

Aston Martin DB5: any mode of transport James Bond travelled by.

As you can see, the lists cover most things that run throughout all the Bond films and it’ll be interesting to see which Bond does one more than the other. This will be my way of really sinking my teeth into the James Bond franchise, and also a great way to share my overall thoughts with those that care.

I know this post has been mostly ramblings about my love of James Bond and future plans, but it was something I wanted to post so when I finally do begin watching them again, maybe I’ll have some people want to tag along.

One final thing I should mention, I’ll begin my James Bond viewings in July. Not sure if the first post will go up toward the beginning of end of July, but either way, if you wish to tag along and follow me on this trek through the James Bond film franchise, my twitter is @truthfulnerd. I’ll be posting updates and live tweeting the films.

Otherwise, just continue to follow me here and (hopefully) comment as you read along.

James Bond will return.


  1. Just watching skyfall couple nights ago, as I was also in a James Bond mood. Most of my friends don’t understand my obsession with it, but I believe you summed it up pretty good.
    The lists should be an interesting comparison between the films. Can’t wait

    1. Skyfall makes for a great pick up and watch Bond film. The plot is easy to follow and Daniel Craig is always a pleasure to watch as James Bond. Don’t worry about the friends not understand you love for Bond, I get that sometimes too. However the more I speak about 007, the more I realise a lot more people are fans. Or casual viewers at least.

      My first review will of course be Dr. No, and that will be released in the month of July. So stay tuned and follow along if you’re on twitter @truthfulnerd. If not, you’ll catch all my thoughts and the lists here.

      Thanks for the comment also.

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