This blog began as a small place where I could expand my writing skills (zero talent, I know and don’t mind now) by putting my thoughts online, and along the way, hear from other like minded people.

While this blog varies from random blog posts, to movie reviews and LEGO discussion, every single post contains one thing; my passion for writing. Ever since I can remember, I have always writing about something. At a young age this began as a passion for making up my own stories for Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles, and eventually evolved into making my own comic books starring my favourite, Spider-Man.

As the years went on, I discovered cartoons like Teknoman on morning tv, and Gargoyles on the weekend. Writing then took a major hold of my life when I was in high school and my English teacher saw that I was struggling with things and decided to take a few minutes after class to ask what I wanted to do. I remember saying something stupid, but we eventually settled on me reading and writing. So from that class on, and I’m not joking here, my entire English lesson was spent writing my own stories.

One was a Resident Evil fanfiction. Another was a vampire story heavily inspired by the setting and style of The Lost Boys. Each time I had to read something for the class, my teacher would prewarn me so I had a chance to get ready. Unfortunately while my English teacher did help me a lot, I don’t remember her name. Good teacher though.

As you can tell though, writing has helped me overcome so many things. I may not have the best punctuation or grammar, but for me it all comes down to my passion for writing.

I hope everyone can find something of interest here, and if you can, feel free to leave a comment or share it to your preferred choice of social media. No stress if you don’t though. I just want to make my posts as easy and enjoyable to read for all ages.

So kick back, relax and read along.

– Truthfulnerd


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