Top Five Favourite Games 2013

Top Five Favourite Games 2013

Yesterday I posted a blog called Top Five Disappointing Games 2013, and this is my follow up to that list. Now remember, there have been many games released this year, and although I’ve played many, I haven’t played them all. Be warned, SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you see the title of the game and haven’t played it yet, just be warned the content may contain spoilers.

So here’s my list, read and enjoy. Oh and feel free to leave a comment or share this with friends.

5. Killzone Mercenary

Don’t go into shock just yet. I know the list has only begun, but don’t worry, this is the correct list. Killzone Mercenary is a PS Vita exclusive first person shooter, and its bloody awesome. Based on the game engine that runs Killzone 3 silky smoothly on the PS3, this game is a PS Vita must have.

Tailored for the PS Vita device, the game runs perfectly smooth on the handheld. With headphones on, you will be thinking you’ve been dropped into a battlefield. Not only do you get a fully fledged single player story/mission mode, you also get a multiplayer mode which allows you to play online via wifi. Yes there have been a few issues with getting a game online, but I assure you, if you stick with it you’ll have a hell of a time. Touch screen controls can be a little annoying, however you’ll mostly only be using them to swipe across the screen whenever preforming a melee attack.

Although its my number 5, this game still has a largely forgettable story, which to be honest, I don’t mind. Its a handheld game and design for pick up and play. Levels are about 40mins each and doesn’t tax you. You simply shoot the crap out of enemies, collect in game cash, and spend said in game cash on upgrading your character. Weapons, ammo, armour. It’s all good.

Easily one of the best games, and the most fun I’ve had on a handheld in a long time.

4. Tomb Raider

Lara Croft returns…well doesn’t really return as this is a reboot for the entire series. So I guess you could say, Lara Croft Begins. Or Tomb Raider Begins. Whatever, its Tomb Raider Reboot. So yes, Tomb Raider is number 4. Its one of the best games I’ve played this year.

So grab your bow and arrows, and get ready to have one amazing journey as you take Lara Croft from innocent girl, to badass Tomb Raider….or adventurer.

Not only does it reboot the series, it has changes up, EVERYTHING. Controls, voice acting, graphics, sound, gameplay. It’s all been changed for the better. Borrowing heavily from the Uncharted series, which in turn took its mark from the Tomb Raider series before, this game has moments that’ll just make you smile. From falling down a cliff and pulling your parachute, to taking out a group of guys with a bow and arrow, Lara Croft can handle herself like the best of them. Many scripted moments, but totally worth it.

My only complaint is the story. Now before you say anything, let me explain. SPOILERS AHEAD. The beginning of the game begins like the origin of Oliver Queen. Lara is stranded on an island with a group of her party, and must fend for herself while learning the secrets of the cult members which are trying to kill her. By the end of the story, supernatural elements have been implemented and although you buy it within the context of the story, afterwards, I felt like it was really silly.

Never in a game as a main character been thrown around and injured as much as Lara in this game. And by the end of it, you’ll actually be caring a great deal about her. Minor RPG elements litter the game allow you to upgrade skills and weapons. It also has some good replay value with lots of collectables to be found.

3. The Wolf Among Us

We’re getting into the meat of the list now. With only a few weeks of playing this game, I can safely add this to my list at number 3. Released on everything from iOS to the big boy consoles, The Wolf Among Us is a point and click adventure game released by the developers of The Walking Dead. With 3D cel shaded graphics, and top notch voice acting, this game has one of the best stories experienced this year.

You play as Bigby Wolf, formerly Big Bad Wolf in all the fairy tales you’ve once read, sheriff of Fabletown. Its your job to investigate the death of a woman found at the front of your apartment building. You’ll meet a lot of interesting characters along the way, all from the fairy tales you know.

With a very film noir type of feeling, all the decisions you make trigger different story events later on, not only in this first episode, but also in the 4 episodes that will follow. Yes, thats right. Only part 1 of 5 has been released so far. And at roughly 3-5 hours in length, I’ve already played it a few times just to experience the story in different ways.

Easily a must buy for people who enjoy a good story. Check it out and make sure you stick around for the next episodes which will flesh out the story even more. Plus the cliff hanger for episode 1…has just left me speechless.

2. The Last Of Us

I have never played a game where I’ve been this invested in the main characters in a video game. EVER. NEVER. Not even the Mass Effect series pulled me in as much as The Last Of Us, and I played that series for years. However Joel and Ellie’s stories will just suck you in.

Set in a post-apocalyptic setting where a deadly infection has mutated humans into crazed freaks, as Joel you must take Ellie on a journey cross country to survival. So lets begin with graphics. Probably the best and most detailed characters you will ever see in a game on this generation, and the next, ever. You’ll often times be forgiven for thinking you’re watching real people on screen. The hair and facial movements look lifelike. The infected look absolutely nuts and will scare the living crap out of you. Ellie looks and sounds like a 14 year old girl struggling to come to terms with the environment.

Speaking of sound, the voice acting is top notch. THE BEST I’ve ever heard in a video game. ART. This is what this game is. Scripted moments trigger events that’ll place you in tough areas where your characters must try and survive. Joel is a gruff and angry man, but as the story moves on, he and Ellie form a bond that is stronger than anything in movie or game. An entire section of the game had me in tears…almost. Well two sections of the game.

SPOILERS AGAIN. At one point, Joel is injured and incapacitated when control is changed to Ellie. 14 years old and fighting for her life against not only the infected, but the human survivors also. A group of cannibals who will eat and kill everyone they come into contact with. Yet when Ellie comes around, these men lead by, David, try and bring her in. One moment especially has a very confronting moment when David threatens to rape Ellie leaving her to kill him…a truly sad and disturbing moment. A moment where you’re left speechless and shocked all at the same time.

This game and Tomb Raider reboot have a few things in common has both are adventure survival games. And both games have such strong stories and characters. This game though just pushes the story to the next level and leaves Joel and Ellie completely vulnerable most of the time.

Gameplay is excellent. Gunplay and hand to hand combat put the action up close and personal. You can upgrade your weapons and abilities, yet even by the end of the game, you’re still often fighting to survive. A brilliant, no beyond brilliant game. The infected will fuck you up. They will tear you to bits. And not even guns can protect you. But most of all, the worst enemies in this game are the other humans. They will stalk you in areas and hunt you down for a kill.

This is why this game is so good.

You will cry. And you will wish that you could continue the story beyond the credits to find where the story leads. I cannot do this game justice in the short amount of time I have. Nor can I convey the amount of emotion the voice actors bring to the role. If there is only one (exclusive) game to play this generation on the PS3, make it The Last Of Us. You will not be disappointed at all. Just make sure you have some tissues on hand. By the end, you’ll be crying. And if you aren’t, you’re as heartless as the humans in this game.

There is no question that my number 1 and 2 were the hardest choices I had to make. The Last Of Us will stand as the greatest PS3 exclusive game of all time. There is no question of that. But the greatest game this year, and this generation goes to Grand Theft Auto V.


I said it. GTA V is easily the greatest game this generation. Okay let me say it like this. Think of an open world game where you can take any car, bus, truck, bike, plane, helicopter, boat and submarine you can see. Steal it, and go. Grab any weapon you can buy and shoot. Pour petrol on the street and shoot it to make a path of fire. Drive threw that fire and watch as your wheels catch on fire and eventually pop. Go into a clothes shop and dress one of the three main characters up. Hell, you can even sky dive out of a jet and parachute down into the center of the VINEWOOD sign. This game has it all.

Let me explain the story. You play as three main characters, Michael, Franklin and Trevor. At anytime out of missions you can switch between the characters who each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Not only that, but you’ll often find that switching between characters will drop you into the middle of an action scene.

I know this is random, but playing this game is how it feels. I remember completing a mission and decided to switch to the redneck crazy known as, Trevor. Not only was he passed out half naked on a beach, but there were a few bodies around him. Each of them were dead. I have no idea what the events were that lead up to this moment, and I don’t care. Trevor comes to live via the top notch voice work and motion capture. He stumbles around after standing up. Comments on the fact he is half naked and swears that “those fuckers deserved it”. Another time I switched to retired bank robber, Michael. He was in the middle of having a coffee with his wife. And the third character, Franklin, I once interrupted him taking his dog for a walk. Yeah it really does have it all.

As mentioned above, Michael, is a retired bank robber trying to live a straight life. He has family issues and hates his life really. He takes on a new protege in the form of, Franklin, a car repressor who wants more out of life. But all that goes to shit when Trevor shows up. The craziest fucker ever. Whenever this guy shows up, you don’t know if he will shoot you or kiss you. A character that will go down in history as one of the best.

This is an open world game. It’ll take you ages for you to travel from one end of the map to the other. Take a plane. Steal a boat. Explore the highs and lows of the map. Break into the military base and try steal a jet. I’ve tried this many times and get closer and closer to escaping…and once I did. I get away, and then exploded in the air when a missile blew me up. Next time.

As an open world game, things can get boring pretty quickly. Lucky this game as plenty to keep you busy. Rob a store. Steal a car for cash. Mod a car. Or take a hike up a mountain. Thats the fun stuff. Grab a mountain bike and ride up to the highest point in the map. It will take you ages. And then once you’re at the top, strap on your parachute and jump off. Fun.

Gunplay has been improved ten fold since the others in the series. It feels like you’re playing a third person shooter. You can hide behind cover and pick off enemies, or get up close for some melee combat. Its all responsive and feels fun. Its the attention to detail though that’ll really get you. I took my sport car into the desert area of the game, a shiny white car. Spotless. The sun was beaming down and I decided to take it off car and spin the wheels. I spent an hour just driving around the desert area having fun and causing havoc. But the attention to detail really kicks in when you head out of the desert area and notice that your car is dirty. It has dirt all over the car. People on the street comment on the once shiny car now looking dirty.

So you take it through a car wash. You pay a small fee with in game cash and your car comes out clean again. And thats just the little details that make the game special.

But on top of all this, you will spend days doing nothing in this game. NOTHING. Its like the best of all games. The best third person shooter. The best racer and the best “do fuck all” game of all time. Buy this game now.

If you can only own one game, this is the one. You will spend months doing nothing. You will spend hours driving around tuning into different radio stations listening to all the classics. But most of all, once you finish the game, you have plenty to fuck around with.

However it doesn’t end there. GTA Online. Switching between characters is quick and easy, and throughout the game there is always an extra slot. GTA Online mode allows the slot to be filled with your Online avatar. Create a character and live the world of GTA, Online. Fuck around doing whatever you want with 16 other people online. Complete missions and earn cash. Level up your avatar and mod your cars. Upgrade your weapons and store all your things in an apartment that you can buy.

Want to spend time in the city, buy an apartment there that overlooks the VINEWOOD sign. Or maybe you find it soothing to spend time in the desert country area, then buy a place there. The most fun I’ve ever had online playing a game is here. I’ve spent a total of 3 days online. Doesn’t seem like much, but it is. I’ve leveled my avatar to level 33, and I’ve encountered other players up to level 100. The higher your level, the more weapons and mods you can have.

Different missions trigger from different characters. Fun missions. Not the boring shit you’d find in an online game. No these mission are about 80% movie style action moments. Steal a plane under heavy guard and escape the cops along the runway as you take off and land it at another runway across the map.

Stop a drug deal by using a sniper rifle. Steal the drugs and cash and escape the dealers on your tail. Rob a 24/7 store and outrun the cops as they give chase. Or maybe you just want to play some tennis, or golf. This game lets you do that. I can’t do justice to how fun this game is. You just need to experience it for yourself. Its simply beautiful.

Ive played next generation games, and I’m still yet to find a game thats as beautiful as this. On such a large scale, this game still manages to punch in the tiny details. You will not be disappointed at all. Play it and play it now.


      1. I’ve no doubts if you’d played the sublime Bioshock Infinite it’d slot easily into your top 5. Possibly even no.1…

      2. I don’t know about number 1. GTA V wins hands down over anything I’ve played. It was a tough choice between GTA and The Last Of Us, but the sound of time I’ve pumped into it, there is no contest.

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