Blog Update 011 – Cinema Experience

Avengers Age of Ultron is only a few days away now and already I’m upset that I can’t see the movie hours before its official release date. I unfortunately have to work early the next morning, and by the time the film ends, I’d only have about 5 hours until I have to wake up. Add in the fact I’d be buzzing from seeing Avengers, I would probably only get about 3 hours of sleep. Not even I can handle that.

The reason for this blog update though wasn’t to talk about my lack of sleep, or the Avengers, but instead my love of going to the cinemas. You see, I’m a big fan of spending lots of money to watch a movie surrounded by strangers in a dark room where people are talking and laughing.

Most people would cringe at the thought, but I love it.

This is how I always want to experience a movie. The doors slide open and the smell instantly hits you like a speeding truck. The burning popcorn, the fresh cold coke. The background sounds of people chatting and arcade games off in the distance. All the sounds and smells take me to a happy place. A place I feel at home and where I’m king. A magical kingdom where the staff smile and greet you kindly. This is my experience.

I grab my ticket and head to the candy bar moving from one friendly staff member to the next. No matter what the price, I don’t mind. Some people smoke, some people drink…the cinemas are my drug of choice. After purchasing my popcorn and coke (large) I awkwardly move to the side and try to juggle everything while still holding my ticket. I don’t care that the popcorn is too much for the box it comes in, a few bits drop onto the floor, but as I step on some from hours before, I don’t mind. It’s just how it is. I quickly take a sip of the cold coke and my taste buds instantly want something to eat, so I stuff my face with popcorn.

This is my experience.

After waiting for the staff to let us in, I take my seat, not in the centre, but off to the side. I prefer that, feels more comfy. I put my drink in the holder, and begin eating the popcorn. It won’t survive the film. Trust me.

The ads begin while people take their seat. A few walk past forcing me to slide my body back as far as I can into the seat to let them past. I don’t mind. As the ads finish, the trailers begin. The lights dim. I can hear people beginning to quiet down as the trailers kick in.

My lips go dry as I reach the bottom of the popcorn box, and my drink is almost empty. The movie hasn’t started yet, but I don’t mind. This is how a movie is meant to be seen. The trailers are almost over, and people are still coming in. A few more are talking but it won’t be long. The lights completely dim now. I put the empty popcorn and coke on the floor between my legs for later on. The lights are all out and everyone shuts up.

Finally the curtains pull away from the cinema screen exposing as much of the frame as possible. Everyone is silent as the movie begins.

I’m a king in his chair watching a film on a larger than life screen. The sound vibrates through my entire body and the floor rumbles beneath me. People laugh and cheer at the right moments. And an audible gasp is heard when needed. Occasionally a light is flashed across the floor as a staff member enters the cinema just to make sure everything is okay.

From ear to ear, I have a smile. My eyes are wide and I have a warm feeling inside. Nothing is better than this experience. Then as the movie ends, and the credits roll, the lights come on. People stand up and leave as everyone talks with each other. You can never understand what is said, but you get the general gist of things.

I wait until most people have left, and then stand, taking my rubbish with me. I always smile at the staff member who cleans up the cinema next. They wait patiently until everyone has gone to prepare it for the next session. And as I walk back to my car, I can’t help but think of all the fun the past two hours was. All the sounds slowly leave as I get back to my car. And while driving home, I still have a smile on my face. I love this experience.

Even after arriving home, I think back on the film. If I have the soundtrack, I put it on and attempt to remember at which point in the film its from. I can see the movie in my mind as the music plays, and while getting changed and putting my things away, a piece of popcorn falls to the floor. There it was, hiding in my hoodie just behind the zip…like one always does.

That is my experience.

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