Space Adventure

Was going through my computer the other day and came across some old files. The following is a story idea I came up with during a day of not having anything exciting to read. Being the nerd that I am, it is of course a space adventure of some kind with spaceships and characters borrowed from fantasy and sic-fi adventure franchises I’ve always loved.

Space Source:


While you read the follow story outline, it is only an outline, remember that it is my own story with my own characters and events, so if you enjoy it, feel free to share and let me know your thoughts. Also, I wrote this outline so many years ago, MANY years ago and all I’ve done in the story before posting it here, is make sure I updated the names.

I would also like to take this brief moment before getting into the story to explain the pictures posted throughout. I will have links to where I found them online, and because of my zero artistic skills, I wanted to post pictures that expressed feelings which suited the images in my head.

Now just go forth and enjoy what follows.

Thane is pilot and owner of the ship, the Crimson Talon. He is in his early 30’s and uses his ship for mainly illegal, but well paying transport jobs. He is one of the best pilots in the trade and highly sort after by many people in the galaxy because of those skills. Not only is Thane wanted for work by many people, he is also  wanted by the Galactic Police, not for his particular skills, but rather his crimes.

Because of those crimes, Thane and his co-pilot, Chip, often jump from ship yard to ship yard in the search of new jobs always hoping to stay out of the way of the Galactic Police.

Chip is the only co-pilot Thane has ever had on the Crimson Talon, and at the age of 17, he is just as good behind the controls as Thane himself. Not only is he great with the ship, but he is skilful with computers and most forms of hacking. Chip was brought up in the slums and because of that, he needed to keep himself strong and smart. He is an excellent fighter and sneaky with his hands which makes him a good thief.

This was how Thane first met Chip, when they got into a bust up outside a Federation bar years ago. Thane had a bit too much to drink when ‘stumbled’ out of the bar, Chip tried to rob him. The young man was quick, but Thane got the upper hand and found his new co-pilot was living in the slums. Thane offered him the chance to see the galaxy and Chip had been loyal ever since.

The story begins with Thane finding himself in a fair bit of trouble with the local Federation bosses. The Federation owns whatever the Council doesn’t in the galaxy, however the Federation is corrupt. And because of the trouble Thane is in with the Galactic Police, he is forced to work with them.

Space Station Source:

Space Station

The job he finds himself doing is to escort one of the daughters of the Federation boss to a high risk, but very rich, planet in the galaxy. Thane doesn’t want to do it, but has no choice. Thane and Chip arrive on the planet, drop off the stuck-up daughter and decide to hit a high end bar. Chip of course has to wait with the Crimson Talon, but he doesn’t mind.

Thane on the other hand spends a few dollars trying to chat up a native female. Drink after drink, Thane becomes more and more intoxicated and doesn’t even get the girl at the end of it. She leaves with her boyfriend and Thane finds himself in the middle of a bar fight. He manages to escape and runs out of the bar for his ship when things become rough. On his way, Thane gets a call from Chip. He says there was someone hanging around the ship just moments ago, but they left. Thane gets to the ship and barely manages to take off before saying how he wishes he hadn’t gone to that bar.

When Chip asks about the new destination, Thane tells him they need to find a new job because he lost the last of the money he had in the bar fight. After much arguing from the pair, and a slight detour, Thane lands the Talon on the docking bay under a scrambled code. Pilot and co-pilot set out to look for a new job. Transport has bee slow lately, so they decide to look for a high paying smuggling job.

Station Bar Source:

Station Bar

It is not ideal, but Chip reports back to Thane that a fairly high paying job is open, only problem is the job is a little risky. Thane agrees to meet with the contact and goes to the room. When he enters, Chip notices Thane is acting funny and not until the conversation begins does Chip put two and two together. He realises the woman and Thane have some history.

The woman is named Mira and she and Thane dated when both were fresh out of school. Mira broke off the relationship when her father found out Thane came from a slum family with no wealth. Not only that, but Mira was unaware Thane’s father was a smuggler of illegal goods. She comments that Thane took up the family business and he threatens to walk away, but Chip reminds him they need the money to repair the Talon. Mira stops him also because she knows that although they have bad history, deep down, she still trusts him.

Thane finally agrees to help, but demands payment up front to repair his ship. Mira transfers enough to his account and tells him the rest will be done when she gets where she needs to go. They set off with Chip very much taken by Mira’s beauty, and Thane is still very grumpy around her. However, he begins to ease up in the time they spend together.

Crimson Talon Source:

Crimson Talon

Because the jump routes are being watched by Galactic Police, the Crimson Talon has to travel through standard routes which take much longer, but usually aren’t monitored. It gives Chip a chance to find out more about Mira, and gives Thane and Mira a chance to talk.

While stopping to refuel and refresh, Mira receives a private call from someone, however Chip overhears the conversation. He tells Thane about the serious talk Mira was having and Thane approaches her. She explains that she is married and her husband has been kidnapped by a group of renegade traders. They are after information her father was working on for the past forty years, before he died. The jump coordinates for the entire galaxy. The coordinates which if used, would allow any ship to bypass the standard routes for faster than normal travel. It would also allow ships to travel in the unknown routes without fear of running into trouble and finally, it would hold the coordinates for the original galaxy where Earth is.

Thane thinks its nothing but a myth and goes to leave Mira at the port where they are stationed, but she begs for his help saying she is deadly serious. The traders will kill her husband if she doesn’t produce the coordinates. Chip goes to wait inside the ship knowing they need to talk about things. Thane asks why she chose him when there are thousands of guys dumb enough to help, and Mira explains she couldn’t trust anyone else like she can him. She still has feelings for Thane.

He agrees to take her the rest of the way as long as there are no more surprises. Mira nods saying its all good from here, but she still needs to get there by one standard month with the coordinates and money they’ve now demanded. The Crimson Talon shoots off into the sky.

Mira takes this time to go into the cockpit and sits with Thane. He didn’t expect her to sit with him, but enjoys catching up on old times. With the ship on autopilot, Thane and Mira get a lot closer. Thane jokes with her about not really enjoying it and she leans in for a kiss. She quickly apologises for it, but Thane stops her from talking and holds her close while kissing her some more. Mira takes his arm and leads him into her room while she turns the lights off.

Thane is woken up by a hard hit to the head. Chip hears a loud yell throughout the ship, but is hard at work at the controls. Chasing the Talon are Galactic Police cruisers, as well as a large Police Command Shuttle, one of the largest in the entire galaxy. Thane pulls himself up off the floor, quickly pulls his clothes on and runs for the cockpit. Chip slides onto his own chair and passes the controls over to Thane.

He asks what the hell is going on but Chip isn’t sure. He says that one minute the area was clear, and then bang, the ships came out of nowhere. Thane says its not possible without their location and they look around not knowing where Mira is.

Police Command Shuttle Source:

Police Command Shuttle

The Police come in over the com-link and demand the Crimson Talon power down and their engines access codes to be given over. Chip reaches for a button, but Thane shakes his head and speaks into the com-link. He says they will give up and prepare to be boarded.

With the Talon now docked in the Command Shuttle, the three on board are escorted off. They are held in position when the Captain comes up to them. He smiles at Thane and Chip saying it has been one hell of a chase, but thanks Mira for the help. The Captain orders his personal assistant who informs Mira the funds have been put into her account. Thane can’t believe Mira turned against him. The fact she set them up pisses him off and when Mira tries to say something, he brushes her off and goes to his cell.

The Captain informs Thane and Chip they will arrive at the next systems in a few standard hours and will get the chance to prove their ‘innocence’. He laughs while saying this and walks off leaving Chip and Thane in the cell. Sitting there all they can think about is escaping, but Thane suggests that Chip just take off. Thane says he’ll take all the blame and Chip can have a free life.

Chip says he wouldn’t turn his back on Thane and that he is in it no matter what. Chip also says he has an escape plan and proceeds to explain it. The Talon is locked in the hanger bay, but only by a standard engine lock. Chip believes he can override the access code and remove the lock allowing them to escape. But as he says this, Thane stops him. The override will take a few moments, if not longer by which time, the Police will be all over them. If they even manage to reach the ship.

Time passes and Thane hears a voice over the speaker saying they are approaching the planet. As all seems lost, Thane decides to break out. He runs at the cell bubble but it rejects him and throws him back. Chip hides a laugh and is more curious. Thane attempts it again, but once again is thrown back. Landing flat on his ass a fourth time, Mira enters into view. She tells them both to get up cause they are leaving and she needs a ride.

Command Shuttle in the Atmosphere Source:

Command Shuttle in the Atmosphere

Chip doesn’t know what to do and waits judging Thane’s reaction. Thane stands face to face with Mira as she unlocks the bubble. Chip jumps up beside Mira and waits for Thane, but he doesn’t move. Mira says she is so sorry, and will explain later. However there isn’t enough for Thane. He says that she betrayed them and lied and there is no reason to believe her this time. As Thane says this, Chip shouts/whispers that the station is entering the atmosphere soon. Agreeing to leave with her, Mira passes Chip a key pass and says it should help with the locks. Thane asks how she got that, and realises when he sees a police officer tied up and gagged. Mira flashes a smile and says her good looks helped.

After knocking out a patrolling Police officer and taking his weapon, Thane runs in front with the weapon at the ready as they approach the hanger bay doors. Chip quickly bolts for the security lock on the door and manages to get it open in time to avoid a few shots from behind. The door shuts and the group run for the ship.

Hanger in Command Shuttle Source:

Hanger Bay in Command Shuttle

Chip quickly runs into the cockpit and sits beside Thane who is going over all the controls. He complains about them touching his ship and Mira is telling them to quickly take off. Chip says it isn’t that simple as the locks on the engine are still down. And at first Thane agrees, but as the officers begin cutting through the door into the hanger, he gets worried. Chip says its going to take much longer than he thought.

Mira gets worried, so Thane does what he knows best. He swings his chair back into position facing forward and punches a few buttons on the console. Mira hears the ship come to life with a whirring sound from the engine. The co-pilot looks up at her and then back down, she tries to talk with Thane, but he keeps on trying the engine. Chip says the code is a tough one and almost impossible to break. As the officers are almost through the hanger doors, she decides to tell Thane everything, but she is cut off by a loud noise from under the belly of the Talon.

In front, the hanger bay controls explode into a hundred pieces and the next thing Mira hears is Thane telling everyone to brace themselves. The officers get through the door and begin firing on the Talon, but are helpless as the hanger bay belly doors open and the Talon drops out.

With the Command Shuttle now breaking into the atmosphere, the Talon begins to free fall away from it. The engines are still locked and whirring, but nothing else as it drops like a rock. Thane keeps on firing the engines and Chip plays around with the code, but still no use. Mira explains how extremely sorry for everything she is, and doesn’t know how to tell Thane how much it hurt her.

He says that if they get out of this, he wants the truth and nothing else from her. Chip tells them both to shut up and help him get the engines unlocked. Mira and Thane look at each other. Thane snaps to it and tells Mira to man the controls while he tries something. Chip watches Thane run out of the cockpit and Mira slides into his seat. She tries to lift the nose of the Talon, and it only just manages to slow the decent by a bit.

Police Crusier Source:

Police Crusier

Chip shouts out to Thane that he almost has the locks undone, and Mira shouts over the top that Police cruisers are coming after them. Thane yells and grunts as a loud noise is heard from the engine bay and the next second, Chip says he got it. The engines begin to spark up and Thane runs back into the cockpit taking his seat once more. He punches the engines again.

They begin to fire up and Mira reminds them they are falling fast. She informs him the cruisers are still approaching and so are the mountains below them. Thane says the ship is still a little heavy too which Chip says the engines should reach full power very soon. Thane shouts they don’t have a “very soon” and orders Mira and Chip to man the guns while he tries to navigate a safe route down through the mountains.

Mountains Planet Source:

Mountains Planet

The two gunners take their seats and begin firing at the cruisers chasing them while Thane uses his skills to dodge his way down the mountains. At last, “very soon” catches up with the Crimson Talon and with engines at full power, Thane pulls the ship up just in time to narrowly miss a deadly finish. Sadly, the chasing cruisers aren’t so lucky. Eventually with the Police Command Shuttle is safely behind them, the Crimson Talon docks at a ship yard where Thane and Chip have a look over for repairs.

Its here that Mira finally hands over the rest of the money owed to Thane. She apologises once again, but admits there was no one she could’ve paid in his fee unless the Crimson Talon was turned in. Thane grabs Mira by the shirt and pushes her against the ship. Thane takes the money as he’ll now have to reforge the ships code so it can’t be found so easily. However as he is shouting this, Chip informs Thane the Crimson Talon is no longer on the Police list.

Mira was trying to tell him all along, but he wouldn’t listen. Before rescuing them, she destroyed their database files on the Crimson Talon. According to the scanners Thane and Chip are no longer wanted and the Crimson Talon is a completely different ship. Chip tells Thane to cheer up, but he quickly realises its not that. He is hurt by the constant lies from Mira.

Once repairs have been taken care of, Chip boards the Talon again and Thane follows. He turns to Mira though, and says once they arrive at the destination, Mira will be on her own. They arrive and Thane gives Mira some money to provide transport to the meeting point. Before he leaves though, Mira gives him a kiss saying she still loves him, but Thane goes back into the Talon and takes off. Mira watches and wipes the tears from her eyes. She then walks off to the nearest local transport station to catch a ride.

A few hours pass and Mira arrives at the location given. Its a large building overlooking an ocean. The exterior of the building is very wide, with many trees and grassy area covering the outside levels. Mira is walked through the building where she can see numerous people going about their working business. Many smile at Mira as she is then lead to an elevator which goes to the highest level of the building.

Mira Arrives Source:

Mira Arrives

When Mira steps out, she notices the top level is one large hanger bay. Transport vehicles and ships are being loaded while at the far end of the hanger is a wall of monitors. Mira is given a drink, which she refuses, and asks to speak with the leader. From on the monitors, a digital face appears. He smiles at Mira and says once she gives her half of the code, she can leave with her husband and everything will be finished.

Mira hesitates at first, but once her husband Adam, is shown, Mira quickly inputs the rest of the code. She then runs up to her husband, but realises he’s smiling and staring at the monitors. The face says the code is good and asks Adam what they should do next. Adam motions for the guards to take care of Mira. She demands to know what is going on.

Adam removes his shirt and cleans up his appearance at little. He then grabs a weapon and walks toward Mira. He has been in charge of his organisation for years and while working for her father, he gained access to one half of the code needed, however he tried to get the second half from her father by asking. Sadly that didn’t go so well, and matters needed to be raised. Mira realises it was Adam that killed her father and slaps him across the face, but he grabs her arm and throws her to the ground.

He then aims his weapon at her. But just before shooting, he is distracted but a loud noise as one of the transport vehicle explodes. Everyone falls to the ground, including Adam who loses his grip of his gun. Mira looks around and sees the Crimson Talon hovering over to the side. The cargo door is open, and Thane is standing there with a large power canon over his shoulder. He winks at Mira and then as everyone else notices the Talon, Thane fires another blast at another transport vehicle. Thane tosses the canon aside, and jumps onto the hanger bay floor and grabs hold of Mira. He says he loves her too, and then asks if they can get out of this place. Mira smiles and they both run for the Talon cargo door jumping in just as it closes.

Adam yells for his men to destroy the Talon and quickly makes his way toward the largest ship in the hanger. It is roughly a mouse (Crimson Talon) in comparison to an elephant (Renegade Shuttle) and houses more weapons and power than possible. Thane runs into the cockpit with Mira and Chip hands him the controls while he punches in a few keys.

Mira thanks Thane again and asks how she can help. He tells them both to hold tight as blaster fire hits the Talon, and Thane steers the Talon out of view. But its no use as single man vehicles fly out of the hanger bay after the ship.

Renegade Shuttle leaving the Planet Source:

Renegade Shuttle leaving the Planet

Adam sits in the viewing deck of his large battle ship. As it launches into the sky, Adam tells his men to upload the navigation code into the computer. He is told it may take a while for the new coordinates to be recognised by the computer, but once they’re in, they will be ready to plot a course anywhere in the galaxy. Adam smiles and says to open fire on the Talon.

Thane and Chip navigate past the incoming fire, at the same time avoiding the single manned fighters from behind. As the battleship breaks free of the planet’s atmosphere, Thane pilots the Talon into overdrive climbing up past the battleship eventually getting in front of it. Mira warns them that scans of the battleship show its powering up its main turbo canons.

Adam standing in the viewing deck with a smile on his face. In seconds the Crimson Talon will be no more. Thane wipes a bit of sweat from his forehead and tells Chip to cut the fat. His co-pilot smiles and then hits a button he’d wanted to press before. Mira fells a rumble under her feet and quickly straps herself in the seat. Thane hits a few more buttons on the controls and hits the throttle to full power.

As he does this, the outer shell of the Crimson Talon begins to break open. The entire rear and sides of the Talon dislodge from the main body of the ship. Being that these are the main holding areas of the ship means the Talon can be piloted without. As the shell breaks off, Thane, Chip and Mira watch on the monitor as it breaks off and heads toward the viewing deck of the battleship.

Renegade Shuttle Destruction Source:

Renegade Shuttle Destruction

Adam tells his men to fire, but its too late. The dislodged shell of the Talon smashes into the viewing deck exploding upon impact. The resulting impact causes the powering up canon blast to backfire upon itself ripping open the battleship. Thane, Chip and Mira watch from the cockpit of the Talon as the entire battleship explodes into thousands of pieces.

Station City Source:

Station City

Mira tosses a necklace in the waste basket while watching the explosions, and Thane sees it had her wedding band on it. He asks if its all over now, and Mira walks off with him holding his hand while Chip plants in the pilots seat and takes off to the local space station.


Thanks for taking the time to read and look at all that amazing concept art from people that are not me. Click on the link to find where the images came from.

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