Ten to ten (10)

Warning, the following post is not for those who haven’t at least had three cups of coffee yet. It requires you to be buzzing.

It’s one of those days where I’m struggling to come up with ideas. I’m sitting at work as I write this. Using my phone to belt out thoughts in the notes section. I have a coffee by my side and the crisp morning air is hitting my body. I’m not cold, but definitely feeling a chill on my face, the only part of me not covered by protective gear.

The sun hasn’t even risen yet on Saturday and I can already tell it’s going to be one of those days.

With my job, it requires me to be on point. Whether it’s because I deal with chemicals on a daily basis, or because I drive a forklift on the road amongst cars and trucks. And even though a forklift is big, loud and yellow, not a single person seems to notice you. Whatever the reason is, being on point is important. Both personally and professionally.

I believe what makes me me, is my punctuality though. I arrive on time, all the time. Or I arrive before time all the time. I’m never late, I don’t like it. I despise that quality in others and wouldn’t want to put on someone else. I very much work on a schedule and stick by it.

Think of the Clock King from Batman the Animated Series. His introduction episode has him living his life on point and by the second, and every time I watch that episode, I think at how alike we are…not the seeking revenge part, the time part.

People say that computers will one day be able to predict the future based on algorithms because things happen like clock work. Trains will run on time (usually) and planes fly out on their listed times. People set alarms in the morning and clock off at a certain time too. Everyone and everything has a schedule in life because it brings structure to our lives.

Without that, what are we?

Computers update at a certain time all the time, and if they can’t, they usually ask for a time to reschedule. Banks deposit and withdraw at the same times, and people always have dinner while the news is on, at the same time.

We always get stuck in traffic at the same times of the morning, because everyone leaves the house at the same times. Sports on a weekend always begin at the same times and everything goes wrong…all the time.

Yet, when we want to have some alone time, we never have enough time. Or at least, we don’t want to waste time having that nap, or reading that book. Life is always about time and we never have enough of it.

Time, not life.

Well I guess they go hand in hand don’t they. Like a clock, two hands. Internally I’m laughing, and you all just think I’m crazy.

The point is, we never have enough time to have time for the little things. We need that eight hours of sleep, but in actual fact, sometimes you only need six. I know my entire life I’ve been worried about time. Start work 6am, so I show up at 5am. Need at least eight hours sleep, but I only get five because I’ve got things to do, and don’t want to waste time.

Even this I write while I’m wasting time to start work. No one is here because they’re mostly likely stuck in traffic. But its Saturday, and no traffic at this time of the morning. More like they wanted some time to snooze. Either way, I’m on time.

I guess as I finish my coffee, it’s cold now, I’ll take the time for putting up with my ever changing thoughts. At the time of beginning this post, I had absolutely no idea what I was writing, but I knew if I just wrote down thoughts, in time, something would come to mind. Always does.

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