Top Five Previous Generation Games (Series)

Top Five Previous Generation Games (Series)

With the recent release of the “next” generation of consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, I’ve slowly been saying good to the “previous” generation. There are still some games that have kept me playing my PS3, and there are many reasons why I’ll never be able to sell off my console and games. There are just so many games in the 7th generation that I fell in love with.

So with this list, I decided to base it purely on my favourite games series of the 7th generation, with three games released or more. Remember, like always these are my thoughts and opinions. Feel free to leave a comment down below letting me know what you think.

Oh, like always there may be SPOILERS AHEAD. You have been warned.

5. Dead Space Series (2008 – 2013)


Have you ever played a survival horror shooter where you actually got scared? Because before this game series, I can’t remember one. Especially not during this generation. You play as Isaac Clarke, a ship engineer tasked with a repair mission when shit hits the fan. “Zombie” like infested creatures called Necromorph stand against Isaac and his survival.

This series has truly left me feeling alone. You’re most often in a large space ship with system levels at minimum, which means little light and lack of sound. No matter where you go, you’re always waiting for that next jump scare. And when it comes, you shit your pants again, and again.

I remember during the second game in the series, I was heading down a corridor to activate a control panel. I had my cutting tool in hand with the main light coming from the face plate on Isaac himself. The room was quiet and no music, yet I hit the controls and heard a noise. Systems had kicked in and my objective was complete. Time to go…I wish. A vent exploded from behind, I spun around and aimed my weapon when I saw a Necromorph heading my way.

Taking aim, I fire off a few shots from the plasma cutter and manage to dismember the creature. First its legs, and then its arms…and thats the only way to take down these creatures. Which is what makes it all so challenging. Because with only a flashlight, and a (hopefully) steady aim, you need to take these suckers down.

The gameplay through the 3 main games in the series only improved. The survival horror element on the other hand was lessened in favour of action. Not a bad thing as there were still plenty of scares, but by the third game, you had enough fire power to not worry about aim. Well worth the play even if you’re not a fan of horror games.

4. Assassin’s Creed Series (2007 – Current)


I know, I know. People will bash me for putting this series on the list when I was disappointed with part IV, but you must understand that after 6 games in the series (on consoles), I feel the formula was getting a little tired. Glitches and control issues may have plagued the third and fourth (numbered) in the series, but that doesn’t stop the fact they were a true master piece of this generation.

First released in 2007, Assassin’s Creed was a sci-fi action/adventure open world stealth game. Mouth full. It introduced players to the idea of DNA holding the genetic memories of our ancestors and a device called the Animus which allowed a person to live those memories. Oh man, the story alone would suck you in.

If you haven’t played the series yet, the story is simple, two rival factions: Assassins and the Knights Templar, battle through history trying to uncover the secrets to an ancient human race, “The ones who came before” and why Earth’s land was wiped out by a solar storm, which history says will repeat in 2012.

The gameplay (at first) was a change of pace with the characters using Parkour as a means of transport which simply looked beautiful and so fluid. It really doesn’t surprise me as the same team was also behind the amazing Prince of Persia series.

Dealing with genetic memories the development team has managed to work their way through history. And the best part, if you know your history (thanks wikipedia), then the events depicted in the series actually line up…VERY SMART GUYS.

3. Gears Of War Series (2006 – Current)


This is a game series exclusive to Xbox 360. I’m sure a lot of people would dismiss it for being a shooter, but not me. This is where the fun is at. An Earth like planet is attacked by a bunch of creatures and pretty much, its time to fuck shit up.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. The story doesn’t really interest me at all, for me, what really sells this series is the fun action gameplay. The shooting feels meaty. Hit a target and those suckers end up looking like lumps of discarded meat. Not only that, but you use a weapon called the Lancer. An assault rifle with chainsaw attached. BRING IT!!

Best part of all, the game is crazy. Whether you play through the story mode solo, or kick it into high gear, no pun intended, in co-op mode you’ll be having hours of fun. I managed to shoot through the first and second game in the series in local co-op mode. Minimal loss of graphic quality, which is barely noticeable, and even if you do see a difference, suck it UP! The game rocks. Play as a team and take down the creatures.

One area where I spent as much time in as the story mode was easily multiplayer mode. Online, Horde mode.a group of 4 players facing off against increasing enemy waves. Work together and stay alive longer. Hours were lost on weekends just trying to beat the previous weekends results.

You won’t be upset with your choice. Of course, the first game was a winner in all regards, so the second and third didn’t try to shake things up much. For good reasons too. Why reinvent the wheel?

2. Uncharted Series (2007 – Current)

January 29th, 2011 @ 19:11:28

Remember the very first Indiana Jones movie you ever saw? Mine was Raiders of the Lost Ark. It had action. It had amazing amounts of adventure, but most of all it oozed class. Indiana Jones, as played by Harrison Ford, is still one of the greatest action heroes to grace the big screen, and Nathan Drake follows closely behind.

Picture Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Throw in a little Tomb Raider gameplay, graphics to blow your mind and after a few years you get, Uncharted. With only three games in the series, and one faithfully released on the VITA handheld, this game has gone from strength to strength.

You play as Nathan Drake, an adventurer who spends his time tracking down ancient artifacts across the globe. Equal parts action/adventure, you navigate the gorgeous environments with fluid easy to pick up controls. With each game released, its hard to find fault as all in the series are usually pushing the Playstation system to its limits.

Only recently have games surpassed the graphical quality of the Uncharted Series, which normally I wouldn’t care about the graphics of a game, but here, they add so much detail the game wouldn’t be the same without.

But its not just that. The stories too add just as much. Often times Drake will be moving through an area when he’ll turn to Sully, his mentor, and begin having a conversation. Whether its about the artifact they’re trying to find, or about a previous fire fight they were involved in, all of the acting is completely believable. Its no secret why The Last Of Us was my second favourite game of 2013, it was made by the game development team behind Uncharted.

Cut scenes in this game use in game graphics to expand the narrative even more. Excellently acted, yes acted by the voice cast themselves, you believe each and every moment these characters are on screen. You will often find yourself laughing at some of the crap that Drake says while trying to one up an ex girlfriend, or show off in front of a new love interest.

The gameplay is easily some of the greatest fun you’ll ever have, on any generation of gaming. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you go out, BUY a PS3, and get these games. I was stubborn myself when shown the first Uncharted game, but quickly fell in love with everything this series had to offer.

If it wasn’t for my number one choice being so emotionally touching, this would have placed first.

1. Mass Effect Series (2007 – 2012)


Yeah I know, you’ve already read the number one, but I’m going to take you all the way back to 2003. A video game by the name of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was released. Easily one of my top 10 video games of all time. Besides that point, Bioware the developers of that superb game decided that working within a licence wasn’t for them, so they decided to make their own world of characters and history.

What we received in 2007 was Mass Effect, the first in a trilogy games. A science fiction space epic. Yeah I used that word, EPIC. You see, with Star Wars, Bioware was bound by the lore created by George Lucas and had certain walls to work within, with Mass Effect, the sky truly was the limit.

The story is actually really simple. You play as Commander Shepard, military leader of a group of “soldiers” both aliens and humans working together to defeat a threat with the potential to wipe out life throughout the galaxy. The best part of it all, is the story runs across all three games with each game having their own major plot. Building up not only your character Shepard, but your squad mates also.

Did I forget to mention that? Sorry. Mass Effect is not only a space action/adventure shooter, but also an RPG. As the serious went on, the RPG elements were less involved, but still there. Not only could you upgrade your character stats, weapons and armour, but that of your team mates. By the second and third game, you were upgrading the weapons of your ship and even your cabin quarters. Little things but they certainly did add detail…and you know I’m one for the little things.

The story itself blew me away. The first time I sat down to play Mass Effect, my eyes couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I created the face of my Shepard, because everyone was able to not only shape the look and gender of their Shepard, but also the story of the trilogy. And thats why Mass Effect is so special to so many.

At certain points in the first game, you decided the outcome of events. Would a character live or die? Would an entire race be destroyed by your hand, and which crew member/team mate would you let die to save another?

Unlike most games, Mass Effect was designed from the very beginning to be a trilogy. With that in mind, a character dying in the first game changed the events and sub plots for future titles. OH AND LOVE INTERESTS. Oh man, if you had a love interest in the first game, you could continue that relationship throughout the trilogy or break the chosen love interests heart and bed someone else.

Each and every character in the entire universe is voiced, and each crew member will have you wanting to know more. Even after completing a mission and interacting with all your crew, you’ll still want to go back and try squeeze more information out of them. Even though you can’t.

Gameplay is not your traditional RPG. Its designed more to fall in line with a third-person shooter with RPG elements. Kill an enemy, get XP. Level up, increase and unlocks skills. Buy weapons and upgrades. New armour. Change the colour. Wear different pieces of armour and have your own unique look.

I mentioned above that RPG elements took a backseat by the third title, but it didn’t change anything at all really. By the third title, which is pretty much an all out war, all your actions and decisions come to a head. Did you keep this character alive or allow this event to take place?

By the end of the trilogy though, SPOILERS AHEAD, things become a sore point for many fans. What was once a brilliant, epic story with your actions evolving the story ahead, the end of the trilogy turned into a option. A, B or C. Sadly, this has ruined the series for many people, with Bioware even apologising for the ending and later releasing free DLC to expand upon the rushed end.

The problem was, there was little closure and little of your previous choices made little difference by the end…but, thats only 2 hours out of a 90+ hour trilogy of games. Still, if by the end of this series, you haven’t shed at least a few tears, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

With music and acting to make you think you’re watching a movie, its not surprising why so many fans of the series have played the entire trilogy a few times over to experience different events. Do yourself a favour, just go out and buy this series. Or go invest a few days reading the novels or comics…this series has as stronger a fanbase than Star Wars itself…almost.

I hope you enjoyed. If you and you’d like to read more, head here for my Top Five Disappointing Games of 2013, and here for my Top Five Favourite Games of 2013. Or better yet, check out my main page and have a browse yourself.


  1. Great list. I’ve only played Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect, but I’ve seen enough of the others to know they’ve got to be good. Loving reading your blogs!

    1. Thanks Cass. Yeah I will fully admit, my top 5 are nothing compared to your top 10. But I’ll hopefully get there at some point haha.

      And in regards to the games, I think you’d like, no, LOVE Uncharted series.

      1. I’ve really been enjoying your lists, don’t sell yourself short – you do a great job 🙂

        I can’t wait to play the Uncharted game on PS Vita. It looks amazing.

      2. Selling myself short is what I do lol.

        Uncharted on Vita…wow, that game never fails to impress me. Even if you don’t like touch controls in games, you won’t be put off by the way this game handles it. I was playing before and engaged in a shoot out. Just when I was thinking I’d won the battle, a guy came up from behind and attacked me, and I was shocked when the touched screen allowed me to block and counter his attack…which I guess is how I would’ve been if I was Nathan a drake in the middle of battle.

        So I guess the point I’m trying to make is, it put me in the action even more.

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