Phase 2 (14)

Welcome to part two of the untitled multi part thing I’ve got going on here. Yesterday I discussed one possible way I would introduce the X-Men/Fantastic Four characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today I present the second suggestion/idea/theory. This one is a little longer.

Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, is the key to this one. During an event in the comics in the mid 2000s titled, House of M, Scarlet Witch uses her reality warping abilities to create an alternate dimension where everyone pretty much gets their most desired love. The comic run was pretty good to be honest, but like all Marvel comic events, it ends with things being pretty much reset…for the most part. No more mutants and all that.

Anyway, Scarlet Witch is the main part of it all and my idea just makes sense.

Based on the ending of Avengers Infinity War, Wanda is tasked with destroying the mind stone housed within the head of her lover, Vision. Since her abilities were created by one of the infinity stones, she’s proven to be able to manipulate and stand against them on a power level. We haven’t seen the full extent of her powers, but after the events of the film, Wanda might start to go a little crazy.

When Thanos showed up on Earth and reversed time to bring Vision back to life after Wanda killed him, maybe she just snapped. Not only had she just killed the only person she had ever loved, but then time was manipulated bringing Vision back to life only for him to be killed a second time in front of her. I think Wanda has a good reason to lose control at this point.

Soon after obtaining the final stone, Thanos snaps his fingers and the decimation occurs. The decimation is the official term coined for the wiping out of half the population. However, part of those to bite the dust, is Wanda. So how does she warp reality? Well, I’m thinking again based on the Avengers time travelling (read yesterdays Phase 1 post). Once they reverse the snap, maybe Wanda doesn’t get back Vision.

Look, time travel is a hell of a lot to explain. It creates alternate realities all the time, but let’s just forget that and say everyone comes back that was destroyed by the snap. However Vision didn’t turn to dust. He was killed before that, and faded to grey. Vision’s death can’t be reversed like everyone else, but his death didn’t occur from the snap. So maybe this drives Scarlet Witch to the point of seeking her own fix. Maybe she finally unleashes her true potential and maybe, just maybe, Wanda is able to access more than just fancy red ‘jazz hands’ powers.

I was thinking, if she was created by a single infinity stone, is it possible she can harness each of the individual powers? Sure, why not. So maybe she attempts to reverse time, or use the mind stone to bring him back. Or the power stone to give him life. Whatever, Wanda does, it doesn’t work until she has a mental break and warps reality. And I’m talking crazy, out of her mind nuts here. She wants Vision back, and she can’t bear to have lost both her brother and now lover, Vision.

So Scarlet Witch warps reality and brings her brother and Vision back. Also in the process of doing that, things in reality change. People are gifted with extra things in their body creating the possibility to pass on a gene that can mutate within their offspring.

Remember, Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Comics is the daughter of Magneto, Erik Lenhsherr, and she’s also a mutant. While the MCU couldn’t use the term mutant upon her initial introduction in Avengers Age of Ultron, maybe once she warps reality, it’s actually Wanda that creates the mutant gene within the population of Earth.

Her control and manipulation over the infinity stones is so powerful, that using them to bring back Vision, not only warps reality, but humankind itself creating mutants and also doing so over time. This means the warping of reality occurs across all times. So mutant genes are discovered in the late 1800s and onwards. This allows the creators to introduce Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett and also Erik and Charles and modernised heroes like Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Iceman and Angel. Yeah, I want the core five members to be introduced first.

So there you have it. Part two done and dusted (no pun intended). Check back tomorrow for the final part which talks about the Fantastic Four.

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