Zombie (8)

Would we even survive a zombie outbreak in Australia?

I wrote a short story once about a zombie outbreak in Australia, and how we would deal without having guns at the ready. Police have guns, as do people with a licence to own one. But I know of only two people who legally own weapons, and that sure isn’t enough to survive an outbreak.

Just picture a horde of zombies coming towards you, but the only weapon you have a few cricket bats, some iron bars and maybe an axe. That’s about all you’d have at the ready. That means you’d be up close and personal with a zombie horde, and although you’d probably manage to take a few, they would quickly overrun and eat you.

So what do you do? First of all, a zombie outbreak in Australia would be pretty bad because we live on a large island, so any chance of escaping the main land would be via plane or boat, and you’d be heading to Tasmania, New Zealand or north to Papua New Guinea and trying to survive those waters would only kill you. So plane it is, but in the event of a biological attack, which the media would say the outbreak is, the airport’s would be in lockdown.

So now you have no escape and you’re stuck here. Okay, so now what?

Let’s talk about the outbreak. It happens and at first you’d see and hear it on Facebook or Twitter and maybe even YouTube. So at first it’s only a small issue. Police are called, they try to defuse the situation and someone is attacked and now you’ve got police using physical force. But from this one incident, you’ve got one police officer attacked, and he’s going to show signs and slowly turn.

Side note, I prefer slow-moving and large groups of zombies. Makes it more tense. Fast paced and quick turning ones are bothersome, but once they see you it’s over. Slow ones play on your mind. So that’s what we have here, slow-moving and large groups with a slow infection rate.

Don’t know how it works, but I would presume the office who was bitten will now be seeing a doctor to receive medication and have a blood sample taken. No problems there, he’d probably get sent home in the process. At which point, the zombie is taken to hospital under police watch because he’s crazy and a danger to others.

As I said, the infection is slow, I’m taking hours, but signs will show. So the zombie is strapped to a hospital bed, but nurses and doctors will visit the room to attempt to make contact with him. Another person is bitten and now there’s two infected. Obviously they try to knock the zombie out with drugs, but would that even work? Heart isn’t pumping blood, so the drugs wouldn’t have an effect.

The zombie continues to be a menace and the first victim (police office) is back at home with his girlfriend. It’s been hours and he’s now feeling the infection. It’s not long before he’s attacked his girlfriend and eventually by the following morning, they are both spreading out into the neighbourhood attacking as they see fit.

Back in the hospital, the zombie has managed to attack a janitor who had no idea not to enter the room. And because he wasn’t meant to, he simply kept the attack secret to not compromise his job. The nurse that was attacked hours before was discharged and sent home. On the train, she gave into the infection and attacked an early morning train of people starting their day. Now there are multiple people in one train car infected. Police are called to the scene and the nurse is eating into a person on the terminal. Police shoot, forcing her onto the tracks where she is destroyed by a train.

The infection has spread big time now, with at least 100 infected. The neighbourhood infection is spreading slowly, and sadly, the police officer lived near a school with the morning drop offs happened around the same time, the spread increases.

In the hospital, the janitor has become a zombie now and bitten multiple people. But because he wasn’t interrupted during each attack, he managed to kill the victims which in turns makes the infection spread at an alarming rate. What would usually take hours, is only taking minutes. The hospital is now in lock down and biohazard units are called. No one is allowed in or out which leaves the zombies inside free to feast.

The school is quickly overrun as teachers, parents and students are attacked. Those that escape call for help. The police arrive quickly, but can’t open fire as they aren’t sure what is going on and also the children around could cause major casualties.

The outbreak at the hospital makes it to the media and they show up, where hazmat units go into the hospital. Screams are heard, and slowly, zombies begin shuffling out of the hospital doors. The lock down of the streets has caused people to gather and watch, which means mass crowds and easy pickings. Yes, people can run, but they have no idea what it is, and don’t see a danger just yet.

The train station zombies have begun to attack more train passengers that show up. Those that haven’t turned yet are showing up to work with only hours to go until they kill. By lunch, the outbreak is in the suburbs, the hospital and now the train station and office building. And it’s spreading fast. Over 2000 plus infected and at least double that are already zombies.

A lack of guns means only police are able to take them down, but still they aren’t sure what it is. Body shots aren’t working, and since tasers are the first thing, they just think the zombies are victims of a new street drug. So again, hand to hand restrains are attempted, but growing hordes of zombies mean one officer to five zombies. The cop goes down.

The first zombie is still strapped to the hospital bed.

The train station is in lock down, but one person who was outside waiting for a taxi, was infected. A simple bite during the confusion, and a bit of yelling later, and he’s off to the airport with his ticket. Idiot.

By the evening news, the outbreak is well-known now. But with almost 24 hours since the initial police officer was attacked, the news report is to little to late for those within a 20 kilometres radius of the city. The suburbs have been a feeding ground for zombies, and the city is all but shut down with the train, office and hospital zombies having spread all over.

People further out have begun to make jokes about it, but grow more concerned when loved ones haven’t replied to calls or texts. Even social media has been in melt down with videos showing the attacks. People are fearful now and as the night falls, it turns to chaos.

However there are some people who have decided enough is enough. Again, guns require a licence, but Michael and his wife, Cassie, understand shit is hitting the fan and decide to move. Michael is a dog trainer and loads his dog in the car while Cassie packs a few things. You see, Michael and Cassie have a piece of land left to them by a parent many years ago. It’s a days drive to the land, and far enough away they’d be safe from an infection outbreak. They also happen to live close to the freeway. So Michael, Cassie and their dog, Baby, jump in the car with supplies and head for their piece of land. The roads aren’t as busy as they thought with traffic actually heading toward the city. Maybe people are worried about loved ones.

Michael and Cassie stop along the way to fill up their car and Baby runs around to spread her legs. Then back in the car to the their land. The radio continues to put out a warning telling people to stay out of the city, and as they get further away, the radio loses signal and Michael pulls the car off onto a dirt road and drives for another few hours. The sun is rising now and social media updates keep them knowledgeable until they finally arrive at their bit of land. Not a person in sight and only some earth moving vehicles on the land offset by a house Michael’s family lived in. Baby runs around the place and Cassie helps bring everything inside the house.

Social media also informs the two the infection is spread by bites from the zombies. They appear unable to be taken down, and people are warned to stay indoors and defend their families. Luckily Michael has a few things to help. Using the earth moving vehicles, Michael and Cassie spend a few long days digging out a deep moat all the way around the house giving them plenty of space, but also protecting themselves from outside intruders. The only area left untouched, is the long driveway, which Michael litters with a few old shipping containers. Approaching from the road gives no access, but can be opened from the house direction.

The outbreak has overrun the city and suburbs and is spreading at an alarming rate. Trains have spread the zombies far and wide and after a week, the infection has moved past 100 kilometres from the city centre. If people haven’t turned yet, they soon will be.

Meanwhile Michael and Cassie are enjoying their quiet life. They have food, shelter and protection from the outside. Most important, the house was well stocked with a shed full of old firearms Michael’s father kept from his hunting days.

Months pass with the zombie infection having spread state-wide and only increasing. Michael, Cassie and Baby have made a good place for themselves. Before the outbreak spread, Michael and Baby took early mornings trips to near by towns collecting what they could. Now, the hording has paid off. Not only has the food lasted thanks to their lifestyle, but Michael has set up farm areas to grow whats needed.

Seasons have come and gone now, and in the hospital, still strapped to the same bed is the first zombie. It has been two years, and now he’s a lifeless husk. No movement, no sounds. The zombie has decayed to the point of death. And so it begins, one by one, the zombies begin to decay and break down.

Two years since the outbreak, and although Michael, Cassie and Baby have had to deal with people attempting to come onto their land, they’ve held their own. The moat makes for sturdy fortification. While the zombies begin to die out, Michael and Cassie don’t really notice. As a matter of fact, it takes a full three years since the outbreak, once food is at an all time low, for Michael and Cassie to risk it all and venture beyond their land.

They see clean up crews in town and first they think the zombies are roaming about, but a warm welcome from the medical teams proves them wrong.

The outbreak lasted just over two full years, and with the dwindling numbers of zombies, the army was able to handle it. Michael and Cassie eventually decide to keep living their life in seclusion, but bring home another dog for Baby. Quarantine zones are set up in most major cities, with the zombie remains destroyed inside.

Gun laws are reinstated in Australia within a few years of the government starting up again. Towns have now sprung up around major colonies in the outback, where people once sought shelter and protection. New lands and laws are put in place, with a viral injection becoming mandatory. Fire arms become a more common thing around the lands, as people arm themselves in case of another outbreak.

The repopulation of Australia takes over 30 years, with people encouraged to have children to help grow the economy. The airports take a while to open, and the outbreak causes a major global scare with symptoms leading to people being quarantined for 48 hours. Although the infection did spread outside of Australia, the outbreak was contained.

It takes Australia over 50 years to rebuild and kids don’t even realise what took place during those times. Aged 82, Michael dies in his sleep, while Cassie and her three children and 8 grandchildren live on. Multiple dogs still run around on their land.

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