Top Five Disappointing Games 2014

Last year I posted my Top Five Disappointing Games 2013. As the title suggests, I listed my top five games which really disappointed me for that year. Some of those games weren’t critically panned or considered bad by any stretch of the imagination, however they were disappointing for reasons I listed. The same applies for 2014 and now that its wrapping up, I decided to revisit the concept for this year. I’ve played a few more games so now the list has been expanded with an honourable mention, so a Top Five plus One.

Remember, there will be possible SPOILERS for each game below.

Also need to point out the games listed below are disappointing games. They may not be technically bad video games, but if I was let down by them, they made the list. SIMPLE AS THAT.


5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Why can’t we ever get a good Spider-Man game?

The last great Spider-Man game was way back in 2004 called Spider-Man 2 The Game. It was based on the movie of the same name and had Spider-Man in an open world New York City freely able to web swing anywhere and everywhere. With the limited capabilities of the consoles back then, it packed a fair amount of story that was actually enjoyable from beginning to end. Even had fun side missions and random crimes. 10 whole years later, developers Beenox obviously tried their best, but the game failed miserably.

I could go on about how bad this game is, but needless to say, apart from web swinging, you never feel like Spider-Man. I previously reviewed the game, and highly recommend you read the review here, but to sum it up, the characters, voice work and graphics are all subpar. It was overly boring and uninteresting. Action was a joke and the fight mechanics are terrible.

Much like the film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a waste of time and a major disappointment. Avoid at all costs.

4. Infamous Second Son


One of the main reasons for purchasing my PS4. As soon as I saw the reveal trailer, I had this pegged as the game I’d play for weeks on end. Much like when Infamous 2 was released back in 2011, I went out of my way to repurchase my PS3 and played that game for months. I would explore every part of the city and would spend hours on end just leaping across building looking at all the details packed onto the blu ray disc.

Cole MacGrath was an interesting and fun protagonist and never once was I bored with anything in the game. Especially when interacting with new Conduits in the game and making big choices that would effect the ending. Infamous 2 still is one of the best PS3 games on the console, and visually it manages to still hold up.

Why am I talking about Infamous 2 so much instead of Second Son? Well, thats because I managed to complete Infamous Second Son within a week of owning the game. Characters were beautiful to look at and voice work was top notch, plus the graphics on display are some of the best…but that doesn’t excuse the boring game on offer. Powers may have looked dazzling on screen but they were uninteresting. While Cole had electricity powers, during the second game he was able to take on ice or fire powers also. It added so much to the game and changed how you moved and tackled enemies, plus it effected the story itself.

Second Son tried the same thing by giving Delsin four different power sets….but limited you as a player by only letting you use one power set at a time. Each set had a strength and weakness which is fantastic, but everything was overly limited. The size of the city, limited. The story itself, limited. Everything felt rushed to make sure the PS4 had a first party game for the release window.

When I completed the story…I was left wanting more and the anticlimactic ending was just silly. I’ve heard many people go on about how good this game was, and I agree that technically nothing was wrong with Second Son, but it was a disappointing game and a big let down.

There were a lack of activities to do in the city and the Cole’s Legacy DLC included with my pre-order game was the biggest joke ever. Collect audio clips featuring Zeke and that was it. Just a terrible experience playing this game and after two weeks, I never returned.

3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Even with the pulling power of Kevin Spacey and the voice and acting talents of Troy Baker, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is same old same old. Call of Duty 2014 edition was meant to be a major departure from the previous year and with added exoskeleton suit all was meant to be improved.

I read only positive comments about the game so I decided to give it a go. Needless to say, Within a 6 hour period of single player game play and a few hours on multiplayer, I completely regretted my purchase. Nothing was different. Forget the pretty looking graphics, the voice work and shiny new weapons on offer, NOTHING CHANGED.

You were still forced to FOLLOW person A from section 1 to section 3 while a large action set piece would occur during section 2 as the game tried to make you feel like a soldier. Of course during the boring FOLLOW missions, the exoskeleton suit did make traversing the environment interesting for a short amount of time. You quickly realised the game was built with plenty of excuses for you not to unleash the exoskeleton’s full potential with bullshit reasoning and after coming off multiplayer, single player felt extremely gimped.

While I could double jump and dash in exoskeleton vs other people online, come to single player and each mission limited the abilities of your exoskeleton for each mission. The story was boring and nothing we haven’t seen done many times before and the introduction of the exoskeleton suit, while fun to think about, quickly felt like a gimmick. I mean if I can rip a car door off and use it as a shield in level 3, why can’t I do it during level 4 and 6 when its needed?

Sorry Sledgehammer, but don’t limit a player once we’ve tasted what the suit can really do.

2. Destiny


Well this is just a big ‘up yours’ to all gamers isn’t it? Take Bungie, the developers of the Halo series, give them a near limitless budget to create a new sci-fi FPS MMO and what we get is Destiny. Originally I experienced Destiny during the PS4 exclusive beta and played for hours on end. I enjoyed the beta and my time fighting large tank like spiders with friends…I came away from the beta feeling a little let down. The game was boring and repetitive and no matter which character I created, nothing was different. Character customisation was lacking, maybe because I’m use to something like Mass Effect, whatever the case though, it was in beta and couldn’t ding it too hard. My thoughts were, maybe it will all be fixed come the final release.

Whatever the case, I was still excited for the full game release months later. Only problem was, once the main game dropped, I realised the beta was the main game. Apart from a few framerate and balancing issues, what I played in the beta for hours on end, was actually the full priced game. All that hard work was reset and I had to begin all over again. I felt like I was grinding at level 3 and nothing was changing. It was still repetitive and boring and felt 100x worse now because I KNEW this was the full game.

To make matters worse, where was the story? All the prerelease talk about this guardian being YOUR guardian, and uncovering the mystery meant nothing in the end. Just grab a weapon, get some friends and blow some aliens up.

A massive let down considering future DLC, PAID DLC, will expand the story. So in other words, if you want story with a full priced game, grab the season pass and continue the fight.

No, just take your paid DLC and shove it. I paid for story, you give me story. Not a hooded woman watching from the distance leaving it open for paid DLC.

Honourable Mention: Sunset Overdrive


From the makers of Ratchet & Clank series comes a balls to the wall fun action adventure shooter. Go anywhere, and do it in style. Fire massive crazy guns at creatures and have fun doing it. Just make sure you can wrap your head around all the different controls because you will need to be able to grapple cables, move, aim, zoom, fire, switch grapple, jump, dash, aim again, zoom again, fire again, duck beneath grapple, turn back, aim again, zoom again, fire again, and hopefully, just hopefully continue to have fun.

Everything about this game screamed “YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME” but sadly the controls were a little too intricate for me stopping it from being fun and left me wanting a simplified control scheme. I can see where Insomniac Games was going with the idea, another 99% of people out there will get a blast out of it, however I just had issues with all the action happening all at once while trying to navigate.

Nothing is wrong with this game apart from MY lack of ability to handle the controls. I guess you could say its not so much disappointing as it is a disappointment on my behalf. I’ve let myself down here and take full responsibility. Still, Sunset Overdrive deserves to be acknowledged in some form.

1. Assassin’s Creed Unity


How could you stuff this up?

Ubisoft, you had one thing to do. Release a game with everything promised to us and make sure it was completed. Not hard really, especially when you bare in mind its a full priced game. FULL PRICE. Once again, this is a full price game, released by a major developer and the 7th in the series. Ubisoft should have this formula down pat by now, but NO. They have decided that in Assassin’s Creed Unity it is now acceptable to release an unfinished product.

And I’m not joking here. What we have is a game with broken controls and gameplay. At times I’ve experienced missing sound and vanished through the earth. The problem with AC Unity are slowly being ironed out by Ubisoft, and for that I give them credit, but that doesn’t change the fact it was released broken. Now please bear in mind, the reason I’m always so hard on this series is not because I dislike it, but because I’ve been around since the first Assassin’s Creed game, and have been a fan ever since. And what I see is by Ubisoft choosing to release these game annually, the quality is diminished. Meaning, they bring this on themselves.

I’ve since finished the story mode, and while playing the game, I decided to make a list of each and every issue I ran into.

  • Collision detection is still terrible
  • Combat feels slow and delayed often resulting in being killed and mission failure
  • Free-run is twitchy. Works great sometimes but often puts you into areas you didn’t want to go
  • Slow down is noticeable
  • Game as a whole feels incredibly slow. Almost like wading through water
  • Combat has taken a step back since part IV
  • Controls are off
  • Forced integration of companion app and needing to visit the website to open the chests around the city
  • Load times are too long and too often when fast travelling and entering missions
  • Navigation sometimes has Arno coming to a complete stop when climbing as if hitting an unclimbable wall
  • Seems to intentionally make things difficult and continues to remind you to purchase new gear to make it easier. However doing so is a challenge because money is hard to come by…so MICRO-TRANSACTIONS!
  • The game map is far too busy for no reason at all
  • Co-op mode while fun, is a pain because a few times the game has glitched and not allowed myself or others to fight…which is painful when all missions require you to fight…so mission fail
  • Mission objectives are unhelpful with a heavy reliance on eagle vision and luck
  • Indoor navigation is interesting but its like putting a large bird inside a house and watching it trying to fly freely
  • Character customisation is a good feature, but flawed and once again relies on micro-transactions to really be fun…or just wait until you have money to buy the best of the best which will take until games end
  • The game has often frozen at the end of a mission forcing it to shut down and kick me back to the home screen
  • Stealth does not work. When hugging corners you always feel exposed and often come unstuck revealing your position
  • Since part III, the entire series seems to be treading water

So there you have it. The entire reason AC Unity is the most disappointing game of 2014. I’m not a fan of micro transactions, especially when I’ve paid full price for the game. It’s a shame that Ubisoft feels the need to charge people like this. Whats even worse is that to fully complete the game, you’ll be forced into downloading the app and visiting the website to complete a load of extra things.

A video game should be complete on release, and I believe it has become an issue with gaming this generation. In 2014 alone, so many games have been released broken or unfinished. Day 1 patches have been issued to fix the problems, and unfortunately thats just lazy.


So there you have it. My Top Five Disappointing Games of 2014. As mentioned above, not all games were technically broken, but they disappointed me in some way. Stick around for later this month when my list for Top Five Favourite Games of 2014 will be posted.

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