LEGO Airport Fire Truck REVIEW

In case you don’t know me, which most of you reading this don’t, I’m a pretty big fan of LEGO. Been playing and building LEGO sets since I was a kid, lost my way a bit through the teen years, but fell back in love with LEGO around the early 2000’s.

Now although I have many, and I mean that, LEGO sets I’ve never once written a review on any of them. Twitter doesn’t count. But after suggestions from a few people, I’ve decided there is no better time than the present to begin. So how it goes. My very first LEGO review.

Be gentle with me. It’s my first review of any kind, and my very first LEGO one at that. So please leave your comments below on how I can improve my LEGO reviews, and reviews in general. Its the only way for me to improve.


LEGO Airport Fire Truck
Set number 60061, $35 in Kmart which works out to roughly $0.10 a brick.

Items Included:
326 pieces
2 mini figures
2 instruction booklets
3 bags
1 page of stickers

Let me begin by mentioning the above list. Although that doesn’t mean much to some people, I’m the type of person that actually enjoys knowing things like piece and instruction count going in. It can effect my purchasing choice as the greater amount of bricks means a more detailed set. And with that, let’s begin.

So I didn’t expect to find this on shelf so soon. Reviews have slowly been popping up youtube for some time now, and being in Australia, we usually get things a littler later, so to have a 2014 LEGO City set on shelf already, thats pretty special.

I’ll begin with the mini figures. Like most LEGO sets, they are found in bag 1. You get two fire fighters here. A male and female Both come without hair as they have helmets. Included in Bag 3, but I’ll cover it now, you also get an oxygen tank and mask for one mini figure. It adds to the overall look of the figure (of your choice), but sadly once on, doesn’t allow them to sit in the fire truck cabin.

Divided into 3 bags, the build is really detailed. The first bag is mostly the frame of the fire truck. It as many grey and dark grey pieces which to be honest, are a pain when so close to black pieces. But I’ve been building long enough that I’ve just moved past that frustration. HEY! I may be an adult, but those little things can still bug me.

My main complaint with vehicle builds is they can be flimsy when handling the build. Not this one. Bag 2 fills out the top section of the fire truck. Reenforcing the entire frame, this is where the colour starts to kick in. Once most of the skeleton is complete with Bag 2, the fire truck is about 70% done and tough. A very strong, and solid build.

Bag 3 feels like a waste to me. Yes I know it has all the wheels and side panels of the fire truck, but its pretty much, build one wheel, and once done, times it by 8. Then build the side panel (which open and are very cool) and then times it by 6. So it really does feel like a waste of pieces. Still, the truck is complete and I gotta be honest, its pretty cool.

As I mention above, an oxygen tank and mask are included in this set for one of the mini figures to wear. They look great, but doesn’t allow the person to sit in the cabin. So LEGO has included a very nifty piece. A (very) yellow box which allows you to remove those items and store them within the belly of the fire truck. Then neatly hide them with one of the side panels.

Its these little things that really shine. On the rear of the fire truck are two items the mini figures can use. An axe and circular chainsaw. Both of these items store in place on little clips which won’t come off in play. Trust me. Also, whats a fire truck without a fire hose. THIS ONE COMES WITH TWO.

The truck itself has a very large fire hose on top with a LEGO water piece to give the shooting appearance. It can move 360 degrees and move up and down. Pretty cool if you ask me. The other fire hose is made for the mini figures to use. Attached to the fire truck via a black cord, it can unwind and be held in hand with its own water LEGO piece to give the illusion of fighting fire. Well played LEGO.

Side panels on the fire truck open upward and close giving a look at the inner workings. You can even see the engine which is think just adds that little extra. Sorry but for me, its the little details which make or break a LEGO set.

However the best and worst part of the LEGO set has to be the cabin of the fire truck itself. Although I’ve been mostly positive about this set so far, this part bugs me. The whole cabin opens upward which would fit in line with a space ship. But it’ll leave that detail aside. With or without both mini figures sitting inside, on many occasions when trying to close the cabin, the piece sometimes catches on…well, nothing. It just seems to catch and doesn’t want to line up. So it doesn’t rest well. One final thing if you hold the fire truck upside down, which I call the inverted test, the cabin itself opens a bit. Minor complaint. But the rest of the panels around the body of the fire truck all stay shut…just that blasted cabin.

Now that its been said, the best part of this set. Unlock many of the LEGO vehicles, this set allows you to actually seat both mini figures inside the cabin of the truck. Perfectly. Which arm room. A large panel divides the figures which I just find absolutely brilliant.

Sadly my biggest problem comes now. Stickers. I despise them and this set has many of them. And sadly if you don’t get them looking right, they’ll bug you forever, so make sure you take the time to really line them up…something I don’t often do.


Final Thoughts

Once the LEGO fire truck is finished and on display, I got to admit, it really does stand out. The bright red body of the truck looks fantastic and the large front windows and cabin really let the mini figures shine. Has a lot of playability for kids, which I’ve seen first hand thanks to my niece. Did I mention how solid this build is? No, Yes. Doesn’t matter because I’ll repeat it now. This LEGO set is very solid. Just try breaking it down. Good luck. Bricks all lock in to really make this perfect for the kids to drive around with bashing into other LEGO sets.

I highly recommend this set. Is it worth the $35 I purchased it for at Kmart? Well, since this is one of the sets I’ll be keeping on display, I’d say yes. At 326 pieces and 3 bags, I spent a good hour building it. Plus it just looks really cool. Has that very wide and long wheel base, plus the cabin fits two mini figures!

Oh man, this is a great way to begin the LEGO City 2014 sets. If they are all half as good as this LEGO Airport Fire Truck, we’re in for some good building.

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