Top Five Disappointing Games 2013

Top Five Disappointing Games 2013

Inspired by my friend, I decided to make my own top ten list of video games for 2013, however I quickly found myself bored while trying to decide my top ten video games for this year. I realised there was no way in hell I could fill a top ten. So I settled on top five best, and disappointing games of 2013.

This way here I can really sink my teeth into my best and worst. Now, let me just explain that although there were many games released this year, I’ve only chosen five of each, and they are of my opinion. Feel free to let me know if you feel otherwise.

Lets begin with my Top Five Disappointing Games 2013.

5. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Yes its true. I own this game on PS4 and played it for about two weeks on my PS3. It has epic ship battles out on the open sea, a more light hearted story with a fantastic main character in, Edward Kenway. However with all the good points come a handful of negative points.

Once again the game is largely the same as the previous years edition. The gameplay mechanics are almost completely unchanged which includes the bugs and glitches and absolutely pointless and twitchy movements. The combat seems to have taken a step back from part III, which was released only a year previous, and the modern day segments are pointless.

There are many interesting and fun side quests to be found in the hugely open world, but the above gameplay issues can make the game a pain. Still enjoyable, but has major issues from a game series thats largely unchanged from the first game released over 6 years ago.

4. Call of Duty GHOSTS

What can I say about this game that people don’t already know…because if you’ve played any of the games since Modern Warfare over 6 years ago, then you’ve played and know everything this game as to offer. Only this time, this game series needs to stop being annualised. It has become repetitive, boring and downright shit.

Multiplayer was once the saving grace of this series, yet now its mostly just a group of people, “hardcore gamers”, who know each and every hiding spot within a 48 period of its release. The weapons, leveling system and everything is plan and boring. The whole game seems designed for people who want to live a life of running and gunning.


And much like Assassin’s Creed series, this game series has become extremely stale. Seems to be a common trend in annualised titles.

3. LEGO Marvel Superheroes

I’m sad. Really I am. When it comes to LEGO I know no bounds. I have spent many a paychecks on LEGO sets of all kinds. Apart from a few, I even purchased the LEGO game series religiously. Run around a level inspired by a scene or experience from a movie and collect LEGO stud pieces. WHATS NOT TO LIKE?

Then it comes to Marvel. I’m a Marvel fanboy, no wait, I love Marvel more than most things. So the idea of combining the two properties was gold. GOLD, I tell you. And then I played the game. I tried…so hard.

Don’t get me wrong, this part of the list was the hardest. You see, LEGO Marvel Superheroes is an open world game where the characters from the Marvel universe team together to take down Dr. Doom and his “evil” friends. The whole idea just seems perfect, instead we get a game that is buggy. Yup. Another game held back with bugs and glitches that ruin it for me. While playing two players, which lets be honest is the best part, the game would freeze and force the console to be reset. Painful. Yes there are ways around this. Yes you can often times just reset the level, but why?

This shouldn’t be an issue to begin with. Lazy and terrible game design has once again stopped this game from fulfilling the dreams of many Marvel and LEGO fans.

2. Plants Vs Zombies 2

You read that right. The sequel to one of the most addictive iOS games is also one of the most disappointing games I’ve played this generation. Thats right, not just this year. Its simple. Free to Play. Where as the first game charged a fee to download, this game was free, but then charged you stupid amounts to progress through the game.

The whole design and system layout was changed from the first which wasn’t a smart move. Although the gameplay was still addictive, forcing the user to pay a fee to progress, well thats just not cool. SO FUCK THAT.

Now we come to number 1. The biggest piece of shit released this year. The game which disappointed me the most. The game which flat out pissed me off to play. The game which is part of one of the best game series this generation.


And that game is, Batman Arkham Origins. WHY OH WHY DID THIS GAME TURN OUT SO BAD? It had a winning formula. Excellent combat and gameplay. A solid universe from which to build upon. Writing that could easily rival most blockbuster movies, and graphics that would make your mouth water.

This game series had it all, and then in one terrible move, they fucked it all up. The voice cast was changed. The developers were changed and the gameplay was completely fucked around with. I can just imagine the bullshit conversation that took place during the development of this game.

“hey, lets make it a prequel so we can change it up a bit.”
“why don’t we make everyone sound younger and cast new actors?”
“lets keep gadgets in this game which players spent hours gaining in the previous games which were sequels.”
“lets make aa open world Gotham City, where get this, the city is actually made up of the Arkham city from the second game, with a new area added to the map, and then lets throw in a massive fucking bridge to allow players to cross each and every time to stretch out the length of the game, and on top of all that, lets give Batman a batwing to use and the batcave which are both completely pointless to the game itself, but will make people geek out like a bunch of wet women. And to top it all off, lets set the game during Xmas Eve so that we have a reason to not include civilians in the game.”

YUP. An open world Gotham City with lots of thugs running around, and cops, BUT NOT A SINGLE PERSON TO SAVE….okay so maybe there are a handful. BUT COME ON.

This game easily had two years of development time, but feels, and I mean that with passion, feels like it was made in only a year. Everything about this game upsets me right down to the core of my gaming history.

So there you have it, my Top Five Disappointing Games of 2013. Stay tuned for my Top Five Favourite Games 2013 coming soon.


  1. Great top five. Although I haven’t played most of them, I can agree with what I’ve seen.

    LEGO Marvel was disappointing as a two player game but is enjoyable single player. But like you said, two players is the best part.

    Great top five. Very well written. 🙂

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