LEGO JUSTICE LEAGUE: Flying Fox Batmobile Airlift Attack 76087 REVIEW

LEGO JUSTICE LEAGUE: Flying Fox Batmobile Airlift Attack 76087 REVIEW
Set number 76087, $129.99 from Big W at roughly .13 cents per brick

Items Included
955 x pieces
7 x mini figures
7 x numbered bags
2 x bags (larger pieces)
1 x instruction booklet
1 x page of stickers
1 x brick separator

All details mentioned above can make or break a persons purchasing choice. I hope it helps and appreciate any feedback in the comments below. Click on all images for full size HD quality photos and find more LEGO reviews via the drop down menu above.

Mini Figures
The Flying Fox Batmobile Airlift Attack (mouth full) comes with a total of seven mini figures. Okay, so that’s not entirely true. There are six mini figures and a single maxi figure. I’m not even sure if that’s an official term by coined by LEGO, or someone in the AFOL community, but let’s go with it.

Let’s kick it off with the Justice League, of which we get four out of the six members. Personally I think that’s pretty honest by LEGO. First of all, we get Wonder Woman looking absolutely amazing. Beginning with the leg and body piece, Wonder Woman is transferred to mini figure form without losing anything from her movie counterpart. The colours are spot, with very clean crisp lines. The gold stands out especially against the darker blue. The brown leather strap goes from front to back and on the arms, Wonder Woman even gets her famous braces to protect against those incoming stud shooters. The head-piece comes with two facial expressions and her tiara. One face has an angry face with teeth baring while the other has a smile. Very simple, but once the hair piece pops on, it covers the unwanted look. Wonder Woman comes with two accessories, a grey sword and shield. What I like about the shield is the gold colouring around the border and image of a large bird printed in the centre. Love it.

Batman and Wonder Woman

Next up is Batman, and if you’ve read my Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack, well this Batman is a totally different mini figure. Thankfully LEGO hasn’t just repackaged, but instead given us a new colour and printing pieces. With the leg and body pieces, we get yellow/gold strapping all over. The body piece gets some extra love with the Bat symbol encased in a very bright silver colouring. Perfect. Over on the back, this also continues. The head-piece is just a recycled head used over, as is the helmet piece. I can’t blame LEGO though…if it works, why fix it? There are two accessories included; a batarang and grappling gun. Love them both, but could LEGO make a grappling gun with the same feature of a stud shooter? Oh, we also get another fabric style cape.

Speaking of capes, Superman is next. Oh wait, SPOILERS, he is in the movie, and in mini figure form. But you already know that. And yes, he comes with a bright red fabric cape. Call me crazy, but those crap paper style ones from previous sets get easily damaged and hold form, which is not preferred by anyone. Mini figure wise, Superman is all about colour. Dark blue body and leg pieces with the S symbol dead centre of the chest. Body lines and muscles are defined on the front and even the back. Sadly, LEGO doesn’t give us red colouring on the legs. The face piece has a smile and angry expression with bright red eyes. Heat vision time! The hair piece is jet black and hides the back face expression. No accessories included, because he’s Superman!

Superman and Cyborg with stud firing arm shooter

Last for the Justice League is Cyborg. He’s my least favourite in the comics, cartoons and video games. I was indifferent to him in the film but in mini figure form, he wins me over. Coloured completely grey all over, Cyborg is insane. Plenty of detail on the legs and body. Bright silver down the chest and on the back with all the angular shapes from the movie are here in mini figure form. The bright red cuts through the silver and grey but the most amazing aspect has to be the arm canon. Using a grey stud shooter and blue clear stud, you attach them to the mini figure and, there you have it, Cyborg with arm canon. It’s cool and totally steals the show. The head-piece has two expressions, a smile and angry look. But they almost look identical. However, once you pop the helmet on, you cover almost the entire head brick. It’s super detailed and wraps around the head. The red-eye is there as is the blue dot in the centre of the forehead.

All four Justice League members are worth it. Cyborg is my top choice, but I do wish LEGO included an attachment for a mini figure hand piece. Just something for us nerds to change over, from time-to-time.

Parademon with stud shooter

Bad guys now, and we get two Parademons. The only difference being the colour scheme and wing size. The Parademons are very detailed and given plenty of love from LEGO. Ribs and bone pieces are brought to life in amazing detail with all the crisp lines you expect from LEGO. The head pieces have printing front and back, with only a slight difference between the two Parademons. The green Parademon has a muted expression while the yellow one is angry. That’s it though. Both have a black stud shooter accessory and wings that attach to the back. Bland, but a different colour helps break things up a little.

Steppenwolf…not the greatest figure

Finally we have the maxi figure, Steppenwolf. And I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of him. While I appreciate the head and chest pieces, the body and everything else just doesn’t work for me. Yes, the maxi figure is very stable and stands up to various degrees of ridiculous body placement. Yes, you get a wide range of articulation with shoulders, elbows, knees and waist movement, and yes the fingers can hold his weapon (not really, just a clip piece hidden inside). But still, Steppenwolf is boring. The weapon is dull and the back of maxi figure has too many stud pieces exposed. It’s like LEGO forgot to finish the back. The colours are muted and I’m just not a fan of the weapon. Also, why can’t Steppenwolf grab hold of a mini figure? I mean if you make him a maxi figure, give him the ability to grab hold of a mini figure.

Just looking at Steppenwolf ruins the figures included in the set. I don’t mind maxi figures, usually, but LEGO hasn’t endeared me to this one. I honestly just wish more time had been spent fixing him up a little.

Main Build
The Flying Fox and Batmobile are two separate, and equally impressive, builds. Going by bags, we begin with the Batmobile. This is different to the set we received back with the release of Batman V Superman. Here the Batmobile comes with some fewer pieces on the rear wheels, but more than makes up for it in firepower and all round design.

Batmobile in all its glory

Starting off the build, we have plenty of black and grey pieces. This is just a simple fact when it comes to discussing any Batman LEGO set. If not done well, the set can look really cheap, but that’s not the case here.

Although the Batmobile is small in scale (compared to other vehicles), you can still sit Batman inside. The entire vehicle just looks cool. Starting off, the base of the vehicle is really well put together with plenty of interlocking pieces making sure it can withstand a fall. After all, the Batmobile is designed to drive out of the Flying Fox, which will usually be held at waist height or higher.

Side view with the hulking gun on top, perfect for shooting those Parademons out of the sky

The larger wheels on the rear end give the appearance of a slope toward the front, but that’s not the case. Thanks to some clever design work, the Batmobile sits perfectly adjacent to the floor. It’s merely made to look like the smaller wheels on front are dipping the nose down. Two stud shooters sit between the front wheels, and just behind is a sticker of the Bat symbol. Awesome.

“I’m Batman!”
Also, terrible cockpit design

A feature I absolutely love with this Batmobile is the fancy cockpit opening. The door doesn’t simply open like a normal car, nope. With this Batmobile, the door opens up and out sitting just off on an angle. With the door open, it gives you enough room to see Batman sitting inside, but that’s about it. Don’t expect to get him in or out by this way alone. In place of the passenger side door is a large turret with stud shooter. This is held in place by several studs, so it makes removing quite easy.

Once the turret has been removed and the cockpit is opened, Batman, easily pops out. But that does bring me to my next point; the cockpit. While I’m not expecting something crazy in the way of controls, would it be too hard to ask for a simple LEGO steering wheel!?

Cockpit interior. No steering wheel, and not even enough space to add one and have enough space to close it all up

I kid you not, while the rest of the Batmobile is built and designed with perfection (mostly), the lack of a steering wheel is baffling. One reason I could see is maybe having it would require more space on the cockpit, but if that is the reason, I don’t buy it. Design your vehicle around the cockpit first and continue from there.

This left me confused during my building process, and I honestly thought I’d forgotten a step. Overall though, the sides of the Batmobile look bulky thanks to some thick wedge bricks, and the behind the cockpit, we get some functionality with moving pieces. I appreciate the effort LEGO went through to get some fins at the front and on the rear end of the build. Adds some detail and style on the vehicle while distancing it from previous models.

After the Batmobile, we move onto the next major portion of the set, The Flying Fox. Now this thing is huge and needs to be, as it is the storage for the Batmobile.

The Flying Fox is made up of five bags, out of seven total for the set, and again it’s mostly made of black. Not going to complain though because it really suits this build. The initial look of the Flying Fox leaves you with one thought, ‘this thing is a beast’. As you begin the build, you’ll quickly notice you’re burning through a lot of LEGO technic pieces. And it’s justified because technic pins and brackets make for some excellent structural integrity.

The monster sized, Flying Fox

The floor of the Fox is flat and just wide enough to roll the Batmobile inside. Instantly, I pushed and pulled the Batmobile back and forth trying to find an issue, but I couldn’t. This build is well put together, nothing falls apart and everything just works. The walls of the Fox are made of standard LEGO pieces all locked together and connected with enough height created not to interfere with the Batmobile.

Interior of the cargo bay with Batmobile inside…and it looks menacing!

By the time you complete bag five, the skeleton of the Flying Fox is just about finished. You’ve got everything ready to go with locking bricks in the front and back to stop the Batmobile from rolling out. LEGO even goes so far as to throw in ramps (front and back) by the way of bricks connected by clips. Something simple, but it works. The cockpit of the vehicle rests on the top, tucked at the back. It’s a duel cockpit with plenty of room for two mini figures. Mostly made of yellow bricks, it also has two control panels and studs for the mini figures to actually sit in place.

Roomy interior with place for two mini figures

Stud shooters and spring-loaded missile launchers are here, with lots of playability and firepower. You get a few spares also, but sadly nowhere to store them. So try not to lose anything.

The final bags are dedicated to fleshing out the Flying Fox with the final design not really resembling the movie counterpart, but excels at being a cool looking design in its own right. The large red clear piece to cover the cockpit adds some much-needed colour, with stickers used to provide detail across the top and sides. The wings are locked in place for the most part, and have some movement at the tips, with minimal wobble at the base.

Rear engines of the Flying Fox

The rear of the vehicle has two large engines, and on ether side of the cockpit we get jet black fins angled slightly, but sadly we have no doors to actually hide the Batmobile inside. This is a sore point for me, as two large ramps could easily be connected at the front and rear to not only hide the Batmobile, but also to just close up the Flying Fox. As it stands, if the Batmobile is out of it, it’s just a hallowed out jet.

Another sore point is the lack of storage for the Justice League mini figures. You can have two in the cockpit, and one in the Batmobile, but that’s it. Three mini figures looked after with another three left out. And while that doesn’t effect my overall thoughts on THIS build, it does fail to actually store all the figures if you want all the members in one collective set.

Another negative point is the lack of holding handle. Usually on larger Star Wars sets, LEGO incorporates a built-in handle that tucks neatly into the design. Here, we get nothing. If your hand is big enough you can grab it by the sides, above the wings, but most likely you’ll lose grip and drop it resulting in the wing pieces breaking off. There isn’t a friendly way to pick up and fly the Fox around. And with the Batmobile inside, the vehicle is heavy, and even for me, requires two hands to hold and eject the Batmobile, which I might add doesn’t come with a launching feature.

Batmobile driving out of the Flying Fox

Stupidly, I went into this build expecting a spring or mechanism of some kind to drop or launch the Batmobile from the storage bay. This thing is 100% done by hand, which means placing the Flying Fox down, flipping down the ramps and hinges and then awkward pushing of pulling the Batmobile out.

Final Thoughts
My overall thoughts are kind of average. While I love the design and playability of the Flying Fox and Batmobile, the Steppenwolf maxi figure is a let down. The Flying Fox cargo bay doesn’t have a ramp to completely close it up, and I constantly find myself scared about how I pick up and handle the build.

Family photo time

While I love the Batmobile’s ability to stay inside the Flying Fox, it wish it had a quick eject feature. The mostly black colour scheme may put some people off, but it’s Batman. Still, for the price it is easily one of the better sets in 2017.

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