LEGO Star Wars: V-Wing Starfighter 75039 REVIEW

LEGO Star Wars 2014 set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Star Wars: V-Wing Starfighter
Set number 75039, $35 from Big W which works out to roughly $0.17 a brick.

Items Included:
201 pieces
2 mini figures
1 instruction booklet
2 numbered bags
Page of stickers

Like all others, I’ll begin this review by mentioning the above list. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference.

The Astromech Droid head actually spins around and I can’t stop spinning it…


Mini Figures
Two mini figures. Nothing special so lets get it out of the way quickly to get to the real meat of the review. First of all we have the V-Wing pilot. Basic looking mini fig, but it has a feature I enjoy. Not even really a feature, more just a cool little extra detail. You see, the pilot comes with a helmet piece you place over the head. However the eye area is open revealing a clear look at the face which has a white…almost ghost face underneath. Its hard to explain but I just love the look and makes this otherwise generic mini figure stand out. Oh, he also comes with a blaster which sadly isn’t one of those new blasters made up of three LEGO pieces. More on that in a future review.

Second and final mini figure here is the Astromech Droid. Think R2D2…but not. I really think the astromech droids are well made by LEGO. A body, head and two leg pieces make up this bad boy. And although its a really simple design, I just think its smart. And the astromech also works really well within the main build itself…more on that very soon.


Main Build
Has there ever been a Z-Wing? Because I would really be interested in seeing that. But you’re here for the V-Wing, and not to give away my thoughts this early, but I really love this build. The whole design is just sleek, and fantastic. A mix of reddish and grey. Both colours work so well against each other.

Okay, first of all, bag 1. No other way to say it, its all about setting up the very impressive and sharp design of the Starfighter. Sorry, I love this thing. Very sleek. Very different from other Star Wars ships. Reminds me a lot of the original Jedi Starfighter which I found to be a rather unique design. Almost like a blunt arrow head.

Anyway, the body is sharp. Lots of grey pieces and very long flat bricks. This design has a lot of length to it, but I found the front end of the V-Wing to be very, bare. Not a lot of pieces, but some how, it still retains it solid form factor. As you get more into bag 1, the V-Wing really thickens out. The rear end of the V-Wing has a lot going on. And what seems like a easy build has a little extra going on.

You see, by the time you enter Bag 2, its all about the cockpit, rear fins and rotating wings. I’ll repeat, ROTATING WINGS. The stand out feature on the build. The V-Wing has an attack and landing mode. In landing mode, the wings rotate and sit parallel to the floor. But when flying it around, the wings rotate 90 degrees and ta-da, the V-Wing is in attack mode. I just love it. The pictures will explain more, but so many moving parts on this build easily justifies the price tag.

Heck, I would’ve been happy to pay more for this set. The V-Wing is one fantastic starfighter. The build itself is excellent. To add even more, above and behind the cockpit, is a spot for the astromech head. I mentioned it briefly when talking about the mini figures, but that tiny little detail elevates this LEGO.

I know what you’re thinking, how can a simple thing like removing the head and placing it on the starfighter add anything? Well it does. It adds detail. And if you’ve been reading any of my LEGO reviews up to this point, then you know how I love the little details in my sets.


Final Thoughts
A few extra things to talk about. This is another set which forgoes the flick missiles so often used on LEGO sets, and introduces the new spring firing missiles. You place the green missile shaped pieces into the slots and when you depress the piece, it fires. I had to mention that, because these things really do fly far. So don’t get in the way.

What I can’t stand are stickers. I can never get them perfectly down and that bugs me. So I try and avoid using them as much as possible, but in cases like this, its impossible not to use them. You see, this V-Wing really has a lot of bare pieces and without stickers, it just looks shockingly bad. Downside. Major downside. I just wish LEGO was a little smarter in its design to add more colour without stickers. I understand stickers are needed, but in this build I noticed it a lot.

Another thing I wish LEGO would think is about a stand for when these types of starfighters are in flight mode. Since the wings fold down and sit below the body of the V-Wing, you can’t display it in anything other than landing mode.

Apart from that, I’ve been really struggling to find something else about this set I haven’t enjoy. You see, I love the wings. The moving and rotating pieces. The astromech head, that spins around. The cockpit which sits the pilot perfectly and most of all, I just find this ship design to be one of the best LEGO has released in a while.

For the price and playability the V-Wing gives, its a must buy. MUST BUY.


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