Star Wars KotOR III FanFic 2

It was about nine months ago that I uploaded a chapter from a FanFic story I wrote. The chapter was from a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic story I was writing. Of course I knew nothing would ever come of it, as I clearly don’t own the rights to Star Wars or any of the characters involved. However what I didn’t own as the idea for the story, and I was happy with where I was planning to take it. Being a big fan of the video games, the story was my way of continuing the epic adventure with the characters we all knew and loved, while adding a few of my own in for good measure.

Of course at the time of coming up with the story and outline, Star Wars The Old Republic was in the process of being made, but I had zero knowledge of the novel titled Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan. I’ve since read that novel many times and I’m a big fan of it. I recommend you give that a read.

Now that all the little back story is out of the way, all of this was written about 8 years ago. I was young, so go easy on me when you read it.



The planet Coruscant was just off in the distance. Its entire planet was one large city broken up into many little areas spaced out to populate a mass planet.

Two levels of the planet divided the population. Most of the scum lived below the main towers at street level where dealers were just as aplenty as those on some other planets like Scatara.

Dealers thrived on dockers, those passing through the planet, and the general public who lived above level.

Those who lived above level in towers that stretched like beacons into the sky were generally rich. It truly was a planet to behold and was also going to be a first sight for Aiden. He stood with his former Master, Bastila and the Jedi exile Vaya. In front of them at controls were Atton and HK.

The entire crew of the Ebon Hawk watched as ships shot away from the planet and as smaller ships exited hyperdrive. One in particular caught Aiden’s eye as a small freighter ship broke free of the atmosphere narrowly missing a fleet of fighters docking with a much larger cruiser. A droid cruiser.

“Huh, HK,” said Atton turning his head towards the droid. “Let’s make sure we avoid those droids right now.”

“’Avoid the droids,’” repeated Bastila leaning forward in-between the seats.

Vaya moved beside Bastila. “It seems the droids have a vested interest in finding Revan also. We managed to outrun a droid ship on our way over to Dantooine.”

“Nothing to worry about,” added Atton. “But just to be safe.” After finishing the sentence, Atton fiddled with the controls and aimed the ship towards the left where the droid cruiser was.

On the left, Aiden noticed a large ship also heading towards Coruscant. HK commented that it was a freighter and most likely one with a small crew. Atton pulled the Hawk up next to the hull of the freighter and told everyone to hold on.

The rumble from the large ship vibrated throughout the body of the Hawk and continued while the skillful pilot brought it up to matching speed. Atton then disengaged the main engines kicking over to auxiliary thrusters, another after market upgrade, and then clamped the ship against the hull out of the view of droid senses.

“Done,” said Atton proud with a smile from ear to ear. “HK keep us locked until we’re out of range and then bring us down easy.”

HK nodded to the pilot who was making his way out of the cockpit followed by the other crew. The droid noticed that Aiden was still in the room with him.

“Mind if I take a seat HK?” asked the Padawan already half in the seat.


Like tiny grains of sand, the images came together over the desk where the holomap projector was stationed. Bastila and Atton stood around arms folded as Vaya talked them through the plan.

“We have everything worked out to go in and get him, but I doubt this is going to be an easy mission,” Vaya pointed out.

“Hmm,” Bastila offered.

“From the last message received,” Atton said moving next to Vaya. “Carth should be in the Dex bar on the lower levels.”


Bastila looked at the holomap and saw that in theory it was going to be a simple mission. But with the now added danger of the droid cruiser in orbit, she realised that Carth could be in danger. After all the Ebon Hawk wasn’t the only ship after Revan.

“It has to be done,” Bastila said. “We will dock the ship. Us three will go and collect Carth in the Dex bar,” she added pointed to Atton and Vaya. “Then we’ll leave and get off this planet. Quick.”

Vaya looked over at Atton. “I don’t think it’s going to be that easy though. The droids want Revan just as much as you, Bastila.” said the woman staring at her friend. “In case the mission turns sour, we are going to need weapons and we just don’t have many on board.”

“What?” said Atton shooting his lover and co-pilot a look. “I thought HK managed to keep a few from the raid on out last trip.”

“Only a few side blasters,” Vaya lowered her gaze. “Maybe you should stay on the ship for this mission and provide backup support in case we need it?”

Before Atton could object, Bastila chimed. “It would be best.” she understood that while trying to make it sound mission based, Vaya wanted Atton to stay onboard the Hawk to stay safe. “If this doesn’t go as planned, then we’re going to need a human mind to pilot this rust bucket to come pick us up.”

“The Ebon Hawk is no rust bucket,” snarled Atton angry at the comment about his ship.

“Well then, prove it.”

“Fine!” Atton stormed out of the room heading back for the cockpit. Each step more furious than the last.

Before walking to quietly meditate, Vaya stopped Bastila. “Thanks,” said the once exiled Jedi. “He means everything to me.”

“I know,” Bastila replied. “It is probably better if we take Aiden with us anyway.”



With her eyes closed, the former Jedi Master let go of her senses and released herself to the Force. Everything around her became nothing more than a piece of a puzzle letting Bastila pick and choose the surroundings.

She chose years ago when the Ebon Hawk was still a new ship to her, when Revan was learning the Force for a second time and when Carth was pilot of this ‘rust’ bucket.

The sound of clanking metal beneath her boots came back as the then Jedi, walked into the storage room finding Revan, then known by another name, but it wasn’t important to Bastila, he was always known as Revan.

He was leaning against the interior wall of the Ebon Hawk with the whole weight of the galaxy resting on his shoulders. She walked up to the Jedi, dark brown hair tucked behind his ears, with a saddened gaze in his eyes.

“I don’t know if I can do this anymore, Bastila,” he confided in the red haired young woman. The mission was taking its toll on the man.

“The Council thinks you can,” she said.

“I know they do. They have put so much faith in me from the very beginning. I don’t know if I can do this.”

“I know you can.”

Revan looked up. His body was slightly hidden away in the shadows leaving Bastila surprised when his arms came up to rest on her hips.

“We shouldn’t do this,” said the woman, lips inches from his.

“Then we won’t,” Revan replied pulling back a little. It was no use though, Bastila moved forward locking lips with the man she shouldn’t be involved with.

Their instincts told them it was wrong, they both knew it was so. But as Revan held her tight against his body, Bastila gave herself up to the former Lord of the Sith.

Jedi were not meant to love, it was a forbidden passion given up to serve the order. The female Jedi pulled out of the embrace and took a deep breath.

“We cannot do this,” she said knowing it was the right thing to say.

Revan stood back defensively. “I am very sorry, Master,” he said with an acid touch.

Bastila opened her eyes now back to the present time. More time had passed than originally thought. Aiden stood at the door of the room.

“Master, we’ve landed.”


The bright sun beamed down all around the Ebon Hawk as HK stood at the bottom of the cargo ramp door. The tanned dura-steel body of the droid stood out amongst the clean white docking bay, but it cut a clear thought in everyones mind.

If HK was with the ship that had only moments ago docked, they weren’t going to try and get involved.

A few meters away from where HK stood, Atton spoke quietly with an eye patch wearing man. HK watched as they pointed to the Ebon Hawk a few times and when all seemed to have gone horribly wrong, Atton pointed down to the blaster in his hip holster.

If it were possible, HK would have laughed at how a blaster could make all missions a success. After a few minutes, the droid was joined by Vaya, Bastila and Aiden the later two which sported more casual clothing.

“All taken care of,” said Atton as he jogged back over to the crew. “My new friend over their,” he pointed with his thumb over his shoulder, the eye patch man limping in place, “has agreed to give us docking free of charge until dusk tonight.”

The crew of the Ebon Hawk all looked at each other while Aiden looked slightly disappointed. He had hoped to get a good look at the planet, yet the Padawan now had only a few standard hours. He was then going to be back home on Dantooine answering to Master Bindo where Aiden would be dealt a punishment to rival the time he misused his abilities.

Aiden scoffed at that memory remembering the time as the moment he realised how ready he was for the trials.

“We better get a move on,” said Bastila taking the lead with Aiden right behind her.

Coming up behind was Vaya who gave Atton a passionate look. She mouthed the words I love you and saw Atton mouth them back.

“HK,” shouted Atton from inside the ship.

The droid waited until the three crew members stepped onto the turbo lift which descended down out of sight. Before walking back into the Hawk, HK noticed the eye patch man staring at him.

“Boo!” shouted the droid surprising the man sending him to seek cover behind a few crates. By the time the man came out from his cover, the cargo ramp had closed and the droid was nowhere to be seen.


“Amazing!” shouted the Padawan clearly soaking in Coruscant as it came into view. The turbo lift shot down the clear tube which ran along the exterior of the docking bay building. Light reflected off almost every surface with most of the buildings and towers, horrifyingly tall.

With his face pressed against the clear tube, Aiden couldn’t believe he was seeing what he was actually seeing. Speeders that hovered inches off the ground on Dantooine flew through the air in-between the skyscrapers.

“A curious Padawan,” said Vaya to Bastila over his shoulder.

Realising that it wasn’t very Jedi like behaviors, Aiden Coran casually took a step back in between the two females. “Sorry,” he apologized for his curiosity and marveled at the city silently.

Finally after what seemed like hours, the turbo lift doors spread open to either side and the loud and very busy city street noises filled the air.

“Its time to get this mission over with,” said Bastila walking out of the turbo lift. Vaya followed close behind with the Padawan in tow.

The crew of three walked through the people fighting the brushing and shoving thrown their way. It was a busy city and in turn equalled a busy planet. When Bastila stopped dead in her tracks, Vaya took the lead.

She produced a comlink from off her belt and held it in hand. It was no bigger than a few centimeters in length and completely white save for the black rubber lines that ran around the top and bottom. Vaya held it up to her mouth.

“Atton we’re here,” she spoke into the comlink.

“Quicker than I thought to be honest. Okay well you are going to have to go down the Lindeman skyway area that hugs the lower depths of Coruscant. The Dex bar is the last place down on the right,” came Atton’s voice crackling over the other end.

“Any word from Carth yet?” said Bastila behind. Vaya repeated the words into the comlink.

“Not yet,” Atton paused over the other end. “And to add to our bad luck, HK managed to lock into the signal from the droid cruiser. It’s still got a few down there.”

As the words came through, Bastila walked off down the Lindeman skyway area.

“From what HK can tell, they have sent another dozen or so fighters down to scour the bars down there. Be careful Vaya, they know what you look like,” his concerned voice said.

Vaya started walking to catch up to the determined Bastila. “Vaya out.”

“Atton out.”


Atton moved back from the comlink and put it to rest on the bench across from him. He leaned back in the chair putting both hands behind his head thinking about the mission at hand. Atton had a very bad feeling about things.

Taking the side blaster out of the holster, he yelled out for HK who stepped into the room only moments later.

“How many weapons do we still have on board?” he said while flicking the safety on and off the blaster.

The droid didn’t need fingers to count the exact number of weapons. “Five,” said HK. “That includes three sidearms, a blaster rifle and modified sniper blaster. Which I might add is very well suited to an assassin droid.”

Atton smiled. HK had a wicked sense of humor and he liked nothing more.

“At least we’ll be prepared incase we’re needed. HK I want you to continue to monitor the droid lines. If they find Carth I want to know it. Vaya could be in serious trouble if this goes wrong.”

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