Son Of Batman REVIEW

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Son Of Batman REVIEW

Director: Ethan Spaulding
Based on: Batman and Son by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert
Written by: Joe R. Lansdale
Starring: Jason O’Mara, Stuart Allan, Thomas Gibson, Morena Baccarin and Dee Bradley Baker

Plot: After Deathstroke attacks and defeats Ra’s al Ghul, Talia takes her son to safety delivering him to the one man she can trust apart from father; Batman. Talia introduces her son as, Damien Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne and leaves Damien in his care. During this time, Batman takes Damien under his wing as the new Robin, against the Master Assassin; Deathstroke.

Review: It seems that every six months or so, a new DC Universe Animated Original Movie (DCUAOM) is released and like always (90% of the time), it stars Batman. As has been the trend since the New 52 kicked off, these movies cover more recent comic book storylines and fine tune them for the modern movie goer.

With these DCUAOM’s we usually get the very best. Whether it be story line, animation, music or voice work, we are never left wanting for much. Except in this case, I was left wanting more. I was left wanting a lot more. At 74 minutes, Son Of Batman moves along at a fairly quick pace trimming out most of the fat in place of slick action. Even though this is an animated movie, the script is taken with the utmost respect to characters and DC universe. No one is out-of-place in attitude and everyone on-screen, who aren’t main players, are given just the right amount of play time to lend weight.

Kevin Conroy will always be Batman for me but in the last few years I’ve come to except that others may one day take his crown. Jason O’Mara, is not that man. He has an excellent gravelly voice but it seems better suited to someone other than Batman. Stuart Allen voices Damien Wayne and, finally, a voice actor of appropriate age has been cast. Stuart sounds like a snotty little child. Stuck up and arrogant, which is exactly the character, solid match. Thomas Gibson as Deathstroke, yeah I’m still shocked. Doesn’t sound anything like him and was pleasantly surprised with his work here.

The musical score on offer is a mixed bag. At times it’s dark, played softly under the scene with you barely even knowing its there. Parts remind me of Hans Zimmer at his best, and then other times I kept getting the hint of American Beauty. That very playful guitar bouncing sound. I can’t explain it but American Beauty soundtrack by Thomas Newman comes to mind.

When it comes to animation, I was sadly let down. Yes, what’s on offer is very crisp with sharp lines on all characters. They never look muddy and fight scenes are easy to follow and well choreographed, however characters themselves are all very tall and angular looking. Something always felt off whenever they were out of costume. Everyone looks like an Alien. My other complaint is that it always looks too clear. Doesn’t at all look gothic like the Gotham we’ve come to know from previous incarnations. I guess I shouldn’t compare, but when we’re expected to know the basic backstory of these characters going in, well, I’ve always considered Gotham a character in of itself and here, this is someone completely different.

Final Thoughts: Son Of Batman didn’t capture my imagination or excitement. Everything felt, ’otherworldly’ and not as grounded as many of the other DCUAOM Batman films have been. The musical score and animation were a mixed bag and although fight scenes were top-notch, they couldn’t save it.

Batman and Son

Be warned, this isn’t for kids. It carries an M rating and I highly suggest you stick by it. The violence is high for a DCUAOM with lots of blood and limb dismemberment. You will even find some fairly mature things on offer.



      1. I will add it to my list. Thanks. The last I’ve watched was Throne of Atlantis and it completely spoiled the magic these films previously held.

      2. Throne of Atlantis was a disappointment. Hopefully the post credit scene hints towards the Injustice League, that will probably be better

      3. I think they stuffed up by attempting to follow the New 52. It should’ve just kept adapting one off stories. Then again, I need to watch more.

      4. The latest trends of animation movies is trying to keep the core of the story line intact and coherent with the comics which is great, but when the put in additional content they don’t suit the source material, which ruins the entire movie.

      5. I think they just need a little more planning for these films. They could be so good, but some feel lazy. Batman Vs Robin sounds good though.

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