LEGO Mountain Hut REVIEW

LEGO creator 2014 set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Mountain Hut
Set number 31025, $48 from Big W which works out to roughly $0.09 a brick.

Items Included:
550 pieces
1 mini figure
3 instruction booklets
5 bags
3 green ground pieces

Let me begin this review by mentioning the above. Although that doesn’t mean much to some people, I’m the type of person that enjoys knowing things like piece and instruction count going in. It can effect my purchasing choice as the greater the amount of bricks means a more detailed set. So for you all, there is the list.


If you read my previous creator set review, then you know I wasn’t very happy with the build. Yes it was a cheap set, but the build itself wasn’t enjoyable and was pretty boring from beginning to end. Plus the finished product just didn’t look good at all.

This set, this Mountain Hut, well I’ve been completely turned around…didn’t need much convincing to be honest. Come on, its LEGO. Like a bad pizza, its still good…except the previous set I reviewed. That was just bad.

So lets kick things right off by taking about the 3 in 1 build. I’ve only built the main set which is the Mountain Hut, and eventually I’d like to get around to the other 2, but for now, this review is only the Hut. The 3 instruction booklets included in the box are divided for each build. So each booklet belongs to each build. Simple.

At 550 pieces, this Mountain Hut is fairly detailed. 5 bags make up this fairly impressive build, sadly. SADLY, the bags are not numbered. So expect to spend an hour or so separating the pieces. Or if you’re one of the more daring LEGO builders, mix them up and go nuts…I’ve tried, and couldn’t handle it. OCD kicks in.

Another 3 items included in the box are the 3 large green ground pieces which connect the entire build together. They are just loose, so don’t be worried you’ve accidentally picked up a faulty set.

Since the bags aren’t numbered, I’m just going to talk about the build in general. It is sturdy. It really holds itself together, and locks in too. So no fear of the set breaking open by accident. I must admit, its not as big as I thought it would be, but when you finish after 3 hours, you know its one detailed set.

I was surprised by the rock pieces that all lock in together quite spectacularly. Must admit, I’ve been blown away by the Mountain Hut set. Never once was I bored while building it. I was always surprised whenever I turned the page and realised how the set was actually coming along.

The Mountain Hut is a closed build. By that, I mean its got 4 walls and a roof. Even its even got a chimney with small white LEGO pieces creating a smoke effect. Just brilliant. When you open the Hut itself, you have a fire place which I would’ve loved if it had a light brick. Hell, this entire set could’ve really used a few light bricks to add so much extra effect.

However, I can’t use that as a negative strike against LEGO. It’s just something I would’ve liked to see added. Maybe a few talented people out there will add a few light bricks to this build. And if thats the case, drop me a link in the comments below and I’ll check it out.

Not only does it have a fire place, but a table and what appears to be a few pieces of chopped wood. LEGO pieces of course, but when I put the build together I had to smile because it just adds so much to the interior look. Love it.

Lets jump back over to the rocky mountain side of the build. You build yourself a small river and bridge which lead across the rocks. Oh, and the mountain itself has a hollow interior so your mini figure can walk inside and search for….stuff. Or whatever you find in caves. OH, I just thought about it now, I need to add a Batman mini figure to this build hanging upside down…NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

If you’re still reading…thanks. Not only do you have the Hut and Mountain, you also build yourself a nice little off-road motorbike. I don’t know why, but this thing is tiny and just fits in perfectly. Yeah I’m a sucker for cool looking vehicles and this tiny thing just fits.


Final Thoughts

While writing this review, I’ve been trying to find something negative to write about. I can only think of two things. The first are the dark brown pieces which litter the Hut itself. I don’t know if it was the bad lighting or not, but I had trouble being able to notice the stud count on the bricks making for some frustrating building. My other complaint is the rather bland mini figure. Yeah this mini figure is rather boring to look at. I wish a little extra detail was add to the shirt just to make it pop out a little more.

Apart from that, this set at $48 for 550 pieces is a must buy. How can you complain with over 3 hours of LEGO build at roughly .09 cents a brick. You will display it like I am. You will want to break it down and rebuild it over again, because its really just that fun. Go out, pick it up now and start building.


  1. I also have this set and I was searching for other people’s review/ comments and so I just read your post. I actually built the hut shown in bottom-right, and yes I agree with you that this set is quite detailed (especially the interior decor). The mini figure is slightly disappointing as you said, as it has nothing special; but the mountain looks quite amazing. Maybe it’s time for me to build the mountain!

    1. Thank you very much. I loved this build and highly suggest you add it and if you can, add a light brick haha. I intended to play around with a light brick and this set at some point. Also the interior of the Hut itself, although small, has so much detail packed in. I didn’t mention it in the review, but it even have a flat brick piece with a painting on it. haha. just brilliant.

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