Blog Update 006 – Marvel Cinematic Universe Civil War



Please know, there will be SPOILERS for the MARVEL Cinematic Universe from previous films and me talking about rumours in the films to come. If you care by now, you have already seen or read all about the Marvel Event which took place in the last 24 hours. If not, seek it out because it will blow your mind.

I’m not here to update on that but I will be speculating a hell of a lot. While seeing all the updates during work, I couldn’t help but feel the need to get my thoughts down. And since this is a blog update, my thoughts are strictly on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) right now. So consider the following words to be me trying to get my head around all the latest news.

First of all, Marvel has announced what we all knew was coming, Civil War. What shocked is Captain America appears to be the only film dealing with the Civil War event. At least sub title wise. Rumours have been coming thick and fast that Age of Ultron will begin the workings of Civil War. Having team mates question the loyalty of others, while the Avengers themselves having to answer to governments for trying to ‘police’ the world on their own.

Of course from the comic books, Civil War, was all about the Superhero Registration Act. Anyone with superpowers, or access to tech that made them super, would be forced to register and be trained in proper use and also held accountable for their actions. This would of course void any and all secret identities as Peter Parker/Spider-Man found out when outing himself on live national TV. All this resulted from a superhuman battle which caused the death of over 600 innocent people.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Now, the MCU doesn’t have access to Spider-Man, as of now, so that’s where things get exciting. Lets say Marvel isn’t allowed to use Spider-Man, then a major part of the comic book Civil War wouldn’t be able to take place. Then again, looking at how the MCU is working, secret identities doesn’t seem to be an issue. Tony Stark outed himself. Steve Rogers is a war hero. Thor is a God and it has never really been addressed, and Bruce Banner, not sure if it matters. So if the Superhero Registration Act has nothing to do with secret identities, then it must have to do with the events of Age of Ultron.

So now, lets break it down like this. From the teaser trailer shown, it appears that Tony Stark is the creator of Ultron. After the events of Iron Man 3 where he created over 40 different suits of armour to help out and feel safe, Tony has now put that idea into action. It was already in effect by the end of Iron Man 3, but he destroyed all those suits and quit being Iron Man. Now he has created a legion of robots with functioning A.I to do what the Avengers can’t, and that’s be everywhere. Again, this is only me speculating.

From the teaser trailer, Ultron realises the only way to protect humans is to either enslave them, or destroy them. So I’m guessing that once Ultron changes the rest of the legion over to his way of thinking, massive destruction will take place all over the world, and Tony Stark, and even more, the Avengers will be held accountable for it. This will lead all governments around the world to have a singular enemy, superhumans.

This could be what the Superhero Registration Act is all about, and since Tony Stark created Ultron and his legion of robots to begin with, he could feel so unimaginably guilty and in effect turn to the pro-registration side. It would be him leading the charge making sure all superhumans are held accountable for their actions. Remember back in the first Iron Man film, Tony realised his weapons were being sold to the enemy and causing the death of innocents which lead him to create the Mark II and III Iron Man suits. A weapon he was in control of to make sure innocents were no longer harmed. So after Age of Ultron events, just imagine how Tony feels now. Another positive idea, turned against the people he’s been trying to protect.

Captain America vs Iron Man

Captain America vs Iron Man

In the comics, Captain America was anti-registration because he witnessed the events of World War II and how the Jewish people were treated at the hand of the Nazi regime. This could carry over just as easily into the film universe as it is a complete and honest reason to still be anti-registration. Not only that, but after the events of The Winter Soldier film, Captain America wouldn’t be as trust worthy of governments after Hydra was able to infiltrate SHIELD and other forms of society so easily.

It takes me back to a piece of dialogue between Steve Rogers and Nick Fury during the events of The Winter Soldier film. I’ll list the dialogue below;

Fury: “We’re gonna neutralise a lot of threats before they happen.”
Rogers: “I thought the punishment usually came after the crime?”
Fury: “We can’t afford to wait that long.”
Rogers: “Who’s we?”
Fury: “After New York (The Avengers film) I convinced the World Security Council we needed a quantum surge and threat analysis. For once we are way ahead of the curve.”
Rogers: “By holding a gun to everyone on Earth and calling it protection?”

Now I know that isn’t what the Superhero Registration Act is all about, the dialogue was actually about the new Helicarriers, but its Steve Rogers’ pieces of dialogue that interest me most. He is all about fighting for freedom. Doing what’s right for freedom and not allowing any Government to have total control. So maybe that could be another reason he is so against Tony.

Black Panther

Black Panther

Next we have the newest character to join the MCU. Black Panther. At the Marvel event, it was announced that T’Challa would also be in Captain America: Civil War facing off against Tony and Steve. I know, I know, nothing has been announced about anyone vs anyone yet, but lets speculate for now. You see, in the comics, Ultron has many different forms. One of the most popular forms is his robot body being made of Vibranium. Vibranium is a virtually indestructible metal naturally occurring substance found in the land of Wakanda (country in Africa). In the MCU, Captain America’s shield also happens to be made of Vibranium and has been able to withstand a hit from Mjolnir. So in Age of Ultron, if Ultron himself is made of Vibranium in his final form (he has two different forms in the teaser trailer), then it’s possible he travelled to Wakanda to source the metal for himself.

Maybe T’Challa possibly feels guilty over this and vows to make his country/people known to the outside world during the Civil War events? It is possible. In the teaser trailer, we even get a glimpse of the character Andy Serkis is playing. He looks similar the Black Panther enemy known as, Ulysses Klaw. Let us say he is play Klaw. Maybe he has access to Vibranium also, and decides that helping Ultron will in turn help his needs to defeat Black Panther. There by forcing T’Challa to be involved.

Oh man, so many things to speculate on. More so when it comes to Captain America’s shield in the trailer having been broken. It’s made of Vibranium and that allows it to absorb energy, so what in the hell broke it? If Ultron is truly that powerful, how will he be destroyed? And will T’Challa help Captain America and provide him with a replacement shield? If he does this, then it leads me to believe Black Panther will side with Roger’s during the Civil War events.

So much to process. So many questions and no answers being given. I know it’s only a year to wait. Less then a year, but it’s always fun to speculate, right?

I intended this blog update to talk about the phase 3 of the MCU, but it seems to be mainly focused on Age of Ultron and Civil War events. Sorry everyone, but hopefully once my mind stops racing, I’ll be able to write my thoughts on the rest of the phase 3 line up of films.

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