LEGO Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout 10937 REVIEW

LEGO Batman classic set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout 10937
Set number 10937, $248 from TARGET which works out to roughly .15 cents a brick.

Items Included:
1619 pieces
8 mini figures
3 instruction booklets
9 numbered bags
1 page of stickers
1 comic book

Like all others, I’ll begin this review by mentioning the above short list. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference.

So many bits to play around with…


Mini Figures
I’m just going to say this right off the bat (no pun intended), the Arkham Asylum Breakout set is one amazing build. Starting with the mini figures, we get spoilt. A total of 8 mini figures are included here, and all but a few are extremely fun.

Lets begin with the good guys. Robin, a Security Guard and finally Batman. I’ve complained in the past about Batman mini figures. Usually its because of the terrible capes LEGO seems to include, but this time, Batman has a piece that gives him glider wings like the scene from Batman Returns. This one simple turns an otherwise boring mini fig into something highly enjoyable to look at, and play with. Especially when you place him at the peak of the Arkham Asylum building. It looks brilliant.

Next, we have Robin. Not sure which boy wonder this is supposed to be, but I’m guessing Tim Drake from the Arkham City game. the hood kind of gives it away, and the fact he isn’t a child sized mini figure. I’ve always really liked the hood LEGO piece and it translates into a much darker looking Robin. As you can see from the pictures posted, he looks brilliant. The bright red body piece stands out against the dark LEGO set, and I’m really happy he comes with a bo staff LEGO piece. My complaint, like most times, is with the cape. However here, its because it never sat right. At first I believed it was the hood causing issues, but even when removed, the cape wasn’t right.


Finally we all the overly generic security guard. I’ll leave my thoughts at that, because in all seriousness, LEGO could’ve included something much better. Don’t worry though, lets get onto the best of them all. The bad guys, and gals. These 5 mini figs would be worth it alone. I’ll go in order of the picture. Scarecrow is first, and my lord, he rocks. The hat, oh man, the hat. I can’t get over how awesome this mini figure looks. The dark brown hat is perfect. Has a little bend at the top giving it a sweeping look. The head piece has printing on the front and back, which completely surprised me. The rear has what appears to be straw stuffing. Details, details, details. The face has a creepy smile with stitching around the edges and the dark eyes with red, really freak me out. The body printing is also top notch with the rope around the neck and waist. I love it. Check out the picture and zoom in as much as possible.

Next comes the Joker. If you’ve seen the Joker once in mini figure form don’t worry, this one is slightly different. First, it is the same head and hair piece. Nothing special there, but frankly its a very classy looking piece with all the detail on it, so no complaints there. Where it takes a departure is in the body and leg brick pieces. Wearing an orange (is the new black lol) jump suit, the Joker just looks like one crazy guy. I just love the look and style of him as a mini figure with the orange.

Of course where Joker goes, Harley Quinn must follow. But I’m stupid, sorry about this, you see Harley Quinn comes with two different faces. One side is the white face makeup, and on the other, you have her as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Best yet, you even get two hair pieces. One is for her Harley Quinn face and the other is blonde hair for the doctor side. Its a really well thought of idea that actually pays off depending on how you play around with it. Either way, barely hidden under her doctors uniform, you can see printing for her Harley Quinn uniform. Well played LEGO. Like it a lot.

I’m not going to lie, Poison Ivy has always been an interesting character, and I’m glad to have her in mini figure form, however she’s still a little…bland. The outfit looks good and all, but the mini figure doesn’t really have much going for it. A neat little touch are the printed leafs in her red hair.

Sadly the last of the mini figures comes in the form of Penguin. Oh…well the less said about him the better. At the end of the day, I don’t even see why he is in Arkham Asylum anyway…its like a mental institution not a jail.


Main Build
From the pictures posted, you can see that this build, Arkham Asylum Breakout, is broken up into three builds. For the sake of this review I’ll break it up into two parts. The first part will cover the Arkham Asylum medical van and also the front gate. The second will cover the major build itself.

To begin with, the Medical Van. I’ve seen these types of vehicles so many times before in LEGO City sets. The fact LEGO decided to rebrand, and slightly change the van doesn’t surprise me because it fits this set. The entire vehicle has the same basic colours throughout the build. Grey, black and white. A little bit of colour is thrown in, but the real fun comes in the rear compartment of the vehicle. You see its mostly being used as a transport medical van. So as the instruction booklet shows, it comes with a nice little table that has LEGO bricks that form body straps. By opening them, you can place a mini figure in and lock it down. Think Hannibal. I love this little added tray and playability, its a really well designed piece. Also nicely fits the security guard in the drivers seat. And thanks to the easy to remove roof, you can put him in without problems.

Next part is the Arkham gate. Not much going on here save for the dark statue like mini figures that sit on either side of the black gate. They are completely black in design but hold a giant grey key and spear. The gates are a little funny when it comes to opening them as the set isn’t weighed down by anything, so the whole thing tends to move around. Not a favourite of mine and a very flimsy set in general. I would’ve been happy for LEGO to remove this part and put the pieces into the Arkham building itself…but more on that momentarily.

Before I begin, this build is one mighty set. It took me a grand total of 6 – 7 hours to put it all together. I’m very glad with the finished product though, however I do have some thoughts. Ready? Lets begin.

I love it. All done.

NO! Just joking, this is one of the most highly sort after LEGO sets for me in the last few years. I remember see it late 2012 and wanting to snap it up, but a lack of money caused me to put it on hold for a while. It wasn’t until just recently that I saw it on shelf and HAD to pick it up. As you can probably tell from the pictures posted here, this is one big build. With a total of 9 numbered bags, 7 of which belong to the building itself, its one of the most detailed residents I’ve come across…outside of the Modular sets that is.

With double the asking price, I could see this Arkham Asylum having a closed back with a hinge to open it for play, but LEGO has chosen to keep it front only with back open. I’m not going to lie, it hurts the overall quality for me even though it was never a promised feature by LEGO. Just something I would’ve personally enjoyed having.

Because of this open back design, LEGO has crammed so much detail into the build. LEGO stone bricks are used to provide much needed detail onto the front of the building around the doors. Large grey column like pillars are used to create a supported look. About the entrance doors, you can see the Arkham Asylum sign. WARNING: make sure you double down on your sticker labelling abilities…so many here.

The front door opens and above it you are given a security camera which moves around. A great little extra. On parts of the building front, you can even see green LEGO tree pieces and most important of all, from Poison Ivy’s window, the vines breaking out. The way this set is designed blows me away. Very impressive. Window far right (in the picture) has a white LEGO rope which allows the others to escape. I love how the window uses angled clear pieces to give a broken look. While putting it all together, I couldn’t figure it out, but once it all locked it, I had a smile from ear to ear.

This LEGO set uses the bricks in such interesting ways that I’m surprised they aren’t used more often. Take for instance the top part of the building. By using partial pieces here and there I had a gargoyle to add to the already gothic design. A drill piece I’ve only seen a few times is used to create spires like structures. I have almost fallen in love with this set.


Lets flip the set around though, and check the next picture. Follow along if you can. Batman is standing on the top tower of the Arkham Asylum. Below him is a large brown door. It opens and I couldn’t figure out why it was all icy inside. So when I checked online, I found that LEGO designed this set with Mr. Freeze mini figure in mind. A year later, a Freeze mini fig was released and when used with this set, he fits right in. Where Robin is standing, a large area can be used to with mini figures, and can easily fit 5 on there alone.

Poison Ivy is held in a plastic cage which can open and close. It holds really well and is held in by only a few bricks, so it doesn’t need a lot of force to move. next over we have Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s office. A large chair/bed/table can be used by any mini figure, but with Joker it just suits him. As you can see, its made to be moved around and allows you to position it. Next over we have the desk with chemical beakers and test tubes, plus the desk even has drawers. Its so well made. Still in the office area, Dr. Harleen sits at her desk. The chair spins around 360 degrees and has arm rests. ARM RESTS!!!

Directly below Harleen’s office is a secret(?) area. You can see from the picture that he costume headpiece is stored here, but its really tough to take off, so be really careful. I was forced to use my teeth to remove it, and I’m not happy with the one bit. So once again, be really careful. The secret storage desk spins around and with folders of the villains on it.

In a call back to the Adam West Batman 60’s tv show, a red phone is included in this set. I couldn’t help but laugh when I put this piece together. The security guard sits at his desk over looking his security cameras and can spin around on the chair. Finally we end at the jail cells. Using a clever design, the jail bars open and close on a sliding flat brick piece that is held in perfectly up top. A mini figure can perfectly fit in the jail cell when closed.

Final Thoughts
As you can probably tell, there are more details and hidden features I haven’t even gone into. This entire LEGO build is packed with playability and highly pays itself off. My only complaints were with the open back of the build and the gate itself. Apart from those things, this is one truly amazing set. I recommend it and can’t believe I actually own it now.

Best part is, at the end of the third booklet, LEGO has included instructions to pull apart the three sections and put it back together to give the build a corner design. Its so easy to do and takes all of about 20 seconds to change it around.

I love this set and when you buy it, I’m sure you’ll love it too. Thank you LEGO…now how about Wayne Manor or a Batcave LEGO set?!?


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