Ben Affleck (4)

When Ben Affleck was cast at Bruce Wayne/Batman way back in 2013, I was a little confused as to the choice of casting an older Batman. Don’t get me wrong, I always picture Batman in his late 30s to early 40s, but Ben Affleck was 41 at the time of his casting announcement, and he looked to be on his late 40s. My other issue with the casting was, you immediately age Batman up way above Superman. Not only that, but how long can Ben Affleck hold onto that physique? I mean you want him to play Batman across multiple from many number of years?

Thankfully I was wrong…on a few of my above list questions.

When Batman v Superman was eventually released, Ben Affleck gave us one of the darkest Batman incarnations ever to be put on screen. Now while I hate Batman killing, I let it go for this film because of the aged Dark Knight they were going for. This was a Batman that had been fighting the war on crime for over 20 years. He’d lost a Robin, tackled all his rogues gallery and even suffered the destruction of his manor. This Batman had been through war and war changes people.

Come Justice League though, and Ben Affleck clearly no longer wanted to be there. He looked disinterested and painfully out of shape in the film. Whether it’s because of reshoots, or simply the by product of Batman v Superman not being accepted as warmly as they initially hoped, Affleck just seemed like he wanted out.

In January 2019, he got his wish.

As soon as Justice League was released, rumours were all over the place stating Affleck was leaving the Batman role. He denied it multiple times and hundreds of interviews, and even during his recent stint at rehab, the guy looked jacked up. So rumours began again that maybe Affleck wasnt done with Batman just yet and was bulking up to play the Dark Knight one last time.

A stand alone Batman film was in the works for years with Affleck attached to direct, then he dropped out as director. Now Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) is attached as director, and a release has officially been announced as June 25th 2021. On top of that, Ben Affleck is officially out with reports the film will focus on a younger Batman.

So while I’m excited to see a new incarnation of Batman on screen, and crossing my fingers they finally nail this new incarnation. I ask only one thing, PLEASE, LET THE MAN MOVE HIS DAMN HEAD!!!

That’s all I ask. I just want Matt Reeves to look at the DCAU and give us that Batman. I don’t even care if they attempt to just big us a live action Mask of the Phantasm. After all, it’s the best Batman movie ever made. Hands down.

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