Phase 3 (15)

Welcome back for the final part of the, look I will be completely honest here. I don’t have a cool title for this little mini series here. I could have called it the Fox/Disney merger, or the X-Men/Fantastic Four MCU merger. It should have had a fun and punny titled. Instead I named it after the Phases the MCU uses. It allowed me to number them, and also not confuse people with the numbering for the posts in a row thing I’ve got going on.

With that out-of-the-way, I really am glad you’re back. This is the final part and introduces the Fantastic Four. I am a big fan of the fantastic family of characters and although this one has multiple different ideas on how to introduce them, I thought I’d just put it all in one to end it at three. Enjoy.

This is coming from another idea I’ve been thinking about for some time now. Heroes Reborn. The Marvel Heroes once fought a hulking villain called, Onslaught. He was a mix between Magneto and Professor X…long story, and in the process of defeating Onslaught, a major portion of the Marvel Heroes were kill.

At least that’s what we all thought. Actually what had happened to them was quite different. Reed Richards and Sue Storm had a child called Franklin Richards. He was so powerful, both parents having powers derived from cosmic rays, that little Franklin was able to create pocket dimensions.

When the battle for Onslaught concluded, Franklin Richards unknowingly created a pocket dimension which served two purposes. One to allow creators to relaunch The Avengers and Fantastic Four characters in a fresh new way, and also in the comics, it allowed for remaining heroes to deal with a world where the heavy hitters weren’t around anymore.

The Heroes Reborn line failed and the heroes made it back to the regular continuity during Heroes Return, but it was a fun little experiment and this could work for the Fantastic Four.

With Captain Marvel being introduced soon in her own film, her eventual reappearance in Avengers Endgame, and Kevin Feige saying her powerful she is…what if somehow Captain Marvel was stuck in some pocket dimension at the end of her own film. I know, at the end of Infinity War Nick Fury pages her to come back…what if the pager is able to travel inter-dimensional? It could be a thing.

Imagine the possibilities of Captain Marvel coming back to defeat Thanos and in the process, her departure from that pocket dimension allows Reed Richards to find our world and come over. Would be a fun way to introduce the characters considering their adventures revolve around just that, adventures. A family which often travels to the negative zone and space. What greater adventure is there than to travel to an alternate dimension and being stranded. Maybe the trip is part of an experiment Reed is working on, and Captain Marvel causes a rift in time and space and Reed’s planned orbital launch is hit by the rift warping him and his family in the process. They land on our Earth and BAM, the Fantastic Four is born,

Those are some crazy ideas…ones I’ve thought about for a while now. It would hold true to the characters of both Fantastic Four and X-Men, while at the same time not introducing concepts too wild for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Personally I feel like the Fantastic Four could even be introduced in modern times with no issues at all. I would actually be really happy with the FF being the MCU spin on the Lost in Space trope. A family of explorers travel to a space station orbiting a distant planet, they hit a cosmic belt which causes them to become exposed and pass out. The shuttle shuts down all manual controls, shifts to autopilot and heads back for Earth. The crew wake up upon reentry and crash-land on Earth different.

Reed realises the cosmic belt was an unnatural element which has caused their bodies to become contaminated and in the process, given each of the four crew a mutation. It is so simple, and Reed could really be played up as an Elon Musk or Richard Branson type of guy looking to send humankind to the stars.

Just thinking about the Fantastic Four joining the MCU absolutely blows my mind. I just want them to handle Silver Surfer with respect this time. Please, make him the massive threat for a movie only to reveal in the final minutes, ‘sorry guys, I’m just the henchman and the boss man is on his way.’ Can you even imagine how crazy it will be?

Okay, I need to end this post now. If I don’t, I’m going to ramble on for many more hours talking about the story outline for the Fantastic Four film I want, and how cool the Silver Surfer is. I’ll stop now.

Thanks again for sticking around and reading this far.

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