LEGO Chima: Lavertus’ Twin Blade 70129 REVIEW

LEGO Chima 2014 set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Chima: Lavertus’ Twin Blade 70129
Set number 70129, $25 from Big W which works out to roughly $0.13 a brick.

Items Included:
183 pieces
2 mini figures
1 instruction booklet
1 bag
Page of stickers

Like all others, I’ll begin this review by mentioning the above short list. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference.

Pressing down on the thingy makes the two side thingys spin…


Mini Figures

At some point I should really get into the LEGO Chima shoe and back story of these characters. It seems like so much time and money has been spent creating this unique universe…

For this flying lion(?) build, we get 2 mini figures. One of which is really cool. So first of all, lets talk about the Lion mini figure, Lavertus. The part of these LEGO figures I really enjoy is the detail on them. Including weapons, Lavertus is made up of a total of 12 LEGO pieces. Legs, body, head, helmet, chest piece, power stud, and weapons. That is a hell of a lot of pieces for a single mini figure.

Whats really cool though is the body and head printing. So much detail, front and back. You even get two different facial expressions to choose from. Unfortunately it doesn’t really make a difference though. Once the helmet piece is on, the expression won’t matter. The machine guns though, oh man, totally fell in love with them. Standard gun piece, with a few extras to really make it shine.

Really do love this mini figure.

The next and final is Scutter. I initially thought this animal was a spider, but a quick search online reveals he is actually part of a Scorpion tribe. Doesn’t matter. LOOK AT HIM!!! I’m not even going to count the amount of LEGO pieces he is made up of…wait…now I need to check…GO IT!!!

A total of 30 brick pieces make up this bad boy (no pun intended). Comes with a standard mini figure body and head, with amazing detail on both. A helmet completes the look here. Then comes the other bits of fun. You actually build the body of the scorpion, legs and stinger included. I was completely blown away when I started building this thing.

I had no idea this was a mini figure when I looked at the box, so consider me really surprised when it came to putting it all together. Needless to say, Scutter is like a little LEGO build all in itself. Impressive stuff.


Main Build
Now for the main LEGO build itself. The flying Lion(?) vehicle. Long, yellow and lots of spinning pieces. What I really enjoy are that you get plenty of colour. I think thats evident in all Chima sets. Plenty of colour. With this one, its yellow. From head to tail, its mostly yellow with lots of large bricks. Its a good and bad thing. I don’t mind the low brick count (for the most part), but I find the use of large pieces a little overkill.

Not a bad thing, but something I’d love to have avoided. The middle section of the Lion Helicopter is cool. Has a spring type of construction build using a few locking pieces as well as an elastic band to keep it all in place. This spring then allows you to spin the helicopter blades simply by pressing down the brick spring system.

Its a really well design concept and works because the flying Lion even comes with a perfectly designed handle on the rear of the build. Has plenty of space thanks to the long rear of the vehicle, and sits very comfortably in large and small hands. Gives you easy access to the spring, and when the helicopter blades start spinning, you needn’t fear as they don’t even come close to touching you.

Perfectly made and easily the stand out feature of the build. Two thumbs up LEGO for a job well done.

Another part I really love is the front of the Lion Helicopter. The cockpit is actually the Lion head, super bright white teeth included. Adding to the sleek look are the brown rubber-like guards which close up the cockpit. For some reason, as I was putting it together, this part made me smile. Adds detail and looks amazing.

Although I enjoyed the LEGO build itself, I have issues. You can see from the pictures, but the spring system creates a large LEGO brick piece which sticks up in the center of the vehicle. Kind of ruins the design of the build and doesn’t look pleasing to the eye at all. Also when using the spring, I found it made a grinding noise when the LEGO bricks hit each other. This bothers me lots. I even built it a second time to make sure there wasn’t a fault in my construction.

Not only that, but lets talk about the Scutter mini figure. The scorpion tail stinger. It simply doesn’t lock into the brick piece as it should. No matter how much you force it in, the stinger piece will always fall out during movement. Problematic.

Its great when you want to pose it, but if a kid moves it around, it’ll pop off. Something that shouldn’t happen at all, especially when the mini figure is made of 30 pieces.

Another thing, a total of roughly 42 pieces are used on the mini figures, and about 5 spare pieces a the end of the build. That leaves only 136 LEGO pieces for the Lion Helicopter itself. Pretty lame when you think about it. Or at least thats how I was feeling.

Final Thoughts
It sounds like I’m ragging on the build, which was never the case. I had fun while building this vehicle, but sadly its just not a very attractive build once its complete. I like the yellow, although its a little overused, and the helicopter blades that spin are fantastic, but if only LEGO had used some of those 30+ pieces to make this spring system, look and work a little better…sleek design wise.

In saying all that, its got some pretty cool looking mini figures that really stand out, but sadly not a vehicle build I’ll keep on display. I appreciate the try LEGO, but this Chima set, I can’t recommend.

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