No Scrubs… (16)

I’ve been struggling to write something lately. All the ideas I had, have eventually been deleted and started fresh. But that’s just me. Anyway, in the past week I came down with a cold. Runny nose, sore throat, headaches with body aches and pains and just had a complete lack of energy and motivation. But as I slowly came out of my sickness, it got me thinking about a few things and then my train of thought got very weird. Allow me to let you in.

Being sick, I had a day off work in the hopes of speeding up my recovery. Seemed to be working. While at home, I was streaming Scrubs and fell in love with it with all over again.

Side note for a moment to let me say how much I absolutely love Scrubs. I remember watching it in the early 2000s and me and my dad would be sitting in the lounge room having a good laugh while JD was constantly drifting off into his own little world. If you haven’t watched this show, go watch it now. If you haven’t watched it in a while, go watch it now.

While watching Scrubs, It got me thinking about my life and future. My partner and I don’t plan on having kids because frankly, we love being Uncles and Aunts to our nieces and nephews, but having our own in’t our thing. But then it’s like, what are we going to leave behind? So I thought about that and I looked up organ donations. And I thought about how if one day I’m ever in a bad car accident or mortally wounded, I’d allow for my organs to help others to live.

But that will be a while (hopefully), so I got to thinking about donating blood. Oh, that should be easy. A little research online and it turns out you just head into the city, fill out some paperwork and roll up your sleeve. Simple.

Continue to follow my train of thought here.

So my blood is collected and I get a cookie and leave. But then, what if my blood is different? Like they put the blood in storage and then a few months down the line, someone has a car accident requiring a blood transfusion and my blood happens to be the one used. What if the blood sample was different and the person suddenly turns into a monster or vampire?

Seriously, this was my train of thought. It goes on.

Now the person wakes up in the middle of the night, has this incredible thirst for blood and begins attacking hospital safe and patients. And then the police! All this makes the news as a crazy vampire is running around the city. How do you even stop a vampire? Stab the heart with wood or metal? Sunlight? Burn them? Holy water? Garlic? I mean, so many things to think about.

And then as I sat there thinking about donating blood, I stopped and looked at the tv and JD was coming out of his own daydream. And I quickly straightened myself up and smiled. Scrubs is an awesome show…and in my thoughts I must be a vampire?

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