Spider-Man PS4

As a Spider-Man fan, this is a big week for me.

Friday (Australian time) sees the release of Spider-Man on PS4. So, like the determined fan that I am, I went out and purchased a new PS4 Pro in white.

Why white? Well it’s a beautiful looking console, and matches my display unit. Plus it looks a hell of a lot better than the black PS4 console I previously owned. I no longer own said console, it went to the console farm where it and other consoles now play together.

With the new console purchased, the next thing was to pre-order the game. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely disagree with pre-ordering any game ever. Especially when it comes to digital copies. However, even without a review, I am completely confident this game will be great.

Next up was making sure to purchased PS Plus. Why? Because SONY has a feature to download games when the console is in Rest Mode. This means I can be at work, or sleeping, and the console will use minimal power consumption to download my game and any updates. What this also means, is Spider-Man is keyed up and ready to play as midnight strikes. However this feature only works if you have PS Plus. No kidding. My Xbox One does it as standard, but here we have SONY forcing us into buying PS Plus. No problems, you win.

At this point I’ve already spent $550 on the console and another $115 in the game. What’s another $80 for PS Plus? Crazy! Mind you, the $115 is for the deluxe edition. Reason being, I wanted to make sure I got access to the DLC as its released.

Reviews don’t come out until two days before release, which is about now, and while I won’t be reading them, for fear of ruining my own hype, I won’t be able to play the game until late Friday evening, so I’ll need a fix of some kind, which is where reading comics will do.

Now why go to all this effort for a simple Spider-Man game? Because frankly I’ve been sold on it since seeing the first trailer years ago during E3 2016. And since then, everything that has been said is just speaking to me. They appear to be treating the character with care and respect and that’s all I’ve ever needed. Plus, they understand how important Spider-Man 2 the video game was, and since that’s the best Spider-Man video game so far, I’m getting the hint the developers understand what the fans want and need.

Not only that, they also seem to get Peter Parker. He is just as important a character as Spider-Man. You can’t have a Spidey story without Peter being a big part of it. Personal stakes make it a Spider-Man story. Then we have all the different costumes, and Scarlet Spider is included. Did I mention that? I mean we get Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider costume to unlock and use in the game. All we need are The Slingers costumes, and I’m set.

Now, either the game will be the best superhero, and Spider-Man, video game ever…or it’ll crash, burn and shine bright for a week before disappearing into nothing for me. However it goes, it’s Spider-Man and I can’t wait to swing around New York City recreating adventures I read about as a kid.

Keep those phones close

On a side note. Once I’ve sunk enough hours into the game, I may bring my impressions to the blog as a major discussion post. Either way, you’ll find my fresh thoughts, unfiltered, on twitter and instagram. Just search for truthfulnerd.

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