Blog Update 007 – Goals/Resolutions 2015

After reading this post by Karine, I thought it was a really good idea that I would have to emulate it and make my own list. So here it is, my goal/resolutions for my blog in 2015:

1. Review Comics
I mean seriously I read about five different comics monthly and never thought to review them. Don’t get me wrong here, I wouldn’t think of doing my usual review style of 1500+ words, but maybe in bite size portions. I’m thinking a small synopsis followed by thoughts and review. Something small.

2. Review more LEGO, games and films
I already review the James Bond films monthly (selfish plug) and occasionally a movie I see in the cinema. When it comes to video games and LEGO its the same too. I just don’t review them often enough. So I really need to make sure I pull my finger out and get reviews out my frequently.

3. Read and review all the Ian Fleming James Bond novels
Come on, I’m a James Bond fan but have never bothered to read the novels which made the films possible. It’s a joke and I’m upset with myself about it. I read at a slow pace, So I don’t expect to get through them all in 2015, but I can at least make a dint in the pile of 14 novels.

4. Watch more movies at the cinemas
Can you believe that in 2014 I only managed to see 28 films at the cinema? Believe it or not, there were at least another 10 films I intended to see, but work and life kept me from seeing them. I will make sure that changes.

5. My next big thing
In 2014 I decided to watch and review all the James Bond films month by month. So far it’s been going good and I’m enjoying the viewing experience even more. I’m liking it so much that I’ve decided to continue this review style by moving into another franchise. The DC Universe Animated Original Movies (DCUAOM). At this moment, the franchise is at 21 films (list found here and growing. Would be a big challenge, but I’m up for it.

6. Gaming, LEGO and film news
I’ve wanted to do this for a while now, and want to have a post covering the weekly news from all three. Nothing major, but something different for me.

7. Get my story into novel form
Come on already. I’ve had many different story ideas for over 16 years now and have written the basic outlines where I have all the characters and story points down. My only problem is, I can’t get the outline into novel form. I struggle with dialogue and pacing. Characters progression and protagonist and antagonist. Wow, reading that back it sounds like I have nothing outlined, but you would be wrong. Over 6000 words outlined for each novel so far, and that is without dialogue. However it will allow me to plan out and write the novel, just need to get it done. So in 2015, I need to get my butt into gear.


As I said, a simple list but would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading and have a safe 2015.


  1. I’m glad I found your blog. I’m still working my way through the Fleming cannon as I just finished Thunderball and wrote my piece on it. I look forward to reading more of your stuff. It’s good get to know other writers with similart interests.

    I don’t know if I’ll get around to it this year, but you should also consider taking a look at the original James Bond Comic Strips:

    There are a lot of volumes and a bit expensive but I’d like to get my hands on them eventually and review them as well.

    Keep writing


    1. I read your Thunderball piece. It was very impressive and very glad to now be able to find all the information in one spot. I must admit, I’m a fan of James Bond but that knowledge of the character only comes from the films themselves. I’ve yet to jump into the books by Ian Fleming, however I intend to make that leap this year.

      Yeah I’ll be making sure to follow your work from here on out and can’t wait to read what you write when it comes to OHMSS. It is my favourite of the films and has such a rich backstory as I’m sure you already know.

      Those Bond comic strips…oh my, I think my wallet may just about explode. But thanks for the heads up

  2. Would love to watch more movies at the cinema. I was doing alright than I just dropped off somewhere in the middle of the year.
    Maybe I might read the Bond books before the movie comes out. 11 months should be plenty of time, I hope

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