I’ve been working on a story outline for over ten years now. It’s changed characters, settings, story lines and numerous other things. I’ve written other stories in the years too, reviews also. Even started up this blog to get myself motivated.

The thing that really pushes me to do better though, are terrible stories written and published in movie, tv and comic form.

While there are people screaming to be heard, people with talent and ideas and a story to tell, you have others that take it all for granted and love to get out there and ruin characters.

The idea here was to outline my frustration and flaws. At the same time it was a way of actually publishing something. It’s been far too many months.

Go brick yourself… (1.03)

As you may know by now, if you follow my uploads, you’d see that I’ve recently decided to return to the world of film reviews with the Mission Impossible franchise. I loved review the 007 films and reading them back, I’m actually very proud of what I managed to put out.

But if the reviews for films will be starting back up, what does that mean for my LEGO reviews?

Frankly, it’s not good news.

As you know, I pour my blood, sweat and tears into my LEGO reviews and always strive my best to include as much detail and information. Unfortunately, after so many years of buying, reviewing and either displaying and breaking down LEGO, the sets are becoming to expensive and unoriginal.

Don’t get me wrong, spending $150 on LEGO on a few sets and building them is better than a beautiful view and calming music. But lately, and I’m talk in the last two years, originality seems to have gone out the window.

I mostly collect Star Wars and Super Hero sets, however I delve into many others also. Lately though, everything seems to be a remake of a set from years ago. When it comes to superhero sets, they are just boring and dull. I feel no interest in picking one up.

There are some sets I really want, but they mostly comes from the creator expert line, like the Ford Mustang. Again, the price is too much.

LEGO use to be a passion and hobby for me. I was proud of my 60 plus sets on display, now I see them as something to dust down and maintain. Recent sets have tainted my love for past sets and I honestly hate that. I need to find my love for LEGO, but if the designer themselves are putting in next to zero effort, why should I pick up the sets.

This year, I’ll be going through my entire 100 plus collection of LEGO and cleaning, breaking down and selling them off. Of course I will be keeping my personal favourites, and those which mean something to me, but the others will slowly be sold off to better homes.

Anyone else having an out of love experience with LEGO, or is it just me?

Earth One… (18)

I have promised one new post per day for as long as I can go. So far today makes that 18 in a row. I don’t intended to stop anytime soon. But doing so does require me to play around with posts I normally would upload.


X Marks the spot…(17)

I was sitting at my computer desk watching some YouTube, and while casually browsing through my twitter feed, I noticed someone had retweeted a gif from the new X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix.¬†My first thought, ‘why is this still be released?’


No Scrubs… (16)

I’ve been struggling to write something lately. All the ideas I had, have eventually been deleted and started fresh. But that’s just me.¬†Anyway, in the past week I came down with a cold. Runny nose, sore throat, headaches with body aches and pains and just had a complete lack of energy and motivation. But as I slowly came out of my sickness, it got me thinking about a few things and then my train of thought got very weird. Allow me to let you in.