Star Wars KotOR III FanFic 3

It was many months ago (24 months to be exact), that I uploaded a chapter from a fan fiction I was working on, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III. I was such a big fan of the game series back on the original Xbox, that I wanted these characters to continue on, and my only chance at the time, was writing a continuation series.

So I did.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III FanFic was my attempt at creating a story set years after KotOR II, and telling the tale of Revan and what came next. I also took inspiration from Mass Effect, a Bioware video game, and wanted to actually see characters interact and make choices.

Making choices was always a big part of the KotOR video games, however the game engine prevented cut scenes from feeling like movies, and instead felt like a muppet show. My idea was to shade the Jedi in shadow because at the time, 2007, thats how I felt the Jedi Order was portrayed in the Star Wars Prequels. Which I enjoyed. So by having the Jedi be just as gray as the Sith, I felt the story could truely take on a new perspective, coupled with the fact I was writing it, I felt like I could really bring a fresh take to the series.

Obviously I never got past the Fourth Chapter (down below), but if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I always plan out my stories. Just read any of my previous short story ideas (here and here) and you’ll see I work out the entire idea before moving ahead.

That is why, when it came to Star Wars The Old Republic III FanFic, I wanted the entire story planned out from Chapter One to Chapter Whatever. I wanted the characters inserted into chapters, with major plot points, planets and when events would take place. I had romances and deaths sorted. I had mysterious and reveals in there and even a few characters from the games making returns in cameo and major parts. All that was planned out by me, until I realised the one simple thing holding me back; Star Wars.

I don’t own Star Wars, the characters or anything belonging to the universe. I can write as much as I want and plan out what I need to happen, but at the end of the day, nothing will come of it. It was suggested to me, “Maybe try adapt it into your own characters and universe.”

Good idea! But over ten years later, nothing has come of it. I hope that in posting this unfinished Chapter Four will give me the push to eventually start over with my own characters. But until that happens, just expect many more LEGO reviews to come. Until then, read on and if you want to hear what was coming next, let me know. I would be absolutely ecstatic to go over the basic idea of where the story was going next.


The Dex bar didn’t look like much, thought Aiden making his first step into the place. People crowded the entire three floors of the bar, each floor stretching on for a while. It had large dark walls that lit up each time the laser lights bounced off them sending sparkling reflections in each and every direction.

It was one of the most popular bars going around Coruscant’s lower levels and had been for quite some time. The original owner was a Hutt name Nantara. He started the place as a means of getting some dirty money through the city without the republic paying him much attention. Only problem was the dealers used the place to do their own deals. Eventually it became big business for all involved until someone killed Nantara in the middle of the day. Everyone saw the assassination, but as it turns out, being silent pays and soon the new owner took over and everything was back to normal. Now the new owner was trying to run things like the old days, dealers were forbidden from the bar and anyone caught was never seen again.

The three looked around the place. It was too large to waste time looking for Carth, so Vaya hit the bar where the bartender was pouring drinks.

He was a large man with a beard and short, balding hair. His top was stained with drinks and the rag over his shoulder looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks.

“Hey handsome,” flirted Vaya. “I’m looking for a friend of mine and I’m pretty sure you know him.”

“I only pour drinks, you want one, you pay,” he barked back over the thumping sound of music.

“Just need information.”

“Well I can’t help you,” replied the bartender turning away.

Vaya reached over the bar grabbing the large man by the back of his collar. People turned to looked as she pulled the bartender over the counter where he landed with a thud.

“Tell us where Carth is,” she snarled while applying pressure to the bartender’s throat.

He coughed. “Who? Who are you after?”

“Carth,” Bastila said from behind. “Carth Onasi. Where is he?”

“Who are you talking about? I don’t know anyone by that name.”

Aiden shook his head and then pushed his senses out. He searched as far as he could, but didn’t know anything about Carth to pinpoint him down to any one person in the bar, if he was even in the bar. And if he wasn’t a Jedi, which Aiden was beginning to think he wasn’t, it would make things next to impossible.

The Padawan noticed Vaya reaching for the blaster concealed inside her brown vest. He then heard a few mumbles and the blaster was shoved into the man’s mouth.

“Speak up,” demanded Vaya pulling the nozzle out just enough.

“Okay fine!” shouted the large man. “I’m pretty sure I seen him in here an hour ago, but there are so many guys coming and going I can’t be sure if he left or not.”

Bastila released her hold and Vaya followed sending the bartender crashing to the ground. Once again a few patrons looked but no one cared to do anything.

The three moved away from the bar standing in a quieter spot, if even possible, while Aiden watched the bartender collect himself and stand back behind the bar.

They began their journey around the level they were on. It was mostly filled with people having a good time with drinks in hand. A band played a familiar tune off in the far right side, and opposite the bar were the stairs which lead to the second and third floors.

However they continued to scour the first level incase Carth was keeping himself hidden.

“First of all, can someone explain who Carth is?” asked Aiden staring at Bastila and Vaya.

“Carth Onasi was once a great friend and pilot of the Ebon Hawk. After Revan destroyed the Sith, Carth became a General for the republic using his knowledge of the galaxy and skills as a leader to win many minor, but very important, wars.”

Bastila scanned the remaining part of the level, then headed for the stairs. She continued. “After a while, the loss of is son proved a greater challenge than Carth let on. He was let go by the Republic and ended up here on Coruscant.”

“Now he deals in information and the Dex bar has been the source of much information gathering and spreading throughout Coruscant,” added Vaya. “We’ve used his services from time to time, and he’s yet to let us down.”

The small party saw no sign of Carth on the first level. Bastila was becoming frustrated and needed to use a few of her own lessons in calming herself down, the dark side was a powerful ally when needed.

Aiden was beginning to think the contact wasn’t even in the Dex bar like the bartender had intentionally said. He made his way up the stairs behind both his former Master and Jedi exile.

The loud thumping music could be heard even before the Padawan was at the second level. Its bright flicking lights could be seen as the party of three finally stepped into the second level.

They searched the second level which was filled mostly with people dancing around with drinks in hand. Laser lights flicked around the room hitting people and lighting their skin a glow of whichever color light it was.

The search proved positive though when Bastila ran off. In the blink of an eye she was gone from Aiden’s view leaving him to wonder if it was the Force or simply the flicking lights.

Finally Aiden and Vaya caught up with the red haired woman who was in the embrace of a man in his mid to late forties. Both stood there watching on as Bastila didn’t seem to want to let go. The man held her off the ground and then noticed the younger male and Vaya standing across from him.

“It’s great to see you again Vaya,” Carth said while releasing his grip of Bastila.

“Always a pleasure Onasi,” she replied.

Bastila composed herself and stood in-between Carth and Aiden.

The Padawan studied the man in front eager to find out what was on his mind. “Aiden Coran,” he said offering his hand to shake.

“Carth Onasi,” he offered. He bought his hand up and took the Padawan’s hand in his own.

“Hmmm,” pondered Aiden.

Carth looked at the two women to either side and wondered if the Jedi was talking in some type of way he wasn’t familiar with. “A problem?” he asked in a firm yet gentle tone.

“No, not at all,” Aiden answered quickly letting go. He waited until the group began talking again and then slowly stepped away.

From the corner of her eye, Bastila could see there was something wrong with her former Padawan. He was unusually quiet and there had been something lifted off Carth she would need to get. But at the present time, it was just a matter of catching up with Carth and finding out what she needed from him.


Aiden stepped out of the refresher room wiping his hands on a towel that was hanging from a rack.

It had been a few hours since the party had met up with Carth Onasi and they had found themselves in his upper level apartment. He complained that the Dex bar wasn’t a secure location or private enough to chat, and everyone parted ways agreeing to meet up soon after.

The apartment itself was considerable size in that if could have easily parked a few standard land speeders. Aiden saw that it was broken up into many smaller rooms but they all came off the main living room which in turn lead out onto the balcony area. Large sliding windows divided the in and out door area the latter of which stored Carth’s garden. A pet project he could spend hours on to help with stress. Or so that’s what he told everyone.

Aiden stepped back into the living room to find that only Bastila and Carth were sitting down. A holo-projector was between them in the middle of the metal table.

“You have to be sure Carth,” said Bastila. Her gaze firmly on the images floating in front. “We can’t go after this guy incase it all goes to crap. I can’t waste time looking for him, Carth. I can’t.”

“I know Bastila,” he said offering the very emotional woman a comforting shoulder. “My contacts tell me that you can find him on Tatooine. I don’t know his name though. I really don’t know much about him as one of my contacts recently on Tatooine overheard it all.”

“Blind luck.”

“Something like that. Look I want to come along with you on this mission,” said Carth.

The Padawan turned his attention to the garden outside where Vaya stood talking into the comlink. He could see her lips moving, but couldn’t hear the words. Aiden knew who she was talking to and what it was about. As Bastila spoke, he turned back to her.

“You can’t come with us Carth. You’re too well known and could compromise the mission,” Bastila thought about how it sounded and tried not to hurt his feelings. “We need to here in case new information comes to light.”

“Guess you’re right,” said Carth.

Aiden cleared his throat to alert them to his presence and then stepped down from where he stood.

“So are we going after Revan?” he asked.

“We are, but you, my old Padawan, are heading back to Dantooine,” Bastila corrected him.

“But Bastila I can help you, really I can,” his words were met with disapproval but Aiden didn’t back down. “If I go back to Dantooine the Council will banish me for my actions and I’ll be an exile like you and Vaya. At least if I stay, you can teach me the ways of the force.”

Although on the other side of the room pouring himself a drink, Carth looked at Bastila with a smile. The Padawan was making some good points.

“You may not be a Master anymore, but you’re still a Jedi and you can teach me to use the Force,” pleaded Aiden unafraid to show his feelings. “I want to help. I can help.”

Bastila raised her eyes and looked at her former Padawan. She was about to speak, but looked over his shoulder to see Vaya running into the room, the sliding window closing behind her.


“Atton is on his way,” she stated while grabbing a few things off the bench top. “The mission has been compromised, the droids are on the way.”

The women both looked at each other but Aiden focused his gaze on Atton. “I thought we had time,” Aiden said while walking up to a confused Carth Onasi.

“What are you talking about?”

Vaya at both the men curiously.

“When I shook your hand before, you knew the droids were coming, and that’s why you took us back here.”

Bastila became upset at being double crossed. She knew that her former Padawan had lifted information, but didn’t know it was this important.

“Carth, what’s going on here?” demanded Bastila.

He tried to blow the question her by taking another sip, but suddenly the glass flung out of his grasp. Carth shot the Padawan a look, the Force was very strong with him.

“How long do we have?” Vaya asked from behind.

“Only a few minutes left,” replied Aiden. He turned back to Carth who was now standing face to face with Bastila.

“I’m sorry Bastila, they weren’t supposed to find us here,” he apologized. “You were meant to be off planet by that point and no harm would come to you.”


“I’m sorry,” he offered.

“We’re all going to be sorry if we don’t get out of here now,” interrupted Vaya. “Atton said he just saw the droids enter the building. He is on his way up now.”

“If you’re sorry,” Aiden paused, “then help us get out of here.”

“Right,” Carth snapped back into his old self and pulled out a blaster from behind bar set up tossing it over to Bastila. She was still hurt…


And there it is people, the halfway point of chapter four. Obviously the droids were coming and a shootout was going to take place. Plenty of destruction would have followed with the Padawan, Aiden, showing off some abilities that surprise the rest of the crew. Oh well.

I hope you enjoyed the story so far. I know the writing is subpar, but I believe that would edits and rewrites, I actually had a solid story on my hands. Maybe one day it will take shape in an original universe with new characters.

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