LEGO MARVEL: Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-Up 76037 REVIEW


LEGO MARVEL: Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-Up 76037 REVIEW
Set number 76037, $80 from Toys ‘R’ Us at roughly .20 cents a brick

Items Included
386 pieces
3 x mini figures
2 x instruction booklets
3 x numbered bags
1 x page of stickers
1 x comic book

Lets kick this off by mentioning the above information. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference. Click on all images to get HD quality.

Mini Figures
The first of the mid year LEGO Marvel sets, and we’re treated to four mini figures which above average quality on each. Lets begin with the heroes though. Spider-Man and the Iron Spider are included here.

Spider-Man and Iron Spider

Spider-Man and Iron Spider

Spider-Man comes first, and this time he appears with a minor upgrade. Beginning with the leg pieces where the upgrade is, the new look to his legs has red boots over his blue costume. At first it looks a little jarring because the blue look is so familiar, but after a while, it just seems so normal. The body gets the usual care and attention with top notch printing and detail all over. Very clean and the printing carries over to the back. The large spider logo looks fantastic against the blue colour. This high level of detail is on the head brick too with the familiar large white eyes present. A few web patterns are all over the place, and has back printing on the head too. Spider-Man mini figure even comes with the usual ‘web line’ accessory allowing him to swing all over the place.

Rear view shows the black harness...but it looks slightly out of place

Rear view shows the black harness…but it looks slightly out of place

Next up is the Iron Spider in all his glory. I know it doesn’t appear that way, but the shade of red used on the mini figure appears to be much brighter than on Spider-Man. He doesn’t share the web pattern of his blue and red counterpart, and even appears to have different eye printing. The body has clean muscle definition underneath a gold large spider logo on the chest. On the back is a gold backpack printed on. Before the head is attached, LEGO includes a small black piece which allows you to lock on the back harness. It is a real shame the brick isn’t gold to match the rest of the mini figure (see image). The black single piece has four gold claws that stick out. You don’t get much motion with these claws, but you are able to spin them around enough to provide a little playability. The head brick features zero back printing, but has two large gold eyes on the front.

All in all, the Iron Spider is a wonderful mini figure and with the back harness, it adds just enough to make him stand out. Spider-Man comes with new red colouring on the legs, other than that, it’s the same as previous years.

Sandman and Rhino

Sandman and Rhino

You know what I really love about LEGO mini figures? When the included accessory makes me want to forget the other negatives of the entire build. Sandman and Rhino are the villains of the build and because of the unique ability Sandman possess, LEGO have gone to the effort to make use of that here.

Sandman and the sand hammer

Sandman and the sand hammer

Sandman comes packing plenty of tan colouring all over. Half his body is made up of sand meaning it is truly a unique mini figure. The legs are all tan with zero printing. The body brick has a mix of sand and shirt colouring. Green and black horizontal stripes are printed along the body and carry over the back of the mini figure. One sleeve is green, while the other side sports a tan colouring all the way down. Attached to the sand hand is a tan hammer made up of about six LEGO bricks. It is a wonderful idea that is excellently carried out by LEGO and merges together to look like Sandman is forming a hammer from his arm.

Often time Sandman does this in the comics, and I’m really glad it carries into his mini figure form. The head brick has two face printings. An angry and resting expression with lots of detail packed onto both sides. The hair comes last in a dark brown piece. Sandman is easily one of the best mini figures I own, and stands out against the likes of Iron Man and Scarecrow as some of my favourite. It’s a shame the same can’t be said for the next.

Rear view of the villains

Rear view of the villains

Rhino (as called on the box) is the basic generic mini figure that I’m sick of getting with my builds. I have a test for you. Grab a bunch of mini figures, mess them up without accessories or vehicles that may accompany them, and see if you can name them. Go on, I’ll wait right here.

Done? Good, because I just tried that, and there is no way I was able to pick this Rhino mini figure out from a line up of other generic mini figures. Yep, he is that plain. Let’s begin on the legs. Grey in colour with zero printing. No detail at all. The body piece is a more interesting. A white singlet top and straps across the waist and chest. I’m always a fan of the minor details, and the printing here is really well done. Carries onto the rear where the black straps finish in a Y formation down the centre.

Because of the lack of hair piece, the entire head is very generic. You could almost swap it with Sandman and never tell the difference. No hair piece also means no rear printing, so you’re stuck with the angry expression.

It’s a shame that in this build, we get three fantastic mini figures, and one that just feels so out-of-place. The Rhino mini figure isn’t well designed, it isn’t needed, and pales in comparison to all others I’ve had the pleasure of building in recent time. Frankly I would’ve been happier with his removal for a cheaper price point.

Entire build in all its glory

Entire build in all its glory

Main Build
This LEGO build, Sandman and Rhino Super Villain Team-Up, is broken up into three bags with a lot of tan pieces both big and small on offer. Since it is mainly Sandman’s playground, I guess all the tan bricks make sense.

Bag One is the mech suit for Rhino. A Rhino mech suit if you will. At first glance, it looks like a pretty interesting mech. Small in size but packing plenty of firepower. The Rhino mech is something that completely leaves me a little underwhelmed, to be honest.

Rhino mech all opened up

Rhino mech all opened up

Clearly based on the Rhino most recently seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, the mech suit design is one I’ve seen countless time in LEGO sets in the past few years. It reminds me of the recent LEGO Ninjago mech and that isn’t a bad thing. If it isn’t broke. But sadly coming off the recent Hulkbuster LEGO mech, this feels really boring. Rhino mech is made mostly of grey bricks with a lot of curved angled pieces.

The feet of the mech are really quite inspiring. The toes are made up of two white single block pieces and once connected to the feet, you realise they’re the toes. The large thighs look good against the elongated body, but the limited foot movement disturbs me. When it comes to the arms, I’m left confused because the mech suit doesn’t come with any fingers.

Stud firing cannons in place of actual hands/fingers

Stud firing cannons in place of actual hands/fingers

The arms themselves are all connected on hinges to each other. This gives you plenty of movement and thankfully the ball hinges are strong enough not to loosen after use. So if you hold the arms up, they won’t fall down unless you want them too. The hands though are just stud firing shooters that come in white. I don’t understand why we aren’t given fingers of some kind here. It should’ve been a no brainer to include. Why it isn’t, I’ll never know.

All that can be forgiven when it comes to the Rhino mech head. When building it at first, I wasn’t sure how it would all look connected. I mean I knew it was the Rhino head, but wasn’t sure how the finish product would look on the mech. And to be honest, it is fantastic. It looks like an actual Rhino robot head, with two clear red studs used for eyes. The large horn is created by use of a long curved white brick and sit up front of the head. It is fairly long, but that is used to provide cover when the mini figure is placed in the cockpit.

Mini figure inside the Rhino mech with the head providing cover

Mini figure inside the Rhino mech with the head providing cover

Speaking of the cockpit, the main body is very plain. It uses a few technic pieces to create a body harness to lock in the mini figure. When the Rhino mini figure is place, the mech head folds down thanks to hinge bricks and just kind of locks itself down. It doesn’t exactly clip in at all, but it does shut comfortably without any worry of it coming open.

Rhino mech size comparison to the Hulkbuster

Rhino mech size comparison to the Hulkbuster

Size of the Rhino mech is pretty small in comparison to other recent LEGO mechs. If you look at the Hulkbuster, it only comes up to the shoulder, and lacks a lot of the bulk that would actually make it look threatening. But when put against the other mini figures included here, the Rhino mech is a perfect size. It has just enough movement and fits in with the set.

Since this Rhino is based off the mech suit from the recent Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, trying to reenact the final moments when he charges forward on all fours just won’t happen here. I tried and the limbs aren’t that flexible.

Construction site and Sandman's playground

Construction site and Sandman’s playground

Now onto bag two and three, which belongs to the remaining part of the build. A partial construction site that has sand all over the place. Broken up into two stages of build, the first belongs to the left side of the set. With a large flat tan brick piece as the base, the construction site quickly goes up on top of it. Using mostly sloped tan pieces, you begin to form the pillars that would eventually be the ‘right’ hand of Sandman and the platform he stands on.

On its own, the partial build is nothing special. Most of the pieces are large bricks and angled. There are a few hinges and moving parts here and there. One is used to hide the diamonds Sandman has stolen and they’re hidden underneath a sand trap.

Sandtrap hides the stolen diamonds

Sand trap hides the stolen diamonds


I like how LEGO has designed all the moving parts to be triggered by the Super Jump piece included, but I have never been able to hit the pieces to activate the mechanism. Nothing negative about the set, but wish it wasn’t on the rear of the box as a selling point.

The ‘right’ hand of Sandman is large enough to grab hold of a mini figure, but when left on it own, it has a tendency to fall back. LEGO would’ve been wiser to make the hands of Sandman a more playable feature with small throwing abilities. As it stands, the right and left hands (soon) are both fun in theory, but not very practical.

By the time you move onto the next bag, the construction site is complete. Another bunch of larger bricks are used to quickly build up the set and these make up for the small brick number included in the set. The crane itself is a major draw factor for this set, and I’m happy to say it works a treat. I was a little unsure of its quality going in, and yes it can be a little flimsy, but never have any of the sections broken apart. Two large pillar pieces are used as the support beans, while a heavy rear section helps to offset the ‘rock’ brick hanging from the rope.

Sandman hand doesn't do much at all

Sandman hand doesn’t do much at all

Don’t try to lift the Rhino mech with the rope, as it will tend to drag the crane down a little more than it is comfortable with. But the feature to actually raise and lower the rope is fairly inventive and all designed around the Super Jump brick. Again, not something I can hit, and to be honest it works so much easier when just moving it with by hand.

Another Sandman hand is included just underneath the crane, but doesn’t do much other than close its fist and move slightly. Seems a little wasted here. Plenty of large dark grey bricks are used in fleshing out the construction site, but mostly the entire build relies on the tan pieces and lots of stickers.

The middle section has a web trap feature, but that quickly proves pointless and only there because Spider-Man is here. Another Super Jump feature that barely works, and because the black piece is flat without any studs, forget trying to place a mini figure on it without them falling over. Seems like a big waste of space.


Final Thoughts
I can only imagine the set will be great for MOC builders and kids, but for everyone else, the mini figures will be the only draw card. Minus the Rhino mech, the entire build felt pointless and boring. The play features although fun, won’t be used all that often. The crane provides the set with its only enjoyable feature. What a shame the same can’t be said about the Sandman hands.

If LEGO had decided to skip the dull sections and focus on giving the Sandman hands more motion and play, I could recommend this set. But as it stands, the entire build is a waste of time and money. Especially considering I paid $80 for it, I think I paid $30 too much.

At .20 cents a brick, this is the most overpriced set I can’t recommend.

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