LEGO MARVEL: The Avengers Quinjet City Chase 76032 REVIEW

box art

LEGO MARVEL: The Avengers Quinjet City Chase 76032 REVIEW
Set number 76032, $118 from Big W at roughly .16 cents a brick.

Items Included:
722 pieces
5 mini figures
2 instruction booklets
6 numbered bags
1 page of stickers
1 brick separator

Like always, let’s kick this off by mentioning the above information. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference. Click on all images for HD quality.

Mini Figures
I always love when LEGO decides to pack in 5 mini figures; Captain America, Vision, Black Widow, Ultimate Ultron and finally Iron Man Mk43.

Front view: Captain America, Vision, Black Widow, Ultimate Ultron, Iron Man Mk43

Front view: Captain America, Vision, Black Widow, Ultimate Ultron, Iron Man Mk43

Captain America is first and here in his all new Age of Ultron suit. And right off the bat, I’m loving his look. I wasn’t a fan of the first Avengers movie suit, and the Lego mini figure wasn’t my favourite. Here however, we have something amazing. With very dark blue from top to bottom, Captain America comes with printing on his torso piece and back. The star-spangled man himself has the star dead centre of the chest and around the back, you find all the belt straps and harnesses. No printing on the legs whatsoever. For the head-piece, Captain is sporting a smile, and the mask itself is completely printed onto the piece. So don’t expect to remove a mask piece at all. I’m a little bummed out by this, because I really do wish the mini figure had a mask piece of some kind which could be removed. But at the same time, the bulk added by a mask wouldn’t fit the mini figure. Included with Captain America mini figure is the shield itself. The printing here is top-notch. The star stand outs perfectly with the red and white target rings spot on. No smudges are present at all. Best part is, the shield can be held by the mini figure thanks to a clip on the back.

Vision is up next, and this is a new mini figure only found in this LEGO build. With the look ripped directly from the film, the Vision mini figure comes in predominantly washed out green colours as the base. I really like the purple hand pieces, and love that it comes from printing on the front of the legs, front and back of the torso piece and also the head. I was really surprised by this the most. The printing on Vision is brilliant. The torso has the usual body printing with some fancy lines around the chest. But most important of all is the head-piece. With a purple head, LEGO has added so much detail to the print that it’s blown me away. All the lines around the jaw and cheeks. The dark eyes and mouth. The gem(?) in the centre of the forehead. Then if you look on the back of the head, LEGO has done even more. Then didn’t have to go to all this trouble, but they outdone themselves here.

Back view: Captain America, Vision (minus cape), Black Widow, Ultimate Ultron, Iron Man Mk43

Back view: Captain America, Vision (minus cape), Black Widow, Ultimate Ultron, Iron Man Mk43

Speaking of out doing themselves, the cape included for Vision is a yellow piece you put on before the head piece. Usually I’m not a fan of mini figure capes. I’ve even gone so far as to mention that capes include with previous LEGO builds have really been a pain. They are made of a thick paper which is fine when the mini figure is standing still, but attempt to place the mini fig in a vehicle or inclosed space, and the capes is damaged for good. So many Batman capes have been ruined because of this. However, that was the past and I’ve complained. Now with Vision and his yellow cape, I’m fairly sure LEGO has seen the light. It’s fabric. Well, it at least appears and feels fabric. You see, it can be moved around all you want and it won’t deform. As you can see from images before, Vision can be placed inside a very tight enclosure, and after 30 minutes, I took him out and the cape held its original shape. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you LEGO. This is the cape I’ve been waiting for.

With all my cape talk over, back to the mini figures. Black Widow returns in her new Age of Ultron suit. Sporting an all black look, and printing on the front and back of all pieces except the legs. What I like is out the blue lines (energy) really stands out against the black. Colouring here is some of the best and the lines are so crisp and clean. The head-piece comes with the standard angry and calm face. But the hair piece seems like a new one. Or at least new for me. I haven’t seen it yet and has some really good lines and moulding done, especially around the back of the hair. Looks really good. Like Captain America, Black Widow comes with accessories in the form of two guns. Kind of plain-looking, but I can’t complain.

Check out my Hulk Buster Smash Review for my thoughts on Ultron Prime, because Ultimate Ultron is way different. First of all here we have a light grey metal look from head to toe. Printing on the legs covers most but the body is a little off-putting because the printing looks a little to shiny. I know that probably makes zero sense, but something about it puts me off. The rear body printing is a little better, but that front…crazy. Now for the best part, the entire head and mask pieces. Ultimate Ultron is very different from the previous Ultron. The head itself is made of three different pieces. A mouth, face and helmet Piece. The mouth brick goes first and that’s followed by an orange head brick. Save for a tiny bit of printing, it’s virtually bare with zero features. The helmet sits on top and they had cut outs to form the eyes and mouth. Such an ingenious idea and completely hides any chance of showing any missed detail.

Why this idea wasn’t used with Ultron Prime mini figure baffles me and its a mistake LEGO and fans will live with. Included at the orange feet and hand thrusters which give the flying appearance. Always a fan.

Finally is the Iron Man Mk43 mini figure that is included with almost every LEGO Marvel set. I’m not complaining. The colour and body printing is the same from the Hulk Buster set with the gold being more predominant on the body piece. The helmet for Iron Man is my favourite mini figure accessory ever, and like always I try to recreate suit up sequence from the first Iron Man movie. Blue hand and foot thrusters are included also if you wish to engage Ultron in the skies.

All in all, LEGO has outdone themselves with 5 of the best mini figures in a single set. Plus that cape, oh how I’m in love with it.

Van, Quinjet, Motorbike

Van, Quinjet, Motorbike

Main Build
Five mini figures are down, and with that comes a few vehicles. Three in total are here; a small van, Captain America’s motorbike and finally the star of the set, the all new Avengers Quinjet. But before I move onto that, let’s unpack everything here and talk about the van.

The Van in all its...glory

The Van in all its…glory

It’s your standard LEGO vehicles, and sadly after my last review I’m a little disappointed. No turning wheels, a dull cockpit area barely able to fit a mini figure, and no turning wheels. Just a lazy forward and back moving vehicle with a very dull appearance. It is nothing to really speak about, but whats really exciting is the main feature of the van; the breakable rear section. I’m guessing at some point, the Avengers are going to be breaking Vision out of the van. Why he can’t do it himself with all his power is beyond me, I’m guessing it would make for a rather boring set. What we instead have here is a flat grey brick on the rear section of the van, just under the doors. Pressing it down with a little force will make the back of the van break open sending the walls and rear doors off to the side. The roof piece, already on a hinge, will even break open (up) effectively allow you to remove the cell container holding Vision.

The breakable feature with the holding container inside.

The breakable feature with the holding container inside

This feature makes the entire vehicle fun to play around with, and thanks to the way it all connects, you be ready in seconds to go again. Best part is, the rear doors on the van can open independently from the breaking feature.

The container inside which holds Vision is a really good build. Its big enough to hold a mini figure with little to no space for movement. The container itself has a clear face plate with is on a double hinge to open and close as it needs. A few curved bricks are used to give a rounded look and finished off with a few grey studs. Looks fantastic and with the cape Vision has, it will bounce back to original shape in no time once the Avengers break him out.

Vision trapped inside the container, and that cape WILL bounce back to original shape

Vision trapped inside the container, and that cape WILL bounce back to original shape

Big fan of this breakable feature and really enjoy the colour scheme it has. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but the rear section having a separator colour does make the van more than a little dull. Even the bumper at the front with the clear studs as lights, helps. I think the rounded roof helps the look and the fact the steering wheel is off centre puts it in line with a more detailed vehicle. Small things, but details help. Also has a few sticks on the front and rear bumper bar, and the side walls of the van.

Before moving on though, please, can someone explain to me who the driver of the van is meant to be? On the box, Ultron is holding the side of the Van and appears to be flying. Maybe that’s the case, but seems like an oversight on LEGO’s behalf. Maybe when watching the film it will all make sense. I guess we only have a month to go before all these questions are answered.

Another small quick build and equally as exciting is Captain America’s motorbike. Consisting of less than 15 bricks, LEGO has managed to make a sleek-looking sport bike with an area to house the Captain’s shield on the back. Attached to the skeleton of the bike itself, and very subtly seen, a few clear blue bricks are used as a power source. Again, I haven’t seen the film, so I’m guessing here. The all black body does look are good and doesn’t retain finger prints at all, so fear not. Captain America, any mini figure, sits on the bike and is held firmly in place. By twisting the wrist pieces, you clips his hands in and you’re ready to go. Stickers are used on either side of the bike showing the Avengers logo and adding some line work and detail.

Side view shows off all the details and how the mini figure and shield are connected

Side view shows off all the details and how the mini figure and shield are connected

Don’t worry about the lack of kickstand, the motorbike tends to stay upright even with mini figure and shield clipped on. On its own, the motorbike doesn’t seem like much, but when used in conjunction with the Quinjet,it offers so much playability.

Speaking of the Quinjet, the main feature of the set itself, the Avengers mode of transport and like almost everything here, the Quinjet has had an upgrade from the previous model. This time, the build is more sleek and better designed than ever before.

Broken up into 5 numbered bags, the Quinjet is reason alone for purchasing this set.

The Avengers get a new look, better designed Quinjet

The Avengers get a new look, better designed Quinjet

It all begins with the main centre section of the build. I had no idea what was going on. Lots of technic pieces are used to build the inner frame and because of that, it holds together well. Nothing shakes loose (trust me, I tried) but there are a few moving pieces that will make sense in later parts of the build. There are lots of dark blue and bright white bricks on display, I’m guessing to go with the Iron Legion from the film. After a few bags, the middle of the Quinjet is complete and the wings begin to take form.

With clever use of clips, hinges and angled bricks, the wings all come together to form a curved look with fins on the ends for added playability. Hidden on the under side of each wing are secret compartments. One side has a twin stud firing cannons on a few folding bricks. You can tuck the shooter up into the wing itself to hide it or have it pointing in any direction for firing. The stud firing cannons are a newish feature and have only recently been used by LEGO as a means to add some play to guns, and they are used quite well here. Thankfully, they don’t easily misfire, so you won’t be losing any studs to accidental shooting. Plus once its cannon is tucked up inside the wing, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Thanks to some clear bricks, the stud firing cannon has shown here from underneath the wing

Thanks to some clear bricks, the stud firing cannon has shown here from underneath the wing

On the other wing secret compartment we have an area large enough to store a mini figure. LEGO has provided a long enough piece of string with studs on either end allowing you to hold a mini figure in place and drop them at a moments notice onto unsuspecting enemies. What I love about this feature is how it’s handled. On the top of the wings are two Avengers ‘A’ stickers on a single circle brick. At first it looks like a simple decoration but when you press down on one, it releases the mini figure from the secret area. They hold onto the string and can now be ready for action.

Clearly, this is a very well thought out play feature especially considering the mini figure will not shake loose when in hiding. It connects to a few bricks on the back of their legs. Very smart and highly exciting when playing around. Can even be used as a rescue cable by attaching it to the container holding Vision. Little things like this make the Quinjet a great build.

Another area of the Quinjet which continues to blow me away even after a day, is the underbelly of the jet. Once finished, you place Captain America’s motorbike inside via an opening section behind the cockpit. The motorbike and mini figure sit in perfectly and won’t fall out even when the Quinjet is held upside down. To remove the motorbike and spring it into action, LEGO has provided what has to be one of the best features ever. An opening belly.

Belly (black pieces) open and the Motorbike drops through

Belly (black pieces) open and the Motorbike drops through

By pressing down on a flat brick on top of the Quinjet, the underbelly (two black technic pieces) will open dropping the motorbike down. As soon as I got to this point, I kept ejecting the motorbike while moving the Quinjet all over the place. Never once did bricks fall apart and never has there been a misfire. This is a very smart feature designed with continuous use in mind.

I love that LEGO has built this Quinjet with so much play and storage in mind. Even has a compartment at the rear of the jet with a double opening. It has clips inside which hold a fire extinguisher and wrench, plus two more which hold Black Widow’s guns. So don’t expect anything to be lost. The rear compartment is even large enough to have a mini figure inside without taking any space away from Captain America and his motorbike. It’s really good, because each of the four heroes can be housed within the jet at all times with no fear of anyone being left behind.

More features for the Quinjet include large and small finds on the rear top area, an angle front part to the wings and even two more stud firing cannons on the top centre. All curved parts are well designed and nothing falls off even with heavy use. I’ve flipped this build over so many times to place a mini figure in the secret compartment, and never had any worries about pieces coming off. The fins on the top of the Quinjet can be moved to your liking as can the ones attached to the cockpit.

Inside view of the cockpit. Standing only, no sitting

Inside view of the cockpit. Standing only, no sitting

The cockpit itself is well designed with a very large clear piece for the roof. A single large sticker covers the entire cockpit window adding more detail on what would otherwise be a boring piece. Two sticks are used as the steering here, and LEGO has completely omitted a seat in this area. Instead the pilot, locking into two studs, stands up to control the Quinjet. At first I was a little put off, but with how well its designed, everything sits rather well. You can even angle down the cockpit itself to have a better profile.

LEGO has paid a lot of attention to this build and gone so far as too think about displaying it. The wings can be folded up to allowed for the Quinjet to take up less space and because the whole thing sits so low, it turns out to be pretty compact. My only issues are the wheels provided. They just seem off and out-of-place here almost like an after thought by LEGO.

Wings can fold up taking up less space on the shelf

Wings can fold up taking up less space on the shelf

Final Thoughts
By now you’ve probably read how much I love this set. The entire thing from the mini figures to the vehicles really show a lot of care and attention paid by LEGO. Yes, the asking price will put some people off, but its one of those things where the price dictates the playability involved. 5 mini figures. 3 vehicles and hours of build time. Hours of play time and even better, the design and thought put in shows off one of the best flying crafts I now own.


The Quinjet will soon be taking its place beside my Star Wars and Milano spaceship on display.

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