Blog Update 001

It’s been a while and just wanted to let you all know, I’m still around. Thought I’d provide a blog update, the very first, and a let you all know what going on in my life.

First off the bat.

Hi, I go by truthfulnerd here on my blog, but also Ross Joseph in real life. You can find me on twitter by searching for @truthfulnerd. I warn you, my tweets are filled with language not safe for minors, so be careful. However I do post often enough to be interesting I guess. Plus lots of LEGO pics and nerd topics in general.

Also in the last few months, I’ve been writing reviews for a website. I’ll post a link here where you can read my reviews.

Onto video games and LEGO now. Haven’t been many new sets so my LEGO reviews have come to a grinding halt. Soon though the new sets with be out. I’m hoping within 2 months or so, and when that happens just be warned that I will have MANY new reviews. On the video game side of things, I just purchased a Wii U in time for the Mario Kart 8 release this coming weekend. So once I’ve had some time with that, I’ll be giving my thoughts in a review, which can be found here.

Last night, I picked up Watch Dogs on PS4. Been waiting for this game for 2 years, and after 4 hours of playing….I’ll save my thoughts for a review within the next two weeks. (edit: the Watch Dogs review can be found here)

I’ve been busy though. Seen plenty of films and reading comics. Still I have a week off work coming up soon and will hopefully be getting my butt into gear with more posts. So stay tuned.

Again though, as I always say, if you have comments leave them below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my blogs in general and how you’re going too. Besides now that you all know my twitter user name, you can hit me up there.

Cheers Ross @truthfulnerd


    1. You know that has been on my list of wanted games since it’s release over a year ago. I usually play LEGO games with my girlfriend, but LEGO City: Undercover will be one for me only.

      I’ve heard it’s a rather enjoyable game and once I play it, I’ll provide my extremely late thoughts on it.

      Thanks for the comment though 🙂

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