LEGO Batman: The Riddler Chase REVIEW

LEGO Batman 2014 set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Batman: The Riddler Chase
Set number 76012, $45 from Big W which works out to roughly $0.14 a brick.

Items Included:
304 pieces
3 mini figures (Batman, The Flash and Riddler)
2 instruction booklets
3 numbered bags
1 page of stickers
1 comic book

Let me begin this review, like all others, by mentioning the above list. Although it doesn’t mean much to some, I’m the type of person that enjoys knowing this information going in to purchasing a LEGO set.

Mini Figures
Am I the only one getting a little tired of the Batman mini figure? Maybe, but I just feel that because of the thick paper cape LEGO continues to give Super Heroes, placing them inside vehicles becomes a real pain in the butt.

With that out of the way, we have three mini figures. I know for a fact The Flash is all new, but I’m pretty sure The Riddler has been around in previous sets from a few years back. Doesn’t hurt the overall awesomeness that is this set though. Oh I’m giving away my thoughts already. Okay enough of that. The Flash, yeah, lets talk about him.

The Flash mini figure is great. Love it. Red from head to toe, this mini figure sports the yellow lightening across the body piece with the Flash symbol dead centre. Apart from that, nothing special. But then we get to the head piece. Without the mask, which I’ll get to in just a moment, you have a double sided head piece. One is happy, the other has a surprised expression. Surrounding the face printing is what appears to be an entire red mask. And although it doesn’t seem like much, its just that little bit which adds so much.

The best part, oh yes, the mask. Much like Batman, The Flash has a piece which completes the mask. Working like a hairpiece, you connect it and TA DA, The Flash is ready for action. It looks like a helmet more than a mask, but with the lightening ear pieces it looks so damn cute. There, I said it.

Next mini figure is the evil Riddler. I believe this one is an instant classic looking villain. With the purple and green colour printing all over the set, back and front, the Riddler stands out. You even get a hat. A HAT. With an added question mark to the hat. All of it just works. The face piece only has a single side printing, but comes with a cheeky smile. The Riddler also comes with two accessories, both of which confuse me. The first is a banana(?) and the second a gold crow bar. Sorry LEGO, I just don’t get it. Why doesn’t the Riddler come with a question mark cane instead of the crow bar? And whats up with the banana? Is there a Mario Kart theme coming soon?

Finally we get the Batman mini figure. Boring. Its the same old Batman with the pain in the butt thick paper cape which is ruined after an hour of placing him inside an vehicle. Never a fan. I think after so many sets, I have about 7 Batman mini figures, and each of them are virtually the same, save for a slightly different colour printing.


Main Build
Bag 1 is all about the Riddler and slightly the Flash. You build the 2 mini figures (The Flash and Riddler), then its straight onto drag car used by the Riddler. A DRAG CAR. I mean if you’re taking on the Flash and Batman, you’ll be needing something fast, and a banana…for those Mario Kart moments.
The Drag Car is a fairly simple looking build. It looks really plain and simple, but once you begin building it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of the details added to the engine and rear end of the Drag Car. The cockpit itself is rather boring, but thanks to the engine and all its components, it more than makes up for it.

What I really like on the Drag Car are the flames shooting up from in front of the rear wheels. Thanks to the colour scheme of the Riddler, the green really does stand out. My only complaint is the back heavy nature of the car. Which I can’t fault because it is a drag vehicle after all. Also worth mentioning are the money bags on the back. You get two, and both hold $200 of LEGO cash.

Bag 2 and 3 all go toward the Batman mini figure and new Batmobile. Lets move right onto the new, meaner looking batmobile. This build is a beast. I love it. Bag 2 makes up about 80% of the vehicle. The frame of the build is strong. This thing FEELS like it could hit Superman and come out the other end without a problem.

It really does come across that powerful. It also helps with the wider body and larger than normal wheels. What really kicks this vehicle into high gear is the cockpit. It has Batman resting in a more laid back position and the steering wheel piece moves up and down to really help pull this off. But it only gets better when the cockpit orange glass is added. Oh lord, this baby just stands out. The black body gives the orange glass an aggressive look. Perfect.

Finally we come to the rear section of the batmobile, which also happens to the where the weapons are held. This is a brilliant bit of building here. Flick missiles aren’t my favourite thing, but the way its handled here is really well done. You see, it all hides behind the cockpit because the weapons are all tucked inside this extra bit of body. Working on hinge like pieces, you pull it back and then flick the missiles at your target.

It just adds so much to the body of the vehicle and not only adds a good amount of weight to the build, but also gives it the fins we’ve all come to expect on any batmobile. Lots of moving parts that give a really cool sleek flow.

Now onto my dislikes. I’ve already spoken about the fact Batman’s cape will be ruined once he sits in the cockpit, but that’s not limited to this set, its just a LEGO cape issue in general. What I really have a problem with is the orange cockpit. It stands out. Looks mean and adds a ton of effect to the batmobile, but it doesn’t have a hinge. So to remove the mini figure, you need to completely pull off the cockpit glass, and then put it back once you’re happy with it.

It just that tiny little missing hinge that bugs me. I simply wish it was designed to include a piece which would allow you to raise and lower the cockpit as you wanted. My only complaint. ONLY.


Final Thoughts
Love it. The Riddler Chase set simply put, is one of the funniest sets I’ve built in a long time. If the other Batman LEGO sets in 2014 are anything like this, I look forward to building them. You not only get 2 really cool mini figures in the form of Riddler and the Flash, but you even get two pretty spectacular vehicles which come with lots of playability.

At .14 cents a brick, it may seem a little pricey, but I don’t mind. It’s a licensed set and I can understand that means a slightly more expensive set. Overall it’s still another winner from LEGO. Well done.


  1. Looking forward to picking up this set!

    I’ve got to be honest, sometimes I just leave the capes in their little boxes and the figures are no worse off for the missing cape.

    1. I may have to begin doing that also. Capes are a major nagging issue with me. Something I love but hate all at the same time.

      Still, the mini figs are fantastic and the new improved Batmobile…utterly fantastic.

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