Batman Timeline DCnU


Let me just begin by explaining a few things. First, I wrote the below timeline last year during the release of all the issue 0’s DC released during the DCnU. And the next thing is there is some strong language and many spoilers. but since it’s been a few months, I doubt that will bother people.

The DCnU, for me, has been a massive cock-up. DC have no fucking idea what they’re doing especially when it comes to timeline and character history. One such character that has taken the biggest hit is Batman and the rest of the (bat) family.

Since reading the #0’s for Batman, Detective Comics, Batgirl and Batman & Robin, I’ve managed to work out a very basic timeline. So read, enjoy and let me know what you think.

10 years ago – Bruce leaves Gotham City to begin his training around the world (Detective Comics #0)

– Damien (Wayne) is “born” (Batman & Robin #0)

7 years ago – Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City, with a beard, at Wayne Manor (Detective Comics #0)

6y 3months – Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City….again (Batman #0)

6 years ago – Bruce Wayne is fighting crime as a vigilante at night. Isn’t using the Batman persona yet (Batman #0)

– Bruce and Lieutenant Gordon meet for the first time at Bruce’s place in Crime Alley (Batman #0)

5 years ago – Batman first meets the rest of the Justice League (Justice League #0)

– Gordon turns on the Bat signal for the first time. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon all see this in the Gotham sky (Batman #0)

– Damien Wayne finds Batman’s cape and cowl in Talia’s belongings (Batman & Robin #0)

4 years ago – Barbara puts on a makeshift Batsuit and first meets Batman in the police station (Batgirl #0)

3 years ago – Barbara gives up being Batgirl after she “messed up” and is later shot by the Joker (Batgirl #0)

Current Time – Bruce and Damien Wayne fight as Batman & Robin

So thats what I’ve managed to get from the few #0’s I’ve read so far. And from what I can tell, the story is all over the place. Barbara looks to be at least 16/17 when she first meets Batman. I’m getting this from a few things. The first is she’s developed and filled out well (sorry but it has to be said). The second is James Jr looks around 10 years old and is drawn much younger than Barbara. Also she’s taking “Intro to Criminology” which seems like a class for higher school levels. Finally, a year after beginning as Batgirl, she quits and throws herself into her college studies.

But then we get into bigger troubles. As its shown in Batgirl #0, she fought crime alongside Batman and Robin. Now we have to assume this Robin is Dick Grayson. Now from Batman #0, we can see that Dick Grayson is still with the circus, so he must’ve become Robin around 14/15 because he looks around that age at the circus. We also see Jason Todd who looks a year younger (13/14), and Tim Drake who looks around 11/12.

So then I’ll do it this way;

Year 1 – Bruce is Batman (25)

Year 2 – Batman takes on Robin (Dick 14/15) and meets Barbara (15/16)

Year 3 – Batgirl quits and shot by Joker

Year 4 – Batman (28) and Robin (Dick 17/18)

Year 5 – Jason Todd takes over as Robin (18/19) and Dick becomes Nightwing (19/20). Jason Todd is killed by Joker, Tim Drake takes over as Red Robin (16/17)

Year 6 – Current – Batman and Robin (Damien 10) Bruce is 30 years old


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