Ultimate James Bond List – Octopussy (1983)

The Ultimate James Bond List – Octopussy (1983)

For his penultimate outing as James Bond, Roger Moore comes packing a punch in all areas. Grab that clown makeup, put on that big red nose and prepare to follow along as Roger Moore wows us again and again.

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007 – Each time the Bond theme song is heard.
1. Opening gun barrel sequence
2. As Bond enters the base as Col. Luis Toro
3. Just before planting the bomb and being captured
4. While being driven off under guard
5. After Kamal Khan wins the bid on the Faberge Egg
6. Just before leaving M’s office for India
7. Vijay plays the Bond tune
8. Just as Bond is stabbed in the ‘heart’ by Kamal’s goons
9. “You’d better stick this back yourself” jumping back into the taxi with Vijay
10. Briefly heard as Bond leaves Octopussy’s room
11. Sneaking around in Octopussy’s room
12. Faintly heard as Kamal’s hired goons begin sneaking onto Octopussy’ island
13. Leaving Octopussy’s island arriving on the shore where Vijay is dead
14. Kicks in as Bond is driving Orlov’s car on the train tracks
15. While using the hot air ballon to enter the palace
16. Sliding down the staircase on the handrails
17. While chasing Kamal and Gobinda out of the palace

You Know My Name – Bond, James Bond count. When it is said by Bond himself.
1. Introducing himself to Kamal Khan at the Casino

Felix Leiter –  If James Bond smokes on screen.

Nobody Does It Better – Whenever Bond beds a woman, implied of course.
1. Magda in his hotel room
2. Magda again in his hotel room
3. Octopussy in her room
4. Octopussy on her private boat

Shaken, Not Stirred – All alcoholic beverages Bond consumes.
1. Champagne with Magda in his bed
2. Another glass of champagne with Magda

Licence To Kill – Every kill caused by Bond himself directly.
1. Kamal’s goon by throwing him on a bed of nails
2. Dropping a cannon on Mischka
3. German soldier by gunshot to the head
4-5. German soldier by gunshot
6. Grischka with a throwing knife
7-8. Shooting Kamal’s machine gun thug
9-11. Shooting Kamal’s thug with a machine gun
12. Hitting Gobinda in the face making him fall off the plane

Aston Martin DB5 – Any and all modes of transport Bond travels by.
1. Truck (with horse trailer) while parking near the base
2. Army truck being escorted away
3. Truck (with horse trailer) escaping the Army truck
4. Acrostar Jet in Cuba
5. Helicopter in India
6. Boat before meeting Vijay
7. Taxi ride with Vijay and Sadruddin
8. Company car ‘taxi’ with Vijay
9. Company car taxi with Vijay again
10. Small vehicle while Bond is in the body bag
11. Lake Tours boat when escaping Kamal’s hunting party
12. Alligator Boat sneaking onto Octopussy’s island
13. Alligator Boat leaving Octopussy’s island
14. M’s private car in East Germany
15. Under the train carriage while hiding
16. General Orlov’s Mercedes car
17. Train heading to West Germany
18. Volkswagen Beetle with the German couple
19. Alfa Romeo GTV6 heading the US Air Force Base
20. Hot Air ballon into Kamal’s palace
21. On horseback heading for Kamal’s plane
22. Kamal’s private plane
23. Octopussy’s private boat

I Never Joke About My Work – Any gadget Bond uses in the field provided by Q branch.
1. Tracking signal on watch with homing device in the Egg
2. Tracking signal on watch turned off at Kamal’s palace
3. Pen with acid on the window bars
4. Listening device in pen with microphone in the Egg
5. Video image on watch to see Kamal leaving the palace

I Have A Dinner Jacket – Whenever Bond wears a tuxedo.
1. Opening gun barrel sequence
2. Tuxedo (white) at the Casino
3. Tuxedo (white) at dinner with Magda
4. Tuxedo at dinner with Kamal

For Queen and Country – All locations visited by 007
1. Cuba (pre-title sequence)
2. London, England
3. Rajasthan, India
4. Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz), Easy Germany
5. Feldstadt, West Germany
6. Rajasthan, India

Yes, I Know, Don’t Tell Me – Any chase 007 finds himself involved in.
1. Bond in the Acrostar Jet being chased by a missile
2. Kamal Khan chasing Bond and Vijay in the Taxi
3. Gobinda chasing Bond on foot
4. Kamal’s hunting party chasing Bond on foot
5. Bond chasing the train
6. Grischka chasing Bond on foot
7. German police chasing Bond in the Alfa
8. US Air Force chasing Bond on foot in the base
9. Bond chasing Kamal, Gobinda in the palace
10. Bond on horseback chasing Kamal’s plane

Ninja TrainingAny team vs team shoot out with each team being greater than 10 members.
1. Octopussy’s circus vs Kamal’s men at his palace


James Bond will return in A View To A Kill


    1. Haha yes, this ultimate lists always surprise me. This one not only had plenty of modes of transport, but even the chases 007 found himself involved in.

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