Clone Wars Fanfic Story Idea

I have been a big fan of Star Wars and its entire universe for as long as I can remember. When I first saw the prequel trilogy at the cinemas, my mind was blown. Finally, Jedi during their prime. Then by the time Episode II and III came along, I just knew the universe had so many stories to tell.

Unlike my previous Star Wars fanfic set during the Knights of the Old Republic era, this is only an outline set during the end of the Clone Wars. It was an idea I thought up, and really would have loved to flesh it out, but I was never happy with the ending…I knew the story needed to end a certain way, but wasn’t sure how.

Anyway, I hope you find something of interest here. Let me know.


Jedi Knight Kaiden Coran stands at the viewing deck of the Republic Attack Cruiser. Around the male Jedi are the Clone Troopers under his command. Many Clones grown for the purpose of operating the ship stand at their controls. Master Kaiden stares out of the viewing deck into the cold black space, almost meditation, when he is interrupted by his Clone Commander, Bez. Both the Jedi and Clone Commander have been through a lot of battle together in the past three years.

Each wear the scars to prove it, however while the Clone has a battle helmet to hide his scars, Master Kaiden does not. He wears them proud. With a short but sharp “Sir”, Master Kaiden opens his eyes and turns around to face Commander Bez. He walks beside the Commander as another Clone presses a dial igniting a large holo-projector where an image of Jedi Council member, Mace Windu appears.

Standing beside the Jedi Master is another Council Member, Master Yoda. Some Clones gather around the holo-projector listening to the Master talk. Master Yoda leans on his walking stick for support while looking deeply into Kaiden’s eyes. He explains that the mission ahead is going to be a difficult one, and Master Windu agrees, stating the importance of it and also the need for help.

At the very mention of the word help, Master Kaiden begins to speak up but Master Windu cuts him off. “Master Kaiden, this is not a mission to be taken lightly. The Republic forces are slowly crawling toward a victory, but without the victory of Emoria, the Separatist will win this war.” Kaiden is put back in place and Master Yoda just watches on. “My former Padawan, Jedi Knight Adalia Naberrie will be joining you shortly. She is to aid you in the mission ahead.”

Kaiden nods to his Masters and then watches as the holo-projector feed is cut. Commander Bez can see that his friend is now in deep thought, and reminds the Jedi they’re come this far in the war without the help of others, but it never hurts to have back up. Master Kaiden agrees and tells Bez to make contact with Master Naberrie.

Jedi Knight Adalia Naberrie places the comlink back onto her belt. She apologises for cutting her visit so short and then hops up into her Jedi Interceptor Starfighter, which was already being readied for takeoff by her R2 unit. With one final wave, the Interceptor rises and turns in place, cockpit closes and blasts off. Flying over the lush green land that is Naboo, Adalia sighs to which her R2 unit notices. The R2 unit asks if everything is okay and the Jedi Knight chooses not to talk about it.

Adalia steps out of her Starfighter and is welcomed by a few Clone Troopers when Kaiden steps forward. He begins the mission briefing as he was told, but Adalia interrupts explaining that Master Windu already contacted her. She tell Commander Bez to lock in Emoria’s location and prepare to make the jump to lightspeed. Her gaze goes back to Kaiden telling him the war is almost at a close, and that if the Republic sources are correct, Count Dooku will soon be in the hands of the Council.

Being the former Padawan to Count Dooku, Kaiden rushes to Adalia’s side as she walks into the turbo lift. He agrees with her about the ending of the war, however he believes that once Count Dooku is captured, he can be turned from the dark side. The female Jedi is a little put off by Kaiden’s point of view on the matter, and excuses herself once the turbo lift reaches the command deck. Bez laughs at the brush off and follows his Jedi Commander who follow in the path of Adalia.

Commander Bez takes his place beside the holo-projector with Kaiden, and gives the command to enter lightspeed. Adalia stands at the viewing deck as the Cruiser enters hyperspace. Time passes and the Jedi arrive at Emoria. Adalia leaves the Republic Cruiser and lands on the planet meeting up with her Clone Troopers that arrived earlier. With a Command post already set up, Adalia organises a meeting with the King and Queen of Emoria to explain the Republic’s involvement in the war on the planet.

Although she offers Kaiden the chance to meet with the King and Queen, he declines saying that his place in the war is not political, but on the battlefield. Adalia jumps on a speeder bike and takes off for the palace while Commander Zeke joins Kaiden’s Troopers in heading off the droids.

Commander Bez holds his position watching over a squad of battle droids. Along with Commander Bez are his Clone Troopers. Kaiden has yet to meet up with his Troopers, but has given the order simply to observe. Down below, one of the battle droids comments about the period of time the mining of Romiteea takes and then hears a loud yell as Kaiden leaps out of the forest behind. The lightsaber springs to life and cuts down a handful of droids before the first shot is even fired.

The Clone Troopers provide backup as Commander Bez charges forward knocking down droid after droid with each shot. The twenty something battle droids are very quickly cut down to only a handful with Kaiden disarming the rest using the force to rip the weapons from their hands. The Jedi puts his lightsaber back on his belt and allows the Clone Troopers to move in.

With the night now fully set in and the rain coming down heavy, Kaiden gets in contact with Adalia. She is at the palace, a guest of honor. With the first bit of positive news from the battlefield, Kaiden passes on the information and location of the new outpost. With the heavy rain and storms, the transmission keeps on breaking up. Kaiden signs out and Adalia reenters the throne room to give an update.

The morning comes and Adalia finally gets a chance to leave the palace now that the heavy rain and storms have cleared up. She received a distress beacon from Kaiden’s outpost reporting that it was under heavy fire. Traveling as fast as possible on her speeder bike, Adalia can hear the explosion and blaster fire as she approaches the battle.

With her comlink open, she hears Zeke shouting out to his men while firing back. She feels a moment of fear for her Troopers, but pushes that aside and shoots the speeder bike into the air and leaps off. It comes down on a destroyer droid exploding on impact and seconds later, Adalia lands with her lightsaber, purple blade ignited.

A few quick strikes and the droids fall. Adalia manages to throw a few of the Troopers out of the way of an incoming missile, and then blocks a blaster bolt directed at her. She scans the battlefield for a way to get everyone to safety, however the realisation then hits her, Adalia can’t sense Kaiden. Using the force, the Jedi Knight grabs the speeder bike rubble and throws it at the incoming droids. As the droids recover, the Jedi and Clones are gone.

Commander Zeke nods his heads and switches his comlink off. He walks back over to his Jedi General and tells her the Scout Troopers report back that the droids haven’t picking up their trail. Standing over Kaiden, they discuss the events of the battle leading up to Adalia arriving and saving them. Commander Bez reminds Zeke that it was because of Kaiden’s actions, that so many Clones were saved.

By the time they reach the outpost, Kaiden has just started to come through. Eager to get back onto the battlefield, Kaiden gets to his feet but stumbles around before Bez runs over and tries to calm his General. With no luck, Commander Bez calls out for Adalia, who rushes into the room and forces Kaiden back to the resting bed. Surprised to see her, but grateful at the same time, Kaiden finally accepts that he needs the rest and thanks her.

The next few days pass and the Republic manages to hold off the droids forces so that mining of romiteea can continue to go forward. The droid numbers are still growing and communication with Coruscant has been off as the increasing droid numbers have managed to destroy a major relay tower. While getting the tower back online, Adalia notices a young Emori girl who is lost on the battlefield. Adalia saves the young girl and when questioning her, they realise that she is in fact the Princess of Emoria.

Becoming worried because of the battle and increasing death of the people throughout the galaxy, the Princess ran away from her duties and her life. Adalia uses a Jedi calming technique to make the young Princess come to a very quick sleep. Kaiden and Adalia manage to keep the Princess safe while reestablishing the relay tower from droids. Eventually when safe, the Jedi take the Princess back to the palace where they are praised for their help. Adalia and the Princess form a strong bond in such a short time and while leaving the palace, Commander Bez informs the Jedi a group of Emori have attacked them.

The King overhears and apologises saying some Emori don’t like the more elegant nature their species have taken, and prefer to go without Romiteea reverting to their original feral ways. Kaiden tells Commander Bez to use caution and then jumps on his speeder to go and help.

Adalia waits for a few minutes telling the Princess not to worry about the battle out there, and promises to return when she can. Adalia catches up with Kaiden where he and a few Clones have their hands full with a large group of feral Emori. Together, the Jedi Knight’s easily dispatch the feral Emori and Adalia mentions the King has offered his palace as a base.

Kaiden helps a few of his fellow Clones up, and says that he belongs on the battlefield with his men leaving Adalia to make up her own mind. However she returns to the battlefield fighting by Kaiden’s side. The droids slowly pull back and Commander Bez is able to receive a transmission from the Jedi Council on Coruscant. Master Windu informs his former Padawan that Master Kenobi has destroyed General Grievous. Master Windu says he is leaving to tell Chancellor Palpatine to stand down his emergency powers as the war is over. Just as the transmission fades out, Master Skywalker runs up to Master Windu…but that is back on Coruscant.

On Emoria, Kaiden and Adalia are still fighting for their lives against the droids. Although the war is pretty much over, they must still defend the planet. As the final wave of droid forces are defeated, with only minor pockets left, Adalia and Kaiden are talking with each other. Its at that point Adalia doubles over in pain for no reason. Worried, Kaiden asks what happened to which Adalia says she can no longer feel Master Windu. Almost like he has been cut from the force. Kaiden says he felt the same thing a while back with Master Dooku. However he holds Adalia and tells Commander Bez they will be in the cave, which has been turn into a makeshift base. Commander Bez nods however while walking to the cave, Adalia stops beside a LAAT Republic Gunship.

Kaiden stays with her and then a minute later, the cave explodes. Both Jedi ignite their lightsabers and their own army of Clone Troopers fire upon them, Commander Bez leading the attack. Adalia dives back into the Gunship pulling Kaiden in and slams the blast door shut. At the same time jumping out the other side as a Clone gunner fires a rocket, exploding the Gunship into hundreds of pieces.

The Jedi get out the other side just in time to avoid the explosion and vanish from sight down the cliff side. Kaiden overhears Commander Bez reporting to his troops that the Jedi, when found, are to be killed on sight as they are now enemies of the Empire. The two Jedi manage to hide from Clone Troopers for a while using the King and Queen of Emoria for fresh supplies and tools. However when weeks pass with the Jedi still alive, Commander Bez receives word from Emperor Palpatine the female Jedi is of special interest and must be wiped out. He informs the Commander that an Assassin will be arriving to track down and destroy the Jedi.

Kaiden who was spying on the transmission, confronts Adalia about this new information to which Adalia confesses she is the younger sister of Senator Amidala. The information was kept hidden because if enemies found out it would put both at risk. Because the Emori have been helping the Jedi to hide, the Clones decide to halt all Romiteea supplies to population. This causes trouble when the group of Emori turn against the Jedi in return for Romiteea. However with the Emperor’s Assassin there, he kills the small group and uses the information to track the Jedi.

He finds Kaiden and Adalia stationed within a droid transport cruiser that crashed weeks back. The Assassin flushes them out and attacks them, but the Jedi escape. After a few near kills, the Assassin takes the Clone Troopers into the palace and takes the King and Queen. The Emori, who are becoming more violent from lack of Romiteea, convinces them the Jedi are evil and unless they help him, the Emori will turn and kill each other.

Kaiden and Adalia try for one more chance at escape, however this time the Princess wants to go with them. She informs them about the Assassin’s ship at the palace dock, and that with her help; they will be able to take the ship. However she tells them other Emori by now have become violent, and rage crazy due to lack of Romiteea. Adalia convinces Kaiden to trust her, even though he knows the Emori cannot be. By the time they get to the docking bay via secret passages, Kaiden is pleased to finally be able to get off the planet. However at the final moment, the Assassin enters the area.

Adalia is about to stay and fight, but Kaiden tells her to take the Princess, leave the planet and seek out other Jedi who may have survived. The Princess get on-board and reveals that she was given a Romiteea bracelet by her parents and has survived on it, but she can’t survive for much longer. The Assassin enters to watch his ship take off and Kaiden battles with him. Lightsabers against Cortosis blades. They duke it out with Kaiden uses the force to aid him against his attacker. Clone Troopers show up providing backup for the Assassin, at which point he sends word to fire on his stolen ship.

Kaiden can hear the communication relay as gunners firing on the ship finally hit. He gives into his anger and loses control killing the Clone Troopers surrounding him. Kaiden then turns his hatred on the Assassin chocking him with the force. The Jedi Knight lifts the Assassin off the ground impaling him with one of his lightsabers before he hears a scream from behind him. He turns to see Adalia covering the Princess’ line of sight.

She explains how they jumped from the ship as it exited the docking bay. She tells Kaiden to let the Assassin live as its no the Jedi way. He does so happy to see Adalia alive and then drops the Assassin. As he turns to face her, the Assassin shoots her. The male Jedi ignites his lightsaber slicing the Assassin’s head from his body. He then rushes over to hold Adalia.

Before dying, she gives into her emotions telling Kaiden that she does in fact love him and was wrong to deny it. Kaiden was about to speak, but before he can, her eyes close. The Jedi places both lightsabers on his belt and tells the Princess to stay where she is so that he can free her people from the hold of the Empire.

Kaiden arrives at one of the Romiteea mining bases without trouble thanks to disguising himself as a Clone. He sneaks into the base and begins to take out each and every Clone guarding the base. A few pockets put up a struggle, but Kaiden powers on cutting them down one by one. Eventually, the Clones are completely cleared from the mining base and Kaiden watches from a distance as the feral Emori approach the base and reclaim the Romiteea.

Its just before the sun rises when Kaiden arrives back at the docking bay. The Princess hasn’t left Adalia’s body, and Kaiden tells her that the Emori have returned to normal. She thanks the Jedi and wants to know if he needs anything in return for his help. Kaiden says that he is a Jedi and wants, nor needs anything, however he asks of one thing.

Time passes and Jedi Knight Kaiden Coran stands in front of the gravestone of Adalia Naberrie. Upon his request, Adalia was buried in the royal grounds in honor of her royal heritage. Something that Kaiden believes his friend would have wanted. Although it seems quiet, Kaiden ignites his lightsabers and deflects a few blaster bolts back to his attackers.

The Clones have managed to track him down again, and Kaiden takes off quickly. The battle has been long, however he retreats to fight another day.

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