Set number 21114, $45 from Big W at roughly $0.17 cents a brick

Items Included:
262 pieces
4 mini figures
1 instruction booklet
2 numbered bags

Like always, let’s begin this review by mentioning all the above information. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference. For greater detailed images, make sure to click them and zoom in.

Steve, Skeleton, Cow and Sheep

Steve, Skeleton, Cow and Sheep.

Mini Figures
Lets forget all about the other LEGO Minecraft set I’ve already reviewed. Consider this your first set, and realise that LEGO will be including a Steve mini fig in all its sets. After all, he is the hero of the game. Along with Steve, you get a Skeleton, Cow and Sheep to flesh out that farm.

If we begin with the Steve mini figure, my thoughts are virtually identical to what was said during this review. He has the plain purple pants and blue shirt. No printing on either save for the slightly open collar. It could be mistaken for anyone, but at the end of the day, it is unmistakably Steve. The head pieces on these Minecraft mini figures are box shaped with no stud on the top, so forget about attaching a hair piece or hat. Slightly disappointing if you intend to do that, otherwise, just have lots of fun and fall in love with what is given. Since Steve is working on a farm, he comes with one accessory; a wooden shovel and its included in all its pixel blocky glory. Love it. But where is my hoe?

Each of the Minecraft sets come with a monster of some kind, here we have a Skeleton. I really don’t like Skeleton’s in Minecraft, especially when they come with armour. Thankfully Steve will be able to protect himself. This Skeleton mini figure is bare bones, no pun intended, with a simple white skeleton body. I love how the bones aren’t printed on a body piece, but actually bones themselves and that the head carries on like Steve, with a block piece and the minimalistic facial features. There is no printing on the back of the head piece so don’t expect anything but that plain stare. Skeleton does come included with the most deadly weapon of all in Minecraft, a wooden bow and arrow, here in pixel block form as well. I kid, its not the most deadly weapon, I just really don’t like them in the hands of a Skeleton. Its a really interesting mini figure. One I’ve not encountered before in my LEGO collecting journey. I’m a big fan of the see through body frame and love how the feet aren’t perfectly rounded, but have claws on the front. Interesting touch to be honest.

I complained previously about only having one animal mini figure included in the Minecraft set, and here, LEGO has rectified that. The Cow and Sheep mini figures look similar, but have a slightly different body design to each other. While the Sheep is made of mostly white pieces and flesh tone leg pieces, the Cow is made of lots of brown bricks and a few white single brick pieces to pull off the spotty pattern. It even has a pink brick underneath where a cow would be milked. Very cool. I wasn’t expecting that, and I’m pretty happy they added those little extras. Each animal mini figure has the familiar blocky head piece and blank expressionless face, which copies the game perfectly. Apart from that design choice, neither of them have moving pieces so don’t expect much playability besides letting them sitting in the farm area.

The Farm set

The Farm set.

Main Build
Two bags make up this fairly simple set. The first bag concentrates on the grass section of the build (on the right of the picture). It uses a large single green base followed by plenty of 2×2 block pieces to raise the base slightly. Looks a little flimsy at first, and after a few minutes of use, it proves to be that way too. The support bricks underneath the base tend to fall away with minimal knocking and its a bit of a pain to flip it over and lock them back in. It seems that upping the brick count and using a few more bricks to lock in instead of one, would made this a mute issue.

the support bricks aren't very sturdy and tend to fall off with minimal force

The support bricks aren’t very sturdy and tend to fall off with minimal force.

On top of the grass base, you have a fenced off area to keep the animal mini figures, and again, I’m not a big fan of this part either. The fence has a lot of small single bricks that need to be lined up carefully, and often times, I couldn’t get them sitting right. I have OCD and spent way too long trying to fix this part of the build. Took a lot longer than it should’ve and annoyed me greatly.

Still I must commend LEGO on sticking with printed bricks here for the crafting table instead of going with stickers. I’m not a fan of stickers, and wouldn’t have been happy if they got lazy. I do like the fence having a double gate that can open and close, and proves more fun than I care to admit. Oh and lets not forget the chest with complimentary bread piece. Thanks LEGO.

Bag two is where I had a lot more fun with this set. The whole build really comes to life here and for good reason, we get a pumpkin. Which can even be used as a head piece for Steve.

Pumpkin Steve

Pumpkin Steve!

I’m sorry, but the pumpkin brick that can double as a headpiece is an ingenious idea. It looks so funny too. The farm area is so simple, but has a lot of detail packed in. Sitting on the large single blue piece, you use lots of brown bricks to create the soil, and of course, tan bricks are used as sand. So simple, yet so perfect to sell this build. The whole area beside the water base is where the garden is. A single carrot piece is included and ready for picking as its the only vegetable sitting above the soil. Everything else is just the stem, but you easily get what LEGO is going for. Another carry over from the game is all the sugar cane beside the water.

the farm is so detailed with so many small pieces to bring it to life

The farm is detailed with many small pieces to bring it to life.

A large tree provides shade for the Skeleton during the day, but this time it’s made of white blocks instead of the usual brown. Looks very solid, and actually is too. I dropped it while trying to place it down, and was surprised it never broke apart.

Beside the large tree, lots of grey bricks are used as stone while clear blue bricks are then used as running water. I’m a big fan of what LEGO has done here. By using clear blue bricks with a slope, it gives the appearance of downward movement that eventually feeds onto the blue “water” base piece. It is a really smart idea and helps with the aesthetic.

We get more torch pieces here, which I still wish had a light feature included, but I know that would’ve only inflated the cost of the set more.

the three sections broken apart

The three sections broken apart.

Once all parts are complete, you lock them in, which sadly ruins the set at this point. Yes, it is designed to lock together. Yes, I followed the instructions perfectly, and yes, I’m not a fool when it comes to building LEGO. But like I mentioned during bag one, this build is just flimsy. Both ends of the build are heavy in their own right, and once connected by only three large bricks in the middle of the set, you really can’t carry it from any other point. The major issue is, once you attempt to move it by picking it up from the middle area, it causes the entire set to fall apart and then proceeds to break into even more pieces as the entire farm vegetation snaps off.

Using a large base is good for structures and houses, but not for builds that connect only by a few bricks. Its weak in the centre and causes major hassles all round. The problem is LEGO hasn’t gone to the effort of locking the sections in better. A shame really, but the set should’ve been a lot better.

Steve just chilling near his crafting table

Steve just chilling near his crafting table.

Final Thoughts
Avoid at all costs. I’m serious here. LEGO has dropped the ball on this build, and should be ashamed that such a simple design flaw has caused be great frustration with this set. Considering the set itself can cost upwards of $50, LEGO should have gone to the effort of reward buyers with better locking pieces.

All round, I’m not happy with this build and don’t recommend anyone pick it up. A major let down and overpriced set.


LEGO Minecraft 21115 + 21114 sets 'connected'

LEGO Minecraft 21115 + 21114 sets ‘connected’

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