LEGO Batman: The Joker Steam Roller REVIEW

LEGO Batman 2014 set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Batman: The Joker Steam Roller
Set number 76013, $75 from Big W which works out to roughly $0.15 a brick.

Items Included:
486 pieces
5 mini figures
2 instruction booklets
4 numbered bags + 1 extra bag
1 pages of stickers
1 comic book

Let me begin this review, like all others, by mentioning the above list. Although it doesn’t mean much to some, I’m the type of person that enjoys knowing this information going in to purchasing a LEGO set.

There is a GIANT FREAKING SMILE, but seriously, how does that plane fly?


Mini Figures
Five. Count that and sing it loud. One, two, three, four, FIVE! Batgirl, Robin, Batman, Joker and Thug. All as detailed and awesome as a mini figure can be…not Batman though. I still have problems with him. Or the Thug, not cool.

I’ll go in order of the bags. Which means first we have another Batman. Add that to the growing collecting of Batman mini figs. I mean, by the end of the year I’ll be able to create a Bat army. And its not that there is a problem with the mini fig, just that I have so many already, I wish LEGO would just change it up a tiny bit. Is that so much to ask LEGO? IS IT!?! Oh he also comes with another batarang.

Moving on from the dark knight himself, we have the Joker. I personally believe this Joker is heavily inspired by the Tim Burton Batman movie. He has the purple suit and matching purple fedora hat. White mini figure face with a bright big smile. This one rocks. Its my second Joker mini figure, and I’m glad its a different look each time round. See LEGO, Batman’s villains are different, why can’t he be too.

Not only does he look cool, Joker also comes complete with a prop gun that has the word BANG coming out of it. A sticker of course. I personally love this look. From top to bottom, Joker looks like a total nut, and stands out so much. Well done.

Lastly for bag 1 is Joker’s Thug. Yeah, not much to say about him. Generic mini figure with clown make up on his face. Has a red crow bar and yellow hard hat. Nothing special, and because of that, It’ll just be moved to the background or future displays. He doesn’t stand out at all. Although when he works for the Joker, I guess thats all part of the plan.

Bag 2 has Batgirl. And this mini figure is really well done. A goldish yellow bat symbol sits on his chest along with a utility belt and matching gloves. But it all comes together (no pun intended) when you put the cape and mask on. You see, she has a bright purple cape and her mask comes with bright red hair. So she doesn’t look like a Batman ripoff, but an actual Batgirl mini figure. Also gets her very own batarang…well its the same as Batman’s, but she still gets her own.

Robin on the other hand, I believe, is based on Damien. Unlike the rest of the mini figures in this brilliant little set, Robin is a child sized mini figure. Smaller legs parts means he can’t sit down, but gives him the smaller look when compared to the Bat family. A smaller yellow cape and black pole piece finish it all off.


Main Build
The Joker Steam Roller is the entire first bag. At first when I was building it, I couldn’t tell the front from the rear of this vehicle. I was completely confused until you get to that giant smile. Massive red lips, with bright white teeth sit on the front of the Steam Roller and stand out. This set will probably be remembered for that alone.

The vehicle has many bright colours. The entire rear of the Steam Roller is made up of green pieces which seems to be housing the engine. Although it sits on mostly muted colours, which under normal conditions would ruin the build, the bright green and giants lips on the front just POP!

Considering its the Joker, he would only ever want the best in his vehicles and to stand out, which by the time you get to bag 2, even more colour is added. The roller itself is added here. Giant orange and purple wheel type bricks all click in together to make up the roller. You lock them in place and thanks to a few mech type of arm joints, you have a moving steam roller…roller. I love it.

The Steam Roller is finished off with bag 2 and ends with giant purple wheels, all made of plastic pieces. So forget grip of any kind, but welcome excited kids and parents as they get endless hours of playability.

A massive note to make here, thanks to the large cock pit area, expect to have Joker and his Thug housed within the Steam Roller cabin at all times. Just pop the green roof off and away you go. Oh and Joker inspired missiles…always fun to have those.

Bag 3 and 4 are all about Batman’s new plane. Which has a very unique design…but more on that soon. Bag 3 is all about the base of this plane. The wings and under cabin are constructed with, you guessed it, 95% black bricks, 5% yellow. Being that it has a very different design from what I’ve seen lately, I’m glad it all holds together or it would make for some awkward rebuilding during play.

Once you move onto Bag 4, this is where the fun is. Lots of yellow bricks mix with the black to really pop out the detail in the plane. By the time you come to the rear fins, you see the sleek shape of the plane beginning to form. Before that, it looks like a rather boring build, mostly because it lacks form. But from the rear fins on, it comes into his own.

Thankfully, its another cockpit where the pilot mini figure, in this case Batman, doesn’t need to be locked into any studs. I prefer having the mini fig actually sliding in on a slope. It just seems to add to the sharp sleek design of the overall build. And as of late, the control panel brick sitting on a moving brick, adds so much detail.

If you can’t tell already, I think this final bag is one of the best second half builds in a long time. The first bag was so boring, but the cockpit of the plane itself is like a completely different, and better, build. I can’t stop gushing over this build. To finish, you add a lot of rounded brick pieces to smooth out the design. It helps. Looks great. Once the cockpit engines go on, its all about the gimmick.

The folding wings are almost finished. You have one last thing to build which works as a hinge to open and close the wings. Lock it in, and away you go. Now the wings can be used as a massive grabbing claw to clamp down on Joker and his Thug. Works well in theory, but becomes a little problematic when you accidentally hit yourself.

HEY! I do the very best to explore the dangers of LEGO builds, and if that means taking one for the team, then so be it.

Final Thoughts
My major complaint with this build is…I’m not sure. The thing is I really enjoy this set. The Steam Roller and Plane are both great and have lots of playability plus you get 5 mini figures. And at only .15 cents a brick, how can you go wrong. I personally haven’t been this impressed with a LEGO set since the Riddler Chase from a few reviews back. Check it out. Trust me, this is truly worth the price.

Give it a purchase if you have kids, or as an adult collector like me, worth it for the mini figures alone.


  1. Hi 🙂

    Nice review. I appreciate your efforts. Any chance you’d consider improving photos in the future? Good pics make a nice difference to a review– especially when blog reviews compete with YouTube reviews.

    All the best,

    1. Thanks for the feedback Nick. I’m always working to improve my blog in anyway I can. And better photos is one of them. Currently working on something.

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