James Bond Ultimate List – The World Is Not Enough (1999)

The Ultimate James Bond List – The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Pierce Brosnan returns for the third time as James Bond in The World Is Not Enough. Get the martinis and pull on the tuxedo, and maybe you’ll be able to handle Denise Richards.

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007 – Each time the Bond theme song is heard.
1. Opening gun barrel sequence
2. First shot of the film as James Bond crosses the street
3. When jumping out of the hotel room where the Swiss Banker was
4. Just as the Q boat launches out of the MI6 headquarters
5. Heard throughout the chase sequence at various points…but all part of the same musical piece
6. Azerbaijan while driving past the oil fields
7. As the body in the trunk is revealed
8. When arriving at the Russian ICBM base
9. “I work for the British Government.”
10. “The name’s Bond………………James Bond.”
11. Starting the BMW via remote control
12. Sliding along the line at the caviar factory
13. Heard throughout the Buzzcutter helicopter action scene at various points
14. Faintly heard while diving off the lighthouse to the submarine
15. While attaching the air hose, just before killing Renard
16. During the end credits

You Know My Name – Bond, James Bond count. When it is said by Bond himself.
1. Introducing himself to Elektra King
2. When telling Dr. Christmas Jones his name

Felix Leiter –  If James Bond smokes on screen.

Nobody Does It Better – Whenever Bond beds a woman, implied of course.
1. Dr. Molly Warmflash in her office
2. Elektra King in her bed
3. Christmas Jones on the roof in Turkey
4. Possibly a second time on the roof

Shaken, Not Stirred – All alcoholic beverages Bond consumes.
1. Vodka Martini…shaken, not stirred
2. Unknown alcoholic beverage with Valentine

Licence To Kill – Every kill caused by Bond himself directly.
1. Swiss Banker’s guard with a gun
2. Shooting Davidov
3. Renard’s thug in the ICBM base
4. Renard’s thug in the ICBM tunnel
5. Renard’s thug at the elevator
6. Buzzcutter helicopter pilot via explosion
7. Buzzcutter helicopter co-pilot via explosion
8. Buzzcutter helicopter gunner via explosion
9-11. King’s thugs by gunshot
12. Buzzcutter helicopter pilot via explosion
13. Buzzcutter helicopter co-pilot via explosion
14. Buzzcutter helicopter gunner via explosion
15. Gabor with a gun
16. Elektra King with a bullet to the chest
17. Renard’s thug by unknown causes
18. Renard’s thug in the submarine via gunshot
19. Renard via impalement from the nuclear rod

Aston Martin DB5 – Any and all modes of transport Bond travels by.
1. Q Boat on the Thames
2. BWM Z8 while driving in Azerbaijan
3. Helicopter to the mountain peaks
4. Skis down the mountain
5. Small plane to Kazakhstan
6. Helicopter to the pipeline
7. Pipeline cart with Dr. Christmas Jones
8. BMW at the caviar factory
9. Cruise boat to Elektra’s house
10. Submarine

I Never Joke About My Work – Any gadget Bond uses in the field provided by Q branch.
1. Snow coat protecting Elektra and himself
2. BMW Z8 remote control driving
3. BMW Z8 rocket launcher

I Have A Dinner Jacket – Whenever Bond wears a tuxedo.
1. Opening gun barrel sequence
2. At the Casino
3. “I’ve always wanted to have Christmas in Turkey.”

For Queen and Country – All locations visited by 007
1. Bilbao, Spain
2. London, England
3. Scotland
4. Baku, Azerbaijan
5. Kazakhstan
6. Caspian Sea
7. Istanbul, Turkey

Yes, I Know, Don’t Tell Me – Any chase 007 finds himself involved in.
1. Bond chasing the Cigar Girl along the Thames in boats
2. Paraglider thugs chasing Bond on skis
3. Chasing Elektra up the stairs of the lighthouse

Ninja TrainingAny team vs team shoot out with each team being greater than 10 members.

James Bond will return in Die Another Day


      1. Oh, wow. I just had a look. That *is* excessive.

        When you finish all the individual lists will you be compiling them into one ultimate ultimate list?

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