LEGO Marvel: Captain America vs. Hydra 76017 REVIEW

LEGO Marvel 2014 set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Marvel: Captain America Vs. Hydra 76017
Set number 76017, $35 from Big W which works out to roughly $0.20 a brick.

Items Included:
172 pieces
3 mini figures
1 instruction booklet
2 numbered bags
Page of stickers
Comic book

Like all others, I’ll begin this review by mentioning the above short list. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference.

When Captain America throws his mighty shield…


Mini Figures
Why is it that every time we get a really cool batch of mini figures, we are also given a generic henchman? It seems to be a common case in these types of LEGO sets, and I’m not complaining, just stating that 1 less mini figure could drop the overall price.

Now that I’ve come down from my soap box, lets get stuck into it. Captain America, Red Skull and gene…I mean, Hydra Henchman, all come in wonderful detail. By that I mean that each mini figure not has printed body printing on the front and back unique to their persons, but also the head pieces. Its only minor printing on the rear of the head piece, but its those little things I love.

Captain America is in perfect form right here. Bright blue colours all over with the red and white across the stomach area. The white star dead center of the chest is sharp and stands out a lot. Sadly, and I don’t know if you can even get upset, but I just wish the mask, which here is printing on the head piece, was a separate unit. I know what you’re thinking, “stop complaining about wanting something that was never promised”, and I’m not complaining, just something I wish LEGO would think about in the future. Thats all. Its a great mini figure and once the Star shield is added to Captain America, you’ll never want them parted. Looks amazing.

In all his glory, the next mini figure included is Red Skull. This guy is one of the best I own. As soon as I put this LEGO together I was sold. Instant classic. Has that military type of 1940’s suit jacket printing, with black gloves and a super awesome, RED SKULL…or just a red head piece. Its a really well designed printing on the whole thing. Sadly, he only comes with the cosmic cube as an accessory, but you can’t complain with that, he has a henchman for the dirty work.

Speaking of Henchman, HYDRA has decided their guys dress in bright green and yellow printing. This mini figure will make you either laugh at the cuteness, or just laugh that with enough of these guys, you could have an entire army. Sounds crazy, but I just find this guy to be so generic and cool, it needs to happen at some point.

So overall, you get three pretty fun little mini figures. I think so far in this Marvel 2014 sets that I’ve reviewed, the mini figs are all top notch.


Main Build
I like when I can spend $35 on a LEGO set and I get not one, but two vehicles inside. First one I’ll talk about is the very small, but ultra detailed, Captain America Motorbike. Made up of only 8 simple LEGO bricks, two of which are massive pieces. Not to worry though, from the pictures you can see this is a really sporty looking bike. The red is a little darker than his gloves, and the black under carriage go great together.

It even sports a clip behind the Captain himself where you can store the shield. Great for when Captain America is riding on the bike. I’m a big fan of LEGO creating storage solutions for accessories and weapons when mini figures are on a vehicle. Often times, I accidentally misplace pieces or store the weapons on the vehicles ruining the look. So massive praise to LEGO for the choice to include that simple clip piece.

Although I really like the bike, I have had to make one simple and very small alteration to the build. Because the bike has a tendency to tip on its side, I added one gun-like piece to use as a kick stand. This not only prevents the bike from tipping, but even adds a little something extra. You can see it in the pictures as a grey pieces near the bottom side. I recommend you add it from one of the spare bricks at the end of the build.

Next is the Red Skull’s vehicle. In comparison to the motorbike, this thing is huge. With the muted colours of Hydra all around, I must admit, it may look ugly but it sure looks menacing. To top off the unique shape and design, the tank like build sports 8 wheels that work on a moving brick piece. This allows the ‘suspension’ to kick the wheels up and down as if it were a fully working 4-wheel drive.

Its a simple feature, that elevates this build to new levels. I hope to see this type of suspension system on my LEGO builds in the future. I think it just makes for some great playability. Another big feature of the set, is the Hydra henchman weapon pod. Connected to the back of the vehicle via a 360 spinning brick piece, you can get this weapon pod moving all around to shoot the flick missiles at Captain America. Sadly it only spins around, and doesn’t do anything else, but I’m not complaining. I like the whole design.


Final Thoughts
Where do I begin on this powerful little build. The motorbike looks fantastic and sporty. The Hydra vehicle is big and menacing in comparison packing a simple, yet effective suspension system and gunner pod. Flick missiles and some exhaust vents allow for posing/moving pieces. Three mini figures that only come with this current Marvel 2014 LEGO sets, and have I mentioned all the detail and standout little design features? Yeah, I say its a must buy.

Also another thing I noticed while looking at the set, the Hydra tank reminds me of the MANTIS vehicle from Mass Effect…just something for LEGO to think about.


Be sure you check out my other LEGO reviews on my blog, and happy building.


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