A sad time in a galaxy far far away….

It is a sad sad time in a galaxy far far away…


Ever since Disney purchased the rights to LucasFilm (Star Wars and Indiana Jones), I’ve been a little bit worried about all the news and actions that have taken place. First of all we have The Clone Wars ripped away from us all. One of the best animated shows ever to be created was cancelled before it could end on its own. Then we find out Star Wars 1313 was cancelled midway through development. A Star Wars Darth Maul game also gone (concept art below). Truly a sad time for any Star Wars fan. Especially considering a few recent bits that have come to my attention recently.

You see, I always knew a new trilogy of Star Wars films were beginning 2015, however I thought the following news were only rumours. You see not only are we getting a new trilogy, but also a bunch of solo films based on Star Wars characters we all know and love. And from this moment on, consider me worried. I’m a fan of Star Wars. I love the universe, the characters the technology and all stories from the movies to the expanded universe.


Did I mention that LucasFilm has just released a statement over the weekend stating that each and every story outside of the films and The Clone Wars animated series is now considered non canon?

Take a deep breath….I’ll wait.

Darth Revan

Darth Revan

Now that all that information has set in, let me just explain why that really pisses me off. It means that one of my favourite Star Wars characters to ever be written about has had no impact on the Star Wars universe at all. Never once was he one of the greatest Jedi or Sith to ever grace the galaxy. Nor did he ever pilot around the galaxy in the famed Ebon Hawk. You see, Darth Revan, or simply Revan as he was known, NEVER FUCKING EXISTED. AT ALL. The well written and excellent story The Old Republic: Revan has no impact on the Star Wars universe at all.

All those years of playing Star Wars video games. All the money I spent on the series The Force Unleashed has no impact. After being told it was the bridge between Episode III and Episode IV, the birth of the rebels and the life of the character, the Secret Apprentice, it was all just a lie.

Kyle Katarn

Kyle Katarn

I feel cheated and robbed of years of great stories. The time when Chewbacca died. The realisation that Kyle Katarn was one of the best characters ever, is now worthless. All those comics I own, all those memories I have…..it just feels wasted….because it seems now, that LucasFilm no longer wants to limit the writers of the new trilogy so making the Star Wars EU no longer canon, to me, just feels wasted.

So to end all of this off, unless the events took place in the films Star Wars Episode I – VI or the The Clone Wars series….consider it never happened.

LucasFilm, you have hurt and disappointed me all at the same time. Consider my trust in you lost…in a galaxy far far away.

You can find the blog post here

Via Gameinformer

Via Gameinformer


  1. Totally agree. One of my favourite Srtar Wars games, Shadowsof the Empire, means nothing at all. Why would they do it for? Ridiculous.

    1. Yeah it’s a damn shame. Everything apart from the films and clones wars mean nothing. Yes they still exist, but what’s the point if the stories have no impact.

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