LEGO News: Hulkbuster UCS?

This past week during the New York Toy Fair, LEGO dropped news that it would be releasing a much-needed, and very welcome, addition to the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes line up; Hulkbuster Ultron Edition.

The Hulkbuster Ultron Edition is an updated, and larger version of the mech from 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash. My review for that set can be found here.
While the original set came in at 248 pieces, this new and improved Hulkbuster Ultron Edition packs a mighty 1363 pieces and is available for pre-order right now on the The price currently sits at $119.99usd with the Australian price landing at $199.99.
While the Australian price tag is a little meaty, the fact you get so much detail packed in, more than makes up for it. An interchangeable arm allows you to recreate the jackhammer punch from Age of Ultron. Light up arc reactor in the chest as well as glow in the dark mini arc reactors along the body are welcome additions.
There appears to be plenty of playability and features that we can only see from the images, but most important of all is the collectors series sticker with information on the Hulkbuster. This isn’t labeled UCS, but it sure does resemble a UCS set with the care and attention involved. The Hulkbuster can be displayed on a larger stand with gantry arms that can house the interchangeable arm piece. On top of that LEGO has even included a new design of the Mark 43 armour. This mini figures even comes included with its own mini display stand.

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