LEGO Star Wars: Desert Skiff REVIEW

LEGO Star Wars Classic set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.

LEGO Star Wars: Desert Skiff
Set number 9496, $50 from Toy World which works out to roughly $0.23 a brick.


Items Included:
213 pieces
4 mini figures
1 instruction booklet
3 numbered bags

Let me begin this review, like all others, by mentioning the above list. Although it doesn’t mean much to some, I’m the type of person that enjoys knowing this information going in to purchasing a LEGO set.

Just keep telling yourself that the mini figures make up for the price…

Mini Figures
You got to love a LEGO set that screams it out loud, NEW, all over the mini figures. I do. I’ll be honest, I put off buying this LEGO set for about 3 years. I would always see it, but could never justify the price. I mean at $50, it felt pretty steep, and it is. However let me give you the list of mini figures.

Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Kithaba (who cares) and Lando Calrissian. Being from Return of the Jedi, Luke is dressed in his black Jedi outfit. He has his green lightsaber, and dark grey torso. Best part is, he is a new mini fig, so up to this release, you couldn’t get him anywhere else. Then we move onto Boba Fett. Easily one of the most detailed in the set. Decked out in full Mandolarian armour. Best part is, the entire body has printed detail. Not only do we have the side cape, but even the jet pack. Which I personally just think is cool.

Best of all, Boba Fett comes with a removable helmet and aiming thingy that connects to the helmet piece. Oh and its movable. So go crazy over that. The blaster he has is standard, but with a black lightsaber handle, it becomes the blaster rifle he uses in the movie. Well played LEGO.

Lando is decked out in his bounty hunter type of uniform from Jabba’s palace. Even comes with a large battle axe and the helmet is detailed and oversized just like the film. And the last guy…no idea who he is. Kithaba is just an alien mini figure. Looks generic in that Star Wars alien kind of way, but, he stands out and has a bright red hat, so I guess I can learn to add him to my collection.

It sounds like I’m complaining with that last guy, I’m really not. He’s cool, just doesn’t compare with the other 3 mini figures. Personally I could recommend this based on the mini figs alone, and really, if you’re an adult collector, you should have this set already. But lets get onto the main build.


Main Build
I need to get this out of the way…the instruction booklet is one heavy thing. I mean seriously I don’t remember them being this heavy. Now for bag 1, which only builds the Sarlacc creature. The best part of this LEGO set. I kid you not. When I purchased this set, I had no idea the Sarlacc was included. My eyes were quickly drawn to the Desert Skiff on the box and all those NEW mini figures. I honestly had no idea.

So when it came to building the Sarlacc, I just couldn’t believe how fun it was. It looks so simple in the pictures, and for that, I’m really sorry. It doesn’t do it justice. The Sarlacc is mostly made up of brown and tan pieces. Even has white “teeth” pieces that give that ‘I’m gonna eat you’ look. Oh and then we have the tentacles. In the movies, those things just whip all over place, and the LEGO Sarlacc does the same thing. Fully moveable but don’t expect them to grab ahold of anything…they don’t do that here.

Now for the mouth itself. When Star Wars the original trilogy was released with added special effects, the Sarlacc was given a mouth…and this LEGO Sarlacc has one too. And its so funny because you can actually fit an entire mini figure inside and then close the two mouth pieces up. Yeah I love it…if you couldn’t tell.

So add the Sarlacc to the mini figures as reason alone to pay $50 for this LEGO set.

Wow, not even up to bag 2 or 3 yet. Don’t worry, they make up the Desert Skiff. The big playable build in the set, and the part I’m sure most other people have shelled out the cash for. Well like most vehicle builds, bag 2 makes up the base of the Skiff. A fairly long vehicle with lots of little bits and pieces that made no sense at first. Then, it all started coming together. The platform which Luke is pushed onto pops out from the underside of the Skiff.

A hidden part in the center of the Skiff opens up to allow you to store up to 3 blaster pieces. Its just the little touches like that which add so much to an otherwise average vehicle. Did I say average, because I don’t really mean that. It has a few little things that elevate it. The rear side ‘wings’ can be twisted and moved in all directions depending on your preference. And the flick missile on the bottom the Skiff is placed well to allow for actual fire…unlike some other sets I’ve had in the past.

Most important of all, the colour of the Skiff is almost perfectly recreated from the film. The mostly dark brown and tan make everything stand out. But the best part of it all are the clear brick pieces used to give the illusion of hovering in place. Especially for flying vehicles, I feel these should always be included.


Final Thoughts
Okay so lets recap. 4 mini figures. 3 awesome ones and 1 generic. The excellent Sarlacc with moving mouth and tentacles, plus white pointy ‘teeth’ pieces. Then we have the Desert Skiff. The hovering vehicle with lots of moving pieces. Slightly more forgettable, but still fun.

I know this set is a little older now and very hard to find in stores, but if you do happen to find it, I’d say it’s well worth the price. At first I was put off by the $50 price tag, and you may be too, but it quickly makes up for it. Once my display case is set up, the Desert Skiff and Sarlacc will be displayed with pride.

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