LEGO Marvel: Hulk Lab Smash 76018 REVIEW

LEGO Marvel 2014 set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Marvel: Hulk Lab Smash 76018
Set number 76018, $75 from Big W which works out to roughly $0.19 a brick.

Items Included
398 pieces
5 mini figures
2 instruction booklet
4 numbered bags
Page of stickers
Comic book
1 brick separator

Like all others, I’ll begin this review by mentioning the above short list. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference.

HULK SMASH this set…

I’ve been waiting a long time for this set. A long time. Mainly because of the mini figures. No lying there. I first saw images of this set a few months back and since then, I’ve been waiting to get my hands the figures.


Mini Figures
This is where all the fun is. ALL the fun. Lets get it out of the way right now, I’m an adult collector and fan of LEGO. I’m 30 this year and have spent more on LEGO than I care to think about. And when mini figures are all I’m looking forward too in a LEGO set, you have serious issues.

In saying that, the mini figures. This set packs 5 mini figures. I’d like to think 4 major players and 1 ‘yeah okay’ type. If you don’t already have Hulk, this is the only set from LEGO Marvel currently in production where you can buy this ‘mini’ figure. He’s not even mini, this Hulk figure towers over the other figs in the set.

As you can see from the pictures, he is huge. I can easily see this Hulk figure being a massive incentive to buy this set. Was one of the reasons for me. Although you can move the arms like any normal mini figure, the legs and head are frozen in place. So forget about posing this Hulk figure in any sort of interesting way. Apart from that, its really good I just wish it had movability.

Second of the five is Thor, the God of thunder. The red cape really sits well against the mostly blue coloured mini fig. But the best part is the Mjolnir hammer, Thor sports. He comes with a blonde hair piece and circular patterns on his chest piece, but its the hammer that does it for me.

The surprise favourite though has to be Falcon. He will next be seen in the new Captain America film, but here in mini form, he is heavily inspired by the comic book universe. Mostly red colours with a little white thrown in to mix things up, Falcon stands tall, and wide thanks to his gigantic red wings. Done and done. Seriously check out the pictures. The wing span is about 3 mini figures wide and semi transparent…look at the end of the day, Falcon is the stand out mini figure in this set.

Almost at the end of figs. Taskmaster is like a Skeletor rip off…I know he’s based on the comics, just saying he looks very Skeletor-ish when it comes to the face of the mini figure. I like the sword and shield the Taskmaster comes with, but the mini figure itself feels like something out of the Lord of the Rings sets. A bit generic for me, and not a character I would’ve thought fit in with the LEGO Marvel set. I mean, Taskmaster?!? So many other characters to choose from and we get him.i just don’t get it.

Finally we have MODOK. Massive head with little arms and legs that floats around in the comics. Here, we have a larger than normal head piece with a standard size body. It just works though. Apart from the larger head piece, the rest of the mini figure is just very plan. However thats not to say MODOK isn’t good, its a great looking mini figure. The print on the head piece is so detailed, and moulded to have groves and bumps in all the right places. Spot on job, Mr. LEGO.

As I said, four out of five figures are totally worth the asking price.


Main Build
Now onto the main build. The Lab itself. Spread across 4 bags, this is going to be one of the quickest reviews I’ve ever had to make. First of all, the entire Lab is set on three large grey LEGO pieces. Everything else is just built up around it. The first bag builds a sentry droid for the Lab. Very basic, but I really like the tripod type of legs. Legs aside, not much else to talk about. It comes packing fire power in the form of two flick missiles…so WATCH OUT!

Considering this LEGO set is titled Hulk Lab Smash, I’m pretty sure you know what you’re in for. HULK smashing his way through the entire thing, and for me, it just wasn’t a very fun build. The entire set felt very repetitive. Build for the left, mimic on the right. This set of bricks go here, and repeat over there. 80% was like this and got boring. Fast.

At least when I’m building a set like the LEGO Mountain Hut, it was fun and exciting, to work from the floor up to and including the roof. But that same level of excitement isn’t found here.

Its a double story Lab, and because it’s made for Hulk to well, smash, its got lots of breakable pieces just barely holding their place. Those parts are done well, but I can still be upset by the boring nature of the build. 4 bags in and you’re still building the same things over and over and over again.

Yeah it’s got a few fun things here and there. Take the holding cell which has Thor trapped inside. It looks cool and sits over looking the entire Lab. Then you have MODOK’s laser gun which he attaches to allowing him to aim and fire at the Hulk. A few trap areas break apart and the staircase also. Plus there is an entire wall face which Hulk can punch through. But at the end of the day, it just comes across like a very kiddy type of set.


Final Thoughts
This set has a theme for me. Hulk Smash. And it carries over into my feelings for this LEGO build. I cannot recommend you display this build, I smashed this bad boy up.

You see, not only did I smash it, but I smashed it good, and had fun doing it. Even though I didn’t have fun building it, I had fun breaking it apart as if Hulk was running through the place. I’ve added a photo of that destruction also, and thanks to the easy repair nature, you can break and rebuild all you want.

At the end of the day, its just a kids play set. They will have hours of fun especially with all mini figs and breaking parts, but not for the adult LEGO collectors out there. Buy for the mini figures, and use the LEGO pieces to make something else you’ll enjoy.

Just remember, at $75 its a very big asking price….so maybe wait for a discount, or a generous loved one. However at full price, give it a pass.

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