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Set Number 31030, $15 from Big W at roughly .14 cents a brick.

Items Included:
106 pieces
3 instruction booklets (go-kart, forklift, quad bike)
2 bags

Like always, lets begin by mentioning the above information. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference. For better image quality, click on the photos to zoom in.

hero shot

Main Build
When it comes to these LEGO Creator 3 in 1 builds, I always plan on making the other builds at some point, but never end up doing so. This time, it will be no different. Sorry, but I’m sticking to the main feature.

The Red Go-Kart (a name I had to grab off the LEGO website), is value for money. Right from the start, at $15, this is a bargain. Immediately upon first laying my eyes on this set, I thought of Mario Kart. It has the same colour scheme going on, and well, it’s a Go-Kart. So I picked it up and didn’t wait long before building it.

I’m not at all disappointed. It’s one of those set where the piece count is so low, you expect the build to have no playability whatsoever. I’m happy to report that’s completely wrong. Spread over two bags (main pieces in one and connectors in another), LEGO has managed to create a fantastic little vehicle, with such a minimal amount.

Turning wheels are a welcome addition

Turning wheels are a welcome addition

The entire build from beginning to end was highly enjoyable. Only took about 20mins, but it was a lot of fun. Everything about it has been designed very well and with playing in mind. The entire structure is very rigid with pieces only coming apart under excessive force. Flip it upside down and everything holds together. Obviously this set was built to last and for that, I’m clearly grateful.

You know by now, it’s the little details which really excite me. The Go-Kart packs enough in such a tiny set that I’m truly blown away. To be honest, this set ruins all other vehicles coming out of LEGO. I remind you, $15 asking price.

Steering column can raise and lower, which can cause minor problems

Steering column can raise and lower, which can cause minor problems

Let’s talk about some of those playable features I mentioned. The rear area behind the bucket racing seat, houses the engine. A few bricks make up a fairly bland looking engine. But the hinge piece which works as the exhaust has two come bricks on top. It lets you move it (up and down) so that you can angle the ‘engine exhaust’ to your liking.

On top of the exhaust movability, which is so small but fun, this Go-Kart even has a workable steering wheel. No longer will your LEGO cars into travel in straight lines, now you can turn the steering wheel and actually change the direction of your vehicle.

The black pieces control the turning wheel feature

The black pieces control the turning wheel feature

Sitting just behind the steering wheel itself is a circle piece with teeth all around it. Once the steering column is folded down over the front axle, the circle piece sits on top of another brick with teeth. Working like a cog, it allows the front wheels to turn left and right to a fairly good degree. I had no idea how they were going to pull this feature off, but I’m really glad they managed all this with only 106 bricks.

I’m a big fan of the sport inspired seat. The light blue colour with dark blue trim looks amazing and even has has a back and head rest which are all connected via clips. You can fully the lean angle for the back and head rest to suit yourself. My complaint though is that it doesn’t fit a mini figure. As you can see from the images, it’s not to scale and sadly, you’ll be displaying this build with a ghost driver. Also, no pedals. Come on LEGO, so it must work like the Flintstones.

Clearly not designed for mini figures as you can see

Clearly not designed for mini figures as you can see

Another minor complaint I had, is the steering column itself. I’ve found that when pushing the Go-Kart around and turning the wheel, it tends to lift up slightly. When it does this, the teeth no longer grab onto anything which means the feature is lost. Because the steering column is on a clip piece and moves up and down, it tends to raise up off the teeth. Not all the time, but often enough that it’s worth mentioning. It the steering column was locked down onto the body of the vehicle itself, this wouldn’t be an issue.

One final problem I have comes down to the wheels being used. Unfortunately they seem too small for the gap given. You are left with a little too much space on either side of the front wheels, and the back wheels sit a little too far back. It’s not aesthetically pleasing to me and I’m sure only me. It is simply a design choice (smaller wheels) I would’ve avoided.


Final Thoughts
For the price, playability and the fact you can build 2 other vehicles, it is worth your time and money. Yeah, LEGO could have built it to mini figure scale, but I doubt that would’ve included the turning wheels feature, or fantastic sport seat. I’m happy with what we’ve been given and can’t wait to see people MOC this up as a Mario Kart Go-Kart.

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