The Endless Possibilities (9)

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in science fiction. The concept of flying cars, laser guns and space travel just completely blow my mind and at the same time, puts me at ease. Most of the stories I come up with and write about are based on science fiction of some kind, and I personally think it’s why I gravitate towards superheroes so much. They just got all the hallmarks of science fiction stories.

For about twenty years now, on and off, I’ve been writing a story outline which has evolved from one thing into another. If you’ve read my posts, you know I’m constantly changing my mind and never happy with the final product. That’s besides the point, the point is my story has always involved genetic human modification. And what really fascinates me, is that only recently, science fiction has began to merge with real life.

Recently news came out of a Chinese Doctor by the name of Dr He Jiankui who claims to have genetically edited human embryos.

Deep breath.

Sorry, but while this may be completely unethical…I still find the possibilities amazing. Can you imagine a world where genetically modifying during human embryogenesis is possible? We could be talking about picking eye colour, all the way up to their intelligence capacity.

Thinking bigger, the human race could banish sickness and diseases effectively removing the need for flu shots and medications being prescribed. With enough funding, the gene making people overweight or underweight could be sorted out. As the climate changes, the next generation could be modified to handle hotter weather better. Evolution is one thing, but that takes hundreds of years, generic modification takes a life cycle.

I understand people see if as a horrible thing to change the human race, as of playing God. I get that, which is why science fiction is so good, and why writing stories is fun. I completely understand all the negatives, but let’s turn that dial right up past 11 and go nuts.

Want your future child to have a better chance in life? Well sure, no problems. Step into our office.

“We here at Genesis Labs want to give you the very best child, money can buy. With our technicians and doctors, you will have a child that has no dietary requirements. Weight issues run in the family? No stress, your child won’t even need to work out, we guarantee a perfect body throughout all stages of their life. Your child won’t need glass either, 20/20 vision is included. And because we understand that sports and other physical exercise in a developing child’s body is important, we will even include an increased lung capacity, more durable bones and to top it all off, an advanced healing factor. And if that isn’t enough, if you sign off right now, you can even pick the time, date and sex of your child. Honestly, this is the next step in human evolution. Designed and perfected by mankind.”

Imagine the next level of sports played by children genetically engineered to stronger, faster and better than your average player. This is the future of human evolution.

Or is it?

What about those that don’t have money? Couples that can’t afford to genetically modify their child will end up on the lower end I guess. Two kids born the same day. One of them is modified, growing up with top of class grades throughout school. Their choice of study and eventually a field of work. They have money, looks and are literally perfect at what they do. Designed to be the perfect human…while the other child born regular struggles like past generations. Needs to study hard, work part-time. Deal with tough choices and injuries. Do their best to get into the field of work they want, and eventually settling on anything that pays the bills. They had hopes and dreams, but now do their best to get by in life.

Now we have a world with two classes, those modified, and those who aren’t. A scary thought proving that only money determines which class you belong in.

Fortunately, that’s science fiction. And although this, Dr He Jiankui, has managed to genetically modify two twin girls, both born happy and healthy only late last year, who knows what their lives will be like in the future. It’s a scary world, and the future holds many challenges for mankind, but whatever those challenges are, just remember, this post makes 9 in a row.

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