Blog Update 012 – Diet

Blog Update 012 – Diet

Well, not really. I mean I’m changing what I eat, how much and how often. But it’s not a diet. I hate that word, diet. Makes it sound so desperate, like a final attempt at getting into shape. For me, I’m just cutting things back and out.

You see, years ago, I lost my job and things weren’t good for me for a few years. Tried to land a job, but no luck and some bad choices ruined potential chances. During that time, I don’t think I was in the best health, mentally or physically. I never have been healthy I guess, but during this period of my life, I really spiralled.

Now I’m working and getting older and decided, ‘hey, let’s try and change some habits.’ So one day while chugging back on a can of Energy Drink, I read an article online (here); the effects Coke have on your body after consumption. Interesting read and needless to say, it gave me the shake up I needed to get things in motion.

So now before I go on about results and all that crap, let me just give a run down on my drinking and eating habits;
Everyday I would consume at least 2 x cans of Coca Cola and 1 x can of 500ml V Energy Drink. That would drive me throughout the day and at night during dinner, I would consume water. About 1 litre or so. On weekends, it would be worse. At least 3 x cans of Coca Cola and 2 x cans of 500ml V Energy Drink. Maybe have water at dinner, maybe!!

So needless to say, I was not doing myself any favours. Not only was it costing me a pretty penny, but my body was relying on this massive amount of sugar daily just to go. Not good at all.

As of five weeks ago, I decided enough was enough and cut soft drinks out completely. Energy Drinks would be cut down to only a few a week at first, and then gradually I would quit them completely. I know what it seems, but I couldn’t go cold turkey.

Now for the results of my first five weeks. Understand the above was all originally written 3 weeks into my ‘diet’. I simply updated everything to make it current for this post.

Soft Drinks – 0
Energy Drinks – 12 x 500ml V Energy Drinks
Weight Lost – 5kgs

Just wait a second though, yes I have consumed Energy Drinks since beginning my ‘diet’, however as of 8 days ago, I have not touched a single energy drink yet had to include those I did before stopping. What I’m trying to say is, wait for my next update on this ‘diet’ because that is when you will see if I keep going, or crack. I’ll also be going on more about how I’m handling it and any effects, either pro or con. Anyway, let me know what you think.


  1. Good luck. I know how you feel about looking for a job. I’m stuck in that phase at the moment. So annoying. But my books and blog get me through the days. But it does take a toll on your body without you even realizing. Things just get away from you and you seem powerless to stop it.

    Good luck with everything

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words.

      Yeah it really does effect you without you even realising it. I would keep myself busy during the days with movies, video games and LEGO but mentally and physically, it just wasn’t doing me any favours.

      I really hope you stay strong and remember, not finding a job means nothing about you. You’ll find a job someday.

  2. Hey mate, that sounds really cool! Congrats on cutting down on soft drinks!

    Hope things are going well – really glad you’re making this positive change and I’m very sure that you’ve got what it takes to keep going with this 🙂

    Good luck and keep the updates coming!

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