LEGO Star Wars: Vulture Droid REVIEW

LEGO Star Wars 2014 set. Read, leave a comment and keep it clean.


LEGO Star Wars: Vulture Droid
Set number 75041, $35 from Big W which works out to roughly $0.17 a brick.

Items Included:
205 pieces
3 mini figures (Buzz Droid, Pilot Battle Droid, Neimoidian Warrior)
1 instruction booklet
2 numbered bags
1 pages of stickers

Let me begin this review, like all others, by mentioning the above list. Although it doesn’t mean much to some, I’m the type of person that enjoys knowing this information going in to purchasing a LEGO set.

Why are the LEGO licensed sets overly priced?


Mini Figures
This little beauty of a set comes packed with 3, count that, 3 mini figures. I would in fact argue that the Vulture Droid itself is also a figure on its own. But lets not talk technicalities, lets talk mini figures.

First we have the Buzz Droid. This little piece of machinery is made up of 16 x LEGO bricks. Largely forgettable to be honest, but its still a cool little mini figure. I use to have a problem calling anything that wasn’t the standard mini fig form, a mini figure. However now, I’ve just come to call a mini fig anything that is listed on the box cover….simple.

Second mini figure for bag 1 is the pilot battle droid. Which I got to say, I have major, MAJOR issues with. See, its a battle droid, and its to be placed in the Vulture Droid as a pilot. Which I don’t understand because the Vulture Droid is a Droid. It doesn’t need a pilot. So that just bugs me. Apart from that, its the standard battle droid. Not much new, just a blue body.

Bag 2 sees only 1 mini fig. A Neimoidian Warrior, who comes with a rifle….a future space rifle. Apparently this is a new mini figure, although I thought I already had this fig. But I’ll take the box cover as being gospel.


Main Build
Not going to lie. No need too. I’ve always been a big fan of the Vulture Droid in the prequel trilogy. So when I saw this on the shelf, it was a no brainer. I had to pick it up. Let me break it up like this. Bag 1 is purely devoted to the body of the Vulture Droid. And the best part of it all, this thing is one solid build. It may not seem it from the pictures, but the design of the Vulture droid really does stand out. The front rounded end is made up of a few curved pieces, which mostly hides bare underbody of the Vulture Droid.

Yes I know, the bare underbody is a bit of a let down, but the overall shape and sleek design more than makes up for it. Plus the cockpit, which I still don’t understand, is hidden beneath the head of the Vulture Droid. A fully poseable head. Not only does it perfectly fit the pilot battle droid, but with the head down in flight mode, it doesn’t feel any less “cool”.

After all, I’m a sucker for a sleek and cool looking design. And this build has that in spades. Bag 1 ends with a few stickers, that really pains me in these Star Wars builds, but either way, it all adds to complete the look. Its just that there are so many stickers. And sometimes I’m not that careful when putting them down.

Bag 2 finishes off the entire build. Bag 2 completely belongs to the wings/legs of the Vulture Droid. Now we get into the real fun of the build. The wings themselves completely rotate 360 degrees and also the two separate sections of the wing flaps can be moved up and down to have your own unique look on the shelf.

Once again, the remaining stickers belong on the wing flaps, but make sure you line them up perfectly or else you’re going to have a bad looking set.

One thing I failed to mention before are the twin blasters that sit in the underpart of the main body. Different from flick missiles, that seem to come with 90% of the LEGO sets, I do believe these NEW spring loaded blasters are pretty awesome. Simply press down on the back of the blasters, and they will shoot. Oh and watch yourself, I was hit in the face. It hurts.


Final Thoughts
I’m not a fan of stickers. I dislike the very idea of stickers on my LEGO sets, however for the sake of finishing a build, I am compelled to use these…things. Also I would’ve loved a few less mini figures in favour of a cheaper price. I understand the licensing cost, but I also can’t understand the .17 cents a brick price. It just seems a little far fetched especially considering I’ve reviewed sets that cost less and give more.

Does this mean I don’t like the set. Far from it. I find it highly enjoyable. Fun to play with. And also easily a build I will be displaying on my LEGO shelf. I can’t speak for the mini figs, as all mine are put away, but this Vulture Droid is so much fun, I just can’t NOT recommend it.

Pose it in flight mode or walking mode and you will love it either way. I love it that much I’ll be buying a few more at some point to display in a battle scene. Yes it’s really that fun.

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